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18 Best Restaurants in Italy

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Italy is one of the world’s most romantic destinations, and its food is no exception to this rule. Many restaurants in Italy are multiple Michelin-star holders!

There are many cities in Italy that tourists visit on a daily basis, and there are more than enough delicious Italian restaurants to choose from. 

Whether you’re looking for traditional Italian fare, or something more modern and innovative, there’s a restaurant out there for everyone. In this guide, I’ve shared a list of the very best restaurants in Italy

TL;DR: Our Recommendations

Category Top Recommendation
Best Family-Friendly Restaurant Roscioli
Best Scenic Restaurant Lido 84
Best Fine Dining Restaurant Osteria Francescana
Best Traditional Italian Restaurant Colline Emiliane

The Best Restaurants in Italy

Best Restaurants in Italy

If you hadn’t figured it out by now, Italy is a culinary powerhouse! You’ll find authentic Italian restaurants in every major city. Whether you’re looking for something quick and cheap or a gourmet dining experience, below are our top picks for the best restaurants in Italy:

1. Lido 84 

Lido 84
Image By Tripadvisor
  • Known For: Seafood and Italian Cuisine
  • Michelin Stars: 1
  • Address: Corso Zanardelli 196, Fasano del Garda

Lido 84, a Michelin-starred restaurant in Brescia, is an intimate lakeside dining experience known for its amazing traditional dishes and perfect hospitality. It also ranked No. 8 on last year’s World’s 50 Best Restaurants List

The restaurant is located on the shore of Lake Garda. The space was converted from an old outdoor swimming pool into an elegant setting for dining and drinking in 2014. 

Lido 84’s chef, Riccardo Camanini, is regarded as one of the best in Italian cuisine. The restaurant has a creative menu with a keen eye toward local produce and fish from Lake Garda. It offers an array of fresh seafood and Italian cuisine, plus tasting menus to lure in more people. 

Riccardo Camanini has worked with international chefs, including Raymond Blanc and Jean-Louis Nomicos. He has also worked under the world’s most famous Italian chef, Gualtiero Marchesi. 

What’s more, the restaurant was also awarded The 2019 Miele One To Watch for its excellent cuisine and outstanding dining experience.

2. Roscioli 

Image By Tripadvisor
  • Known For: Deli meats, cheeses, and Classico Roman Pasta
  • Michelin Stars: None
  • Address: Via dei Giubbonari 21, Rome

Located in the heart of Rome, Roscioli is a salumeria and a versatile restaurant with a broad menu and excellent service. It’s also listed in this year’s Michelin Guide!

The restaurant’s creative Italian menu is full of tasty Italian dishes. They offer traditional starters and main dishes, French & Italian cheeses, seafood from the Mediterranean and Tyrrhenian, roasted meats from all over Italy, and more. It also has a lovely terrace for enjoying the warm summer days of Rome. 

While the restaurant may be small, it offers excellent prices on food that you won’t find at many other places in town.

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3. Da Vittorio

Da Vittorio
Image By Tripadvisor
  • Known For: Seafood
  • Michelin Stars: 3
  • Address: Via Cantalupa, 17, 24060 Brusaporto BG

Da Vittorio is one of the oldest restaurants in Italy, having been opened in the 1960s by Vittorio Cerea and his wife, Bruna. The Cerea family’s journey to success began when they opened their first restaurant in 1966 in Bergamo, just north of Milan‘s city center. 

Back then, there was no such thing as “fine dining” or “modern cuisine.” It was all about meat. The couple was determined to create a new type of dining experience and became one of the best seafood restaurants in the world. 

The restaurant received its first Michelin star in 1978, but it didn’t stop there. It received its second and third stars in 1996 and 2010 – making it one of only eleven restaurants in Italy to hold three Michelin stars.

Today, the restaurant offers a contemporary take on traditional Italian cuisine with an emphasis on freshness & quality ingredients.

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4. Baretto Restaurant

Baretto di San Vigilio
Image By Tripadvisor
  • Known For: Seafood and Traditional Italian Food
  • Michelin Stars: None
  • Address: Via al Castello 1, San Vigilio, Bergamo

If you want to try an authentic Italian restaurant in Bergamo, look no further than Baretto di San Vigilio. This restaurant is one of the most romantic restaurants in the town and is also included in the Michelin Guide.

Baretto di San Vigilio offers a wide array of items on its menu, including fresh fish, pasta, and meats. You can order various dishes like raw red wild salmon from Alaska, bottarga (Italian salted, cured fish roe), potato cream with prawns, and many more. There is also a selection of seafood salads with arugula, melon, and white currants.

The staff is friendly and talkative. They’re always ready to help you find something you like or make recommendations based on your preferences. A visit to this restaurant is an experience not to be missed! It’s the only restaurant where you can dine right over a panoramic view of Bergamo.

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5. Esplanade

Image By Tripadvisor
  • Known For: Fresh Seafood
  • Michelin Stars: 1
  • Address: Via Lario, 3, 25015 Desenzano del Garda BS

Esplanade is a one-Michelin-star restaurant in Italy. It features an extensive wine list and modern seasonal fare. It’s the perfect place to experience the best Italian cuisine, with an emphasis on fresh local ingredients and contemporary techniques.

The menu includes an extensive selection of original seafood dishes such as prawns, roasted octopus, whitefish with mashed potatoes, marinated red shrimp, smoked eel with green tomatoes, and spider crab or seafood salad with crispy vegetables.

The meat dishes are also rich in flavors, such as marinated quail breast with chickpea flour, duck Tortelli, and goose liver with apple marmalade. The restaurant is located on the shores of Lake Garda. So, you can also enjoy the breathtaking views of the lake and surrounding mountains while dining. 

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6. Life Ristorante

Life Ristorante
Image By TheFork
  • Known For: Tasting Menu, Home-Cooked Bread, Pasta, and Desserts
  • Michelin Stars: None
  • Address: Via della Vite, 28, 00187 Roma RM

Life Ristorante, located in the heart of Rome, is the perfect place for you to spend your leisure time with your family and friends.

It’s a favorite of locals, tourists, and visitors alike for offering a selection of home-cooked meals in an elegant atmosphere. The menu offers a wide variety of Italian cuisine and Central-Italian dishes, a large selection of pasta & risotto, seafood, grill, and contemporary dishes.

They also offer dinner services for any occasion, including special events, corporate dinners, or birthday parties. With an excellent-tasting menu and many satisfied customers, Life is a restaurant that’s worth visiting.

7. Osteria Francescana

Osteria Francescana
Image by City Foodsters used under CC BY 2.0
  • Known For: Modern Italian Cuisine
  • Michelin Stars: 3
  • Address: Via Stella, 22, 41121 Modena MO

Osteria Francescana is one of the most celebrated restaurants in the world. It’s located in Modena, Italy, and has been awarded three Michelin stars since its opening in 1995. 

In 2016 and 2019, Osteria Francescana ranked no. 1 in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, making it only the first Italian restaurant ever to receive such an honor. The restaurant was created by chef Massimo Bottura, who has been awarded many times for his cooking, including the 2011 Chefs’ Choice Award.

Osteria Francescana serves a seasonal menu with many small-scale dishes that change according to Bottura’s latest kitchen research. It offers tortellini, Emilia burger, seafood, and meats that are beyond fantastic.

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8. 433

433 Restaurant in Rome, Italy
Image By Tripadvisor
  • Known For: Homemade Pasta and Mediterranean Cuisine
  • Michelin Stars: None
  • Address: Via del Governo Vecchio, 123, 00186 Roma RM

The 433 Restaurant, located in the heart of Rome, is the perfect spot for Mediterranean food and pastries. Here you’ll find everything from appetizers to desserts.

The restaurant is located in the heart of Rome and features an extensive menu of local dishes. The menu includes Danish meats, Italian cheeses, homemade classic Roman Duran wheat pastas, and desserts. 

It also has several vegetarian dishes, including a mixed-leaf salad with cherry tomatoes, grilled vegetables, and rustic potatoes. 

The prices are reasonable, and portions are large; perfect for sharing with friends.

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9. Uliassi 

One of Uliassi's dishes
Image By Tripadvisor
  • Known For: Traditional Contemporary Gourmets
  • Michelin Stars: 3
  • Address: Banchina di Levante, 6, 60019 Senigallia AN, Italy

Uliassi restaurant is a family-run business started by two brothers. It’s a three Michelin star restaurant in Senigallia. It’s located on the sea between the canal port and the beach. 

Moreover, it also ranked No. 12 on this year’s World’s 50 Best Restaurants List with 5 Espresso hats and 3 Gambero Rosso forks. Here you can find your perfect match between traditional and new gastronomic dishes.

The interior is cheerful and welcoming and makes you feel at home two seconds after being seated. Here comes the best part, you can see from your table how the waves are coming in and going out while dining at Uliassi.

For a date night or family meal, Uliassi Restaurant is the best choice all year round!

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10. Ratanà 

Image By Tripadvisor
  • Known For: Risotto and Milanese cuisine
  • Michelin Stars: None
  • Address: Via G. de Castilla 28, Milan

Listed in the Michelin Guide, Ratanà is a great place to meet friends and family. The service is excellent, and the atmosphere is warm and friendly. 

It’s a modern take on traditional Italian fare, with seasonal ingredients and an extensive wine list. The menu features seasonal dishes with a focus on fish and meat, including tartare fassona and lamb Ragu and trout, ossobuco and Piemontese risotto, and Gnocchi with minced pork. 

The restaurant also offers a selection of vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. The menu frequently changes according to what’s available in its kitchen and the season. So, I recommend checking online before you go so you know what to order!

11. Piazza Duomo

Piazza Duomo
Image By Tripadvisor
  • Known For: Modern Italian Cuisine
  • Michelin Stars: 3
  • Address: Piazza Risorgimento, 4, 12051 Alba CN

Piazza Duomo is the go-to spot for those looking for a memorable dining experience in the heart of  Alba.

Ranked No. 19 on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants List, the restaurant holds three Michelin stars. It’s located right next to the Duomo, so it’s a great place to go for dinner or drinks after a long day of sightseeing.  

It offers diners a range of tasting menus, including one that honors the traditions of Barolo and Piedmont. Chef Enrico Crippa’s latest creation is called “the journey menu Crippa XXI” because it allows diners to sample his most personal creations yet. 

The restaurant is an elegant fine-dining experience where modern philosophy combines with traditional Piedmontese style.

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12. La Pergola

La Pergola
Image By Tripadvisor
  • Known For: Traditional and Modern Italian Cuisine
  • Michelin Stars: 3
  • Address: Via Alberto Cadlolo, 101, 00136 Roma RM, Italy

In the heart of Rome, La Pergola is a three Michelin-starred restaurant renowned for its excellence. The atmosphere of La Pergola is very welcoming, and there is always a great buzz. The food is simple and delicious, the service is friendly and professional, and the wine list is extensive.

The menu features Italian classics such as pasta, risotto, seafood, and steak. There are also several vegetarian dishes available if you don’t eat meat. La Pergola has been named by locals and major gastronomic guides as one of the best places to eat in Rome, including the Gambero Rosso Wine Guide.

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13. Colline Emiliane

Collin Emiliano
Image By Tripadvisor
  • Known For: Egg-Based Homemade Pastas
  • Michelin Stars: None
  • Address: Via degli Avignonesi, 22, 00187 Roma RM, Italy

Listed in the Michelin Guide, Collin Emiliane is a beautiful restaurant just steps away from the Piazza Barberini. 

Family-owned and operated, the restaurant has been running for many decades. It boasts quiet elegance with exceptionally friendly staff and excellent taste.

With an abundance of indoor seating options, it is great for groups, families, or a romantic night out. The food itself is sublime, with traditional Italian dishes done correctly and creatively, but at a surprisingly reasonable price point. 

Be sure to try their Gnocchi and Tortellini with spinach and ricotta. They’re exquisite! What’s more, their strawberry tiramisu adds a modern twist to the classic dessert.

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14. Ristorante Ad Hoc 

Ad Hoc Restaurant
Image By Tripadvisor
  • Known For: Italian Cuisine, Wine Selection, and Excellent Service
  • Michelin Stars: None 
  • Address: Via di Ripetta, 43, 00186 Roma RM

A favorite for locals and travelers alike, this neighborhood Italian joint is full of Old World charm. Since its opening, the restaurant has won many praises for its delicious food, including being honored with two stars from Frommer’s Guide.

Ad Hoc offers a lovely view and great food to match. The Roman way. No frills, no fuss. A restaurant with a warm atmosphere and tasty food.

The other thing that makes Ad Hoc Rome a top choice is chef Marco Casentini’s passion for light cuisine with seasonal ingredients, which he is confident will bring you a pleasant experience.

If you’re looking for an intimate date, the staff will do all they can to make your evening as memorable as possible. Ad Hoc also has a great private dining room if you’re looking to do business meetings or special occasions.

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15. Ristorante Reale 

Ristorante Reale 
Image By Tripadvisor
  • Known For: Contemporary Italian Cuisine
  • Michelin Stars: 3
  • Address: Piazza del Mezzogiorno, 67031 Castel di Sangro AQ

Ranked No. 15 on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants List, Ristorante Reale is a three Michelin-star restaurant in Italy with a tasting menu that’s worth trying.

You’ll taste fresh, delicious dishes at the Ristorante Reale. Chef Niko Romito will take you on a tasting journey with dishes like Absolute of Toasted Saffron, Onion, Parmigiano, Gratinée Cauliflower, and much more. He has perfectly balanced notes of sour, spicy and sweet.

Reale excels in every department, but the food stands out above all. The restaurant has fantastic tasting menus, a stunning location, exceptional value for money, and friendly staff to boot!

A place where you can just relax and enjoy the surroundings, not do much but savor Italy’s bold flavors.

16. Enoteca Pinchiorri

Enoteca Pinchiorri
Image by Sailko used under CC BY-SA 3.0
  • Known For: Traditional Tuscan cuisine
  • Michelin Stars: 3
  • Address: Via Ghibellina, 87, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy

If you’re looking for a place to eat in Florence, I highly recommend going to Enoteca Pinchiorri. 

The moment you walk inside this three-Michelin-star restaurant, you will feel like a celebrity. The service is top-notch, the food is delectable, and the mood is romantic.

The food is handled masterfully and made extraordinarily delicious, with a variety of surprises in traditional Tuscan cuisine. 

The restaurant has an open kitchen, allowing you to watch chefs prepare your meal right before you. They use only 100% natural ingredients, and no MSG or preservatives are added to their food. The chef, Annie Féolde, sometimes also comes out to talk to every table.

What’s more, there is a selection of wines available as well as some non-alcoholic options if you prefer not to drink alcohol in your meal. 

Although it is a bit expensive, it’s worth every penny! It’s the perfect spot for couples and families to enjoy their meals on special occasions!

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17. Per Me – Giulio Terrinoni

Per Me - Giulio Terrinoni
Image By Tripadvisor
  • Known For: Tasting Menus and Creative Modern Italian Seafood
  • Michelin Stars: 1
  • Address: Vicolo del Malpasso, 9, 00186 Roma RM, Italy

Straight from the heart of Rome, Per Me is a one-Michelin-star restaurant with innovative cuisine. 

Featuring an open kitchen and dining room, plus a charming, enclosed terrace just off the main road, it offers you a relaxed spot to enjoy delicious, authentic dishes with a modern twist.

Chef Giulio Terrinoni serves seasonal menus that are full of flavor. From the flavorsome starter of prawn carpaccio with foie gras and red onion gel to the heavenly main course of pan-fried grouper with melon gazpacho, there’s no question of leaving hungry.

With excellent tapas-style snacks and many satisfied customers, Per Me is a restaurant that’s worth visiting!

18. Pinsitaly Trevi 

  • Known For: Pizza 
  • Michelin Stars: None
  • Address: Via della Panetteria, 12, 00187 Roma RM

Pinsitaly Trevi is a little hidden gem in the heart of Rome. The restaurant offers pizza and pasta, including vegetarian and spicy options. The pizza is very tasty, authentic, and has a good price-quality ratio. 

What’s more, this cozy spot offers USB sockets that allow you to charge your phone after a long day of walking around the city center!

The owner speaks excellent English and is very helpful in explaining the menu and making suggestions for dishes to try. It’s the kind of cozy place you can go when you want to meet friends or enjoy yourself in Rome.

Best Food Tours in Italy

Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and one of the most famous for its cuisine. It’s no surprise that there are so many great Italian food tours to choose from.

The best Italian food tours offer you a chance to taste some of Italy’s best dishes and learn about their history, culture, and traditions. You can also get to know the local people who make these dishes possible by visiting their restaurants and learning about their backgrounds. Here are the top three Italian food tours:

1. Rome: Street Food Tour with Local Guide Top Recommendation

This guided walking tour of the city's iconic Jewish Quarter or Trastevere district is the perfect way to sample some of the best local food around.

2. Walking Food Tour of Florence with Tastings

You'll get to sample the best of the city's food and drink in three distinct neighborhoods – the medieval city center, the elegant Oltrarno district, and the Sant'Ambrogio market area.

3. Naples: Street Food Tour with Local Guide

Your guide will take you through the winding streets of the historic center, pointing out all the best places to eat. You'll sample delicious local specialties like pizza, fried rice balls, and more.


What is The Most Famous Restaurant In Italy?

Osteria Francescana is the most famous restaurant in Italy. It was opened by chef Massimo Bottura and has earned three Michelin stars since opening in 1995. In 2016, Osteria Francescana ranked No. 1 in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, making it the first Italian restaurant ever to receive such an honor. The restaurant offers seasonal dishes with many small-scale dishes that change according to Bottura’s latest kitchen research.

Which Italian City Has The Most Michelin-Starred Restaurants?

It’s Naples, where there are now 30 Michelin-starred restaurants. Rome holds the second position with 20 Michelin-starred restaurants. 

How Many Michelin-Starred Restaurants are There In Italy?

There are currently 378 Michelin-starred restaurants in Italy, making the country with the second most Michelin-starred eateries. Until the latest 2023 rankings, Italy ranked 3rd on the list of countries with the most Michelin stars. France holds the top spot, with Japan now in 3rd place.

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