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10 Best Car Museums in Italy

There are many museums dedicated to showing people the creativity and design of Italian cars. If you are planning a trip to the region, here are the best car museums in Italy

Italy is known for producing some of the finest cars in the world. Many car enthusiasts flock to car shows in different Italian cities to admire the design, the body, and the build.

Italy has a rich historical background and museums are used to showcase the beauty of the country. People would sometimes compare Italy to Greece, and it’s hard to argue because both places are highly worthy of a visit.

There are intricate features that add value to these expensive cars. Many museums cater to a range of car designs from vintage to futuristic designs each holding great value and making it an exciting experience for any car lover.

Many people travel to Italy to gain knowledge about the designs of these expensive cars.

Best Car Museums In Italy

1. From Bologna: Balsamic Vinegar, Pavarotti and Ferrari Tour

Vintage Car Dash Board

From the Galileo art museum in Florence, Italy to the Ferrari museum in Bologna. There is a museum for every interest. You don’t have to be a car enthusiast to know that a Ferrari is one of the most expensive cars in the world.

You will be in for a treat once you step into the best car museum in Italy which is not only a Ferrari car tour but also doubles as an Italian music and food tour. Make sure you spend wisely on each tour.

Start the tour at the famous Pavarotti household which has been converted into a museum to showcase his work. Luciano Pavarotti is one of Italy’s finest musicians, your guide will tell you anecdotal stories of Pavarotti’s life as you visit the rooms where he made his first few songs.

Head directly to the Ferrari Museum in Maranello and feel like the Prancing Horse as you make your way through the museum. There are many exhibitions to showcase the different models of car over the years.

This is one of the best car museums in Italy as it features a Ferrari simulator which is made to mimic the speed and feel of the real Ferrari.

End the tour at the balsamic vinegar factory, you can enjoy a hearty meal with free tastings of the vinegar as you enjoy the sunset in the heart of the countryside.


  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off are included
  • The tour is also inclusive of lunch, vinegar tastings, and the skip-the-line museum ticket.


  • There is a lot of walking on the tour as you will be seeing different places

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2. Museo Nicolis Verona

Museo Nicolis Verona Car Exhibit
Facquis, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Whether it is art or cars Verona is famous for housing traditional museums. Explore Nicolis Museum which aims to showcase Italian culture through the Italian motors. The collections vary from motorcycles and Formula 1 race cars.

You can experience the historic period in Italian motor advancements throughout the years. You can also get to see innovations such as the F104 Starfighter plane. Besides the range of automobiles, it is also famously known as a Vespa museum in Italy.

Learn about the historical significance of the museum founded in 2000 by Luciano Nicolis. He is passionate about cars and vehicles and wanted to share his profound knowledge of mechanics with the whole world.

You can get to see 8 different collections each with a unique and interesting backstory. Car enthusiasts can look forward to seeing the 1929 Isocotta Fraschini which is a royal car that has an interesting creation story making it one of the best car museums in Italy.

The Nicolis museum is a work of art as it has many vintage automobiles each with a different design and purpose. Besides cars, the museum included typewriters, military objects, and vintage cameras and is considered a Vespa museum in Italy. 

The tour holds great memorabilia which is a great way to see the history and livelihood of people throughout the years.


  • The tour covers the entrance fee to the museum along with access to all 8 collections.
  • The staff are helpful and the bathrooms are clean

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3. Alfa Romeo Museum Milan private guided tour

Alfa Romeo Museum Milan Exhibit

Alfa Romeo is one of the best car museums in Italy and is the most famous 3-hour car tour. This legendary museum in the heart of Milan showcases car models and their respective developments throughout the years. The Alfa Romeo Museum is one of the best museums in Milan, Italy.

Start this experience by watching a fun short film about Alfa Romeo cars in the museum theatre. Sip on some Italian coffee as you admire the new Alfa Romeo cars on display, some of these cars can be purchased or will be put for sale. 

Your private tour is offered in various languages such as English, Russian, Italian, and Spanish making it one of the best museums in Milan, Italy. The guide will give you the full experience by explaining the significance of each car model and its different features. 


  • Transportation to the Alfa Romeo museum will be provided


  • The museum tickets are not included in this tour package but they can be purchased from the cash desk at the entrance of the Alfa Romeo museum.

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4. Motor Valley Tour from Bologna

Bologna, Italy

Bologna prides itself on being one of the best car museums in Italy as they have intricate car models and sports automobiles. This is one of the few full-day tours of the “Motor Valley” in Bologna. 

Car lovers will be ecstatic as the tour will give an inside view of the mechanics and productions of famous Italian cars such as Ducati, Ferrari, and Lamborghini. The behind-the-scenes look at each car will make you appreciate the hard work and effort put into making sports cars.

This tour offers a test drive of the Ferrari California Turbo and any other sports car models. The minimum age requirement for a test drive is 21 years old.

End the day with lunch at the local restaurants outside the museum to get a mouthfeel of the regional  Bologna cuisine.

This is a private tour and each guide will personalize the tour to create a better learning experience in one of the best car museums in Italy. The tour starts at 8:30 am.


  • Hotel pick-up is offered if the hotel is in Bologna. The tour guides are also willing to make transportation accommodations if you are coming from a different city.
  • Infants seats and strollers are accessible and can be requested at the front desk of the museum.


  • This tour is not wheelchair accessible 
  • Food and drinks are not allowed in this museum.

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5. Pagani Ducati Lamborghini Factory and Museum Day Tour from Bologna

Ducati Museum Exhibit
Rikki Mitterer, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The first museum is located in Sant’ Agata Bolognese which is sandwiched between Bologna and Modena and was founded in 2001. The Pagani Museum has various displays of the production line of each car, car fanatics can enjoy looking at the Huayra and the Zonda.

The Ducati Museum in Italy is the holy grail for motorcycles and is home to 33 original Italian crafted motorcycles. There will be three stops at the tour; the first stop at Lamborghini Museum and the second stop at Pagani Automobili and the third stop is at the Ducati museum in Italy.

You will get to see the birthplace of Pagani, Lamborghini, and Ducati museum in Italy. You will get a private tour where your guide will show you the manufacturing and production process involved in making these Italian supercars.

A small upgrade in the tour can enable you to take out the cars for a test drive across the world-famous Modena Autodrome racetrack.

This makes it one of the best car museums in Italy. You can step into the shoes of your favorite race car drivers and ride these fast cars with the help of your guide.

The tour is available in English and the tour can last for 8 hours due to multiple factory visits. An Italian lunch in Bologna is included in the tour package. 


  • The tour offers many pick-up spots for travelers such as the Central Bologna Railway Station and the Bologna Airport. 
  • Tourists can enjoy the views of the city from their private minibus. 


  • There is a dress code
  • The tour is inaccessible to wheelchair users.

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6. Ferrari and Lamborghini Museum Half Day from Parma

Lamborghini Museum

This tour is relatively short and is a half-day tour. Learn about the historical significance of the Ferrari as a race car and the advancements made to the mechanics of the current car design.

Feel like an F-1 driver as you get to sit in the seas of the cars in the exhibition. You can get the chance to take these cars on a test drive under the guidance of a professional driving guide. Visit the classic Lamborghini factory where you can learn every detail that goes into making this world-famous car.

Understand the brainchild of Ferruccio Lamborghini’s idea behind his design and the intricacy of each detail from the logo, the body, and the engine of the car.

The tour will continue at the Borgo Panicle which is home to the famous Ducati motorcycles. This famous museum in Italy is divided into nine sections. You can explore each section to see the visionary idea of this car company.

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  • There will be a pick-up and drop-off facility at Parma
  • A professional guide will assist you on your test drive


  • Lunch is not included in this tour package.

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7. Car Museum Mille Miglia & Brescia private guided tour

Museo Mille Miglia Exhibit

The Museo Mille Miglia retro is one of the best car museums in Italy and has a variety of vintage cars ranging from different prices.  These unique cars are used in the annual Mille Miglia retro car race which attracts many tourists from around the world

There is a small town center called Brescia, this is a popular attraction as it shows the lifestyle of people living in the Roman Age. There is a huge cathedral in the town center. The tour will take a total of 3 hours and the ticket to Brescia is included in the tour.

The medieval town is home to the Capitolum which are ruins from the historic period of the Temple of Jupiter and the Roman Age.


  • Service animals and strollers are allowed on the museum premises
  • The tour is also wheelchair accessible 
  • The guided tour is good for avoiding large crowds


  • The museum ticket is not part of the package and must be paid directly at the front desk of the Mille Miglia Museum.

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8. Guided tour to Stanguellini classic cars museum in Modena

Stanguellini Museum Exhibit
image by Management/TripAdvisor

This 1-hour tour will give you a private tour visit to the Stanguellini Museum in Modena. Stanguellini is one of the best car museums in Italy.

The guide will tell you about the famous Italian family who created this marvelous car brand. The design is specific to the car brand as this is a classic vintage car.

This is an interesting museum with many stories that revolutionized the car model. Stanguellini is one of the most famous museums in Italy.

The Museum was founded by the son of Vittorio, Francesco. Francesco wanted to redefine the automobile industry through the creation of lightweight automobiles that could be used for efficient races.

The automobile has many model designs such as the Stanguellini Junio 1100 and the Stanguellini-Guzzi Colibri. This family-owned company has a rich heritage in the city of Modena due to the number of victories in races over the years. 

Targa Florio was the first race in which the Stanguellini car was used, after a direct win the car shot to fame in multiple races. The biggest win was when the Stanguelini Junior 1100 was used to win the Monte Carlo Grand Prix.

The success of the Stanguellini model comes from its design and is extremely popular in automobile and motorbike races making it one of the best car museums in Italy.


  • The tickets to the museum are included in the tour package
  • The wheelchair is suitable for museum floors


  • There is no private transportation provided on this tour.
  • This tour requires a minimum number of travelers and will be canceled if the requirement is not met.

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9. Ferrari Lamborghini Maserati Museums- Parmigiano Cheese & Balsamic Vinegar Tour

Enzo Ferrari Museum Building
adirricor, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Enjoy a hearty lunch with fresh cuts of organic Parmigiano Reggiano cheese which is the greatest Italian invention. You will also get to taste the greatest Modena specialty which is the Balsamic Vinegar. 

If you love motors and food, you will love the tour package as it shows you one of the best car museums in Italy. After the meal, you will get the chance to visit the Casa Enzo Ferrari Museum which is home to the famous Maserati cars.

The yellow color is used in all Ferraris as it symbolizes the city of Modena and its people. The old and new collections are all placed in the same museum and your guide will explain the symbolism of each model 

For all car lovers, this tour offers an upgrade. The upgrade is inclusive of a tour around the Lamborghini factory and your private simulator so that you can be in the shoes of your favorite F1 sports car driver.

The Ferrari museum is one of the most famous museums in Italy.


  • An air-conditioned vehicle will transport you to each location
  • The tour is inclusive of lunch at the Mood Eat Bistro in Maranello
  • A visit to the private Maserati collection and the Hombre Farms in Modena


  • Infant seats or strollers are not available on this tour.

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