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12 Best Party Cities in Europe | Top Nightlife Destinations

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Travel is a part of life, and everyone has their unique way of doing it. Some people travel to relax, learn, or eat, while others travel to meet different cultures and gain perspective and appreciation. 

So, what does travel mean to you? Are you a party animal? Why not make your travel experience even more fun by partying along the way? Searching for 24-hour nightclubs, sweaty dance floors, foam machines, smoke machines, and drum machines? No worries! You’re in luck. 

Have you ever been to an all-night party? You know, the one with a DJ spinning tunes from across the world and people dancing until sunrise? If not, get ready to be a part of endless fun. 

Though there are several options, Europe is a mecca for party lovers. This incredible continent is home to some of the most happening cities in the world. These party destinations house the finest clubs, discos, pubs, and bars where you can enjoy your best nightlife. 

If you’re planning to explore the exotic nightlife of Europe, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the best party cities in Europe with some of the most epic clubs around.

We have got you, whether you want to party hard in Ibiza or dance till dawn in Berlin. Read more here!

Map of the Best Party Cities in Europe

Check out this map of the best party cities in Europe if you want to indulge in memorable nightlife. 

A map showing the Best Party Cities in Europe

Best Cities for All Night Parties in Europe

1. Riga, Latvia

Riga Latvia Aerial view

The capital and largest city of Latvia, Riga, is one of the top party cities in Eastern Europe. The city is known for its rich culture, old traditions, and stunning architecture and is home to some of the best nightclubs around. 

Though Riga is a large city, most of the best nightlife clubs or pubs are in the Old Town. This increasingly popular party hotspot attracts hundreds of visitors every year. 

Bars and clubs are so close to each other that you can forego heavy cab fares, especially when traveling in groups with friends. It also generates a sense of friendly competition between the venues.

Competition breeds creativity, and Riga is no exception. All party places in the city have something a little special or unique. For instance, The Armoury Bar encourages guests to handle numerous fascinating weapons (all unloaded) on display and enjoy their favorite beers. Isn’t it a little strange? 

It’s not only bars; Riga also has a handful of nightclubs housed in former factories and warehouses. If you’re someone who enjoys the industrial vibe, head to Depo. A gorgeous place with decent beers upstairs and great musical events downstairs. 

The playlist is always eclectic, whether techno, heavy metal, or long-forgotten B-sides. The drink choice is thin, but if you like cheap beer, you’ll surely fit right in. 

Known as a haven for partygoers, Riga is one of the best party cities for large groups. Additionally, Hestia Hotel Draugi is one of the best hotels in the heart of Old Town. You can book your accommodation here to ensure a comfortable stay. 

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2. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic, at night

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is undoubtedly the land of fun parties. Not only does this city have wild nightlife, but it also boasts more than its fair share of historical interest. If you’d like to combine a couple of drinks with culture, then there’s perhaps no better place to do it than Prague.

An incredible range of cheap beer makes Prague a top party destination for beer lovers. From cocktail bars to affordable beer halls to multi-story clubs, Prague houses various party places.  

Hemingway Bar is one of the famous places to enjoy drinks and music in the city. Named after Ernest Hemingway, an American author well-known for his love of liquor, the bar serves strong cocktails and over 200 rums. 

You can head to a nearby nightclub after a few drinks at the Hemingway Bar. Featuring a lavishly styled interior, Chapeau Rouge is one of Prague’s largest and long-standing nightclubs. Spread over three floors, this venue is heaven for anyone who loves a wild, sweaty dance floor.

Specializing in party nights, Retro Music Hall, DéjáVu Music Club, Lucerna Music Bar, Karlovy Lázně, and Reduta Jazz Club are other famous clubs in the Czech Republic. If you need a little TLC the morning after, get yourself to Original Beer Spa. Soak in a tub full of beer, relax on a wheat straw bed, and enjoy home-baked beer bread. And, if your stomach permits, sample some ice-cold Czech beer. 

Though Prague‘s club scene might not match the level of Berlin or Ibiza, you can have the absolute best time of your life in Prague. Overall, Prague’s incredible architecture makes the city perfect for culture vultures and partygoers alike. Though the city offers several hotels or apartments, I recommend booking your stay at Hotel Adeba

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3. Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza island in Spain

Ibiza is one of the best places to party in Spain. Rightfully called the “party capital of the world,” this Spanish island is a thrilling blend of music events and happening places.

If you’re all set for the night party of a lifetime, Ibiza is the right spot. Even stars like Paris Hilton, Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Bieber, Cristiano Ronaldo, Idris Elba, and others have been spotted on this island while partying.

The list of nightclubs shows why Ibiza is famous for its nightlife. Since these clubs play different genres of music, you can pick one that fits your taste. From small clubs to super clubs and everything in between, the island offers endless fun to its visitors.

Though several nightclubs in Ibiza, Eden Ibiza, Amnesia, Nikki Beach Ibiza, Ushuaïa Ibiza, DC10, Pacha, and Lolas Club Eivissa are some of the crowded ones. Pacha is the iconic and legendary club transformed from a traditional Finca property in 1973.

The club is famed for its chic decor and exceptional sound system. It welcomes internationally acclaimed DJs who can keep you dancing to their tunes all night.

Whether you visit Pacha or party away at any other nightclub, you will have an experience like never before. Everything this place offers makes it one of Europe’s most prominent nightlife destinations.

To ensure a luxurious stay, you should consider booking Hotel Vibra Cala Tarida-3SUP. This gorgeous property is in western Ibiza and offers everything you can imagine.

4. Budapest, Hungary

Wine bar in Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, offers visitors some of the best nightlife in Europe. Much like Prague, this city perfectly blends hedonism and history. Explore the city during the day and hit the party dens at night.

Budapest is super wallet-friendly, with cheap drinks and budget hostels, making it perfect for college students or those adventurous enough to backpack through Europe.

Ruin bars are the most unusual attractions of Budapest. Many old quarters, buildings, and car parks were once abandoned, but over the past few years, they have been reclaimed and renovated into bars. They retain plenty of that ‘abandoned’ quality with open ceilings and plants growing through the walls.

Szimpla Kert is one of the top famous ruined bars in Budapest. Brilliantly quirky, it was one of the first to open in 2002. The bar is incredibly popular with international tourists, and this reputation is well deserved. After all, who wouldn’t love to enjoy a glass of cheap beer or wine on the back of a merry-go-round animal?

If you’re after an out-of-this-world nightclub experience, the Szechenyi Baths might be your spot. They operate as a thermal spa during the daytime, set in a spectacular historic bathhouse. But at night, they go to another level altogether. The venue invites thousands of partygoers to enjoy pounding house music, a fantastic light show, and an underwater dance floor.

Additionally, OPUS Jazz Club, Doblo Wine & Bar, and Müpa Budapest are other live music clubs in Budapest. With a range of all-night party places, this is one of the best party cities in Europe.

Moreover, Vagabond Broadway is one of the famous hotels in Budapest you can consider booking for your stay in the city. They offer all the facilities to ensure guests’ comfort.

5. Mykonos Town, Mykonos

Aerial view of Mykonos Town, Mykonos

If you’re looking for party islands in Europe, there are probably very few islands that would come to mind before Mykonos Island. This island might be all about blue skies and peaceful beaches during the day, but it truly comes alive at night.

If elegant nightclubs, all-night taverna parties, and perhaps a drag queen or two are your scene, head to Mykonos Town for an unforgettable experience.

As one of the best cities to party in during the summer, Mykonos is insanely fun. Beach clubs with famous international DJs seamlessly turn from chill-out houses to thumping techno as the sun goes down. Paradise Club is one of the best examples of this, making it the most famous on the island.

The combination of daytime beachfront drinking, top DJs, and a firework display make this beach club suitable for full-moon parties. Also, Super Paradise Beach Club and Tropicana Beach Bar & Restaurant are other happening spots to hang out in the town.

One other aspect that Mykonos is famous for is its LGBTQ+-friendly attitude. Plenty of bars celebrate queer culture on the island, but The Jackie O’ Beach Club and Restaurant is the most famous.

It’s impossible not to enjoy a beachfront club with incredible cocktails, non-stop floor fillers, and the most dramatic drag shows imaginable. No matter your taste, Jackie O’s organizes parties that are hard to beat.

Situated in Mykonos City, Villa Thea Collection can be an ideal option for your stay in the area. This 4-star property offers luxurious rooms, a bar, a restaurant, and free private parking, making it just perfect.

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6. Magaluf, Mallorca

Magaluf, Mallorca City center
zixia /

Looking for a destination where you can have all the fun during winter? Fortunately, Europe is home to some great winter party cities. One top name is Magaluf, Mallorca. 

Hosting some of the wildest parties on the island, Magaluf is called the party hub of Mallorca. You can attend live music and parties in the town; the large beach is the most-visited place on the island. 

The Strip, also called Puenta Baena, is a half-mile-long strip of nighttime carnage where you can find around five nightclubs and 50 bars. BCM Planet, the biggest nightclub in Mallorca, can host 7,000 guests. Located at a top resort in Magaluf, this multi-floor club counts on reputed international DJs to throw mesmerizing all-night parties. 

The Boomerang Club is another party holiday destination in Magaluf. Jelly shots, worker parties, and pole dancing podiums make this club busy – it isn’t classy, but it is definitely great fun.

Overall, Magaluf is the ultimate spot for night parties for adults of all ages. If you’re looking for nearby accommodation, Apartamentos Vistasol is one of the best places to stay in this resort town. 

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7. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona city Spain

Barcelona, the proud capital of Catalonia, has a special quality that sets it apart from other cities in Spain. It is an excellent combination of art, architecture, music, food, and fun. 

During summer, partygoers can expect incredible music festivals, drinks on the beach, and open-air fun. Barcelona’s world-famous music festival is Primavera Sound. It began as a small, one-day event, but now this annual festival has become a mammoth extravaganza that attracts music lovers from all around. 

For those planning a visit during the non-festive season, Barcelona offers several other options to get stuck into. Razzmatazz, a nightclub and concert hall, is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser that can accommodate just over 2,000 party people in the main hall. 

Harlem Jazz Club is a long-running bar for jazz, rock, and swing music. You can also head to Opium or Shoko Barcelona for a flashy beachside night. 

Barcelona can be a great party city to enjoy the thrilling nightlife scene. Book your stay in Hostal Orleans and enjoy some fun night parties to make your trip memorable. 

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8. Brighton, UK

Brighton Pier UK

Brighton will always have a special place in my party-going heart. From award-winning bars to unique clubs, the nightlife in the city is undoubtedly the best in the UK. 

Although the city is fun year-round, Brighton probably fits neatly among the best cities to party in Europe during the summer. The beachside location makes the place dreamy in warm weather, with an extensive list of bars and clubs.

The Great Escape Festival is a three-day event held in May every year. Hundreds of up-and-coming artists play at this music festival, making the city a dream destination for music lovers. It hosts approximately 300 bands across 30 venues in the city. 

Another summer event that always draws in crowds is Brighton and Hove Pride. Held on the first weekend in August every year, this festival celebrates the LGBTQ+ community in the most outrageously colorful way possible. An enormous procession shuts down the town as it traverses through the center.

Drag queens, mobile dance parties, fire breathers, and carnival dancers all weave through Brighton’s streets. After the parade, everyone heads to the Kemptown Village Party for a day and night of pop anthems and good vibes.

Club Revenge, Chalk, Walkabout Brighton, and Concorde 2 are other options in the city for head-thrashing, booty-shaking nights. From a few beers to live music events and more, Brighton is an all-in-one destination for party lovers. 

Though the city offers a range of accommodation options, The Royal Albion Seafront Hotel is one of the best. This seaside hotel provides all the amenities and 24-hour desk support to ensure a comfortable stay. 

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9. Berlin, Germany

Berlin Germany at night

This list of best European party cities cannot be complete without the mention of Berlin. The capital city of Germany, Berlin, is at its best when darkness falls. It is another place to be if you’re searching for the best nightlife in Europe. 

Being a party animal, you might know Berlin provides plenty of great things to do. From local bands to international DJs, the nightlife of Berlin is diverse and offers something for everyone. 

Whether you want to dance the night away on a boat or embrace techno music, Berlin caters to everyone’s needs. It is famous for its countless pubs, bars, events, and the best club scene. 

Though a notoriously tricky club, Berghain is more than worth the struggle. Once inside, you’ll find the techno club, Panorama Bar, disco, and Lab (a male-only club). This nightclub is for people who are all about music. 

Those after something a little naughtier should make a beeline for KitKatClub. The club has a dress code for every night except for Monday. KitKatClub is an absolute gem of Berlin’s nightlife scene.

Other live music clubs in Berlin are A-Trane Jazz Club, Badehaus Szimpla, Astra Kulturhaus, B-flat, and Junction Bar. Additionally, summer to early fall is the right time to visit the city and enjoy its nightlife.

Like what you are hearing? Check out our full itinerary on how to spend 3 days in Berlin. Stay at Hotel Berlin when in the city and be ready to explore the city’s glamor by attending some happening parties. 

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10. Dublin, Ireland

Dublin Ireland at night

Ireland is famous worldwide for its beer and whiskey. Dublin, the capital of Ireland, offers visitors and locals fabulous nightlife. Over four million people travel to this city yearly to get a slice of the cultural action.

The pub scene and lively culture make Dublin one of the best party cities in Europe. Anyone looking for a raucous night in an old-school boozer is in good hands in this city.

Temple Bar is a bustling neighborhood dedicated to drinking and is always crowded with people. All party venues in the area combine contemporary cocktail bars and traditional taverns. The Temple Bar Pub is one of the traditional pubs in Dublin, offering the largest whiskey selection in Ireland.

The Temple Bar Pub has been serving thirsty revelers since 1839. If you want to experience the traditional Irish charm, this stop must be in Dublin.

After a night in the Temple Bar, you can go to the Auld Dubliner for a large cooked breakfast. The Long Hall, Copper Face Jacks, Brazen Head, The Sugar Club, and The Stag’s Head are other top nightclubs and pubs where you can enjoy Dublin nightlife.

Offering an easy-going vibe, Dublin is one of the top cities for chic and contemporary party scenes. Located in the center of Dublin city, Riu Plaza The Gresham Dublin is a popular property to spend some luxurious nights. 

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11. Krakow, Poland

Krakow, Poland at night

Krakow, one of the best-known cities in Poland, offers an unmatched nightlife experience. It is undoubtedly the best party place in Europe. Whether you are into hidden bars, sports bars, karaoke, or live music, Krakow offers it all.

The Old Town district is the right place to go if you’re looking for the hottest clubs in Krakow. It features several local bars, local pubs, and Jazz bars.

Those who want to enjoy drinks and a relaxed atmosphere can head to the Podgorze district. It is home to some of the coolest bars in town.

No matter which part of the city you’re in, Baccarat Music Club, Harris Piano Jazz, Stary Port, Taawa Music Club, and Frantic Club are famous clubs in the town.

Baccarat Music Club is a live music venue with luxurious interiors. This one-of-a-kind nightclub offers infinite fun opportunities, enough to drive you and your group crazy.

Similarly, the spacious and modern Taawa Music Club is a classy party place. Do not forget to try the cocktails here. They invite artists from all over to make the night even better. You can also have quality booze time with your gang in the VIP Zone.

Overall, Krakow is Poland’s best party city for its exciting nightlife. No matter when you’re traveling, 2 Nights Apartments offers the best service. Make your booking in advance to reserve the property. 

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12. Paris, France

Eiffel Tower France

Paris, the capital of France, is a global center for fashion, art, culture, live music, and classy cocktails. It is one of the great party cities I’ve visited so far. A weekend in Paris is always one to remember.

The City of Lights oozes charm and sophistication and makes the perfect end to this hedonistic trip around Europe. Le Marais is one of the most fashionable districts in Paris, and you can explore it without breaking the bank.

The Candelaria, a true hidden gem, offers Paris’s best Mexican agave cocktails. This world-class hidden cocktail bar offers a variety of tequila, mezcal, seasonal cocktails, and other options. Get ready to be greeted with a range of tequila-based cocktails. 

Pigalle is a nightlife district in Paris where parties last all night long. This area was once famous for being home to the red light district of Paris. With lots of bars, restaurants, and hotels in the area, Piggale is an exciting, vibrant neighborhood to explore. 

If you feel like dancing after getting drunk, there are several clubs, including La Station, La Bellevilloise, Badaboum, and Le Carmen. You can choose any of these nightclubs to enjoy your time. 

If you’re interested in rubbing shoulders with celebrities and don’t mind forking out a pretty hefty door fee, then Les Bains is the club for you. You never know, you might leave with Mick Jagger or Kate Moss!

You can also check out these awesome wine-tasting options in Paris. In addition, though there are several options for accommodation, Grand Hôtel Amelot offers the best stay to their guests with all the required amenities and support. 


What are the best winter party destinations in Europe?

Some of the best European destinations for parties in winter are Berlin, Budapest, Barcelona, and Paris. Offering a range of party options, you can have the best time of your life in one of these party cities.

What are the party destinations in Europe for a fun summer?

There are several party places in Europe you can add to your bucket list for your next summer vacation. Mykonos, Prague, Ibiza, Budapest, Berlin, Barcelona, and Dublin are the top ones.

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