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12 Best Tumi Travel Kits For Your Next Adventure

Are you finally going on your next travel adventure with friends? That sounds quite exciting, but have you made sure all your essentials are well-packed?

From toiletries to makeup items, you may need all these necessities on your trip. However, organizing them properly for convenient access every time is pretty hard to achieve.

But with Tumi travel kits in your carry-ons, this task becomes relatively easy.

How? I have got reasons to prove this stance.

To make your life easy below is the review of popular travel kits from Tumi Inc. Read on to find out if any of these strike your fancy.

Best Tumi Travel Kits for Your Upcoming Trip

Here are some of the top Tumi travel kits you may want to consider for your adventures:

1. Tumi Alpha 3 Split Travel Kit

The Tumi Split travel kit is a perfect bag to keep all your toiletries in one place. Available in just one size, this kit’s neutral design and layout suit the tastes of both men and women.

Tumi Alpha 3 Split Travel Kit

When it comes to eye-catching external features, this travel kit doesn’t disappoint. It contains an exterior zip that opens to a big compartment where you can keep all your bare essentials secured.

Moreover, a leather handle on top of the bag makes it easy to hang anywhere you want. The kit’s interior is also quite luxurious.

The Alpha 3 Split travel kit contains three pockets guarded by secure zips. Moreover, these pockets include clear windows for better accessibility and visibility when looking for specific items in a hurry.

The interior of this luxury travel kit is lined with antibacterial fiber, which prevents the growth of bacteria that may transfer to your items.

Also, if this wasn’t enough, this kit has a Tumi Tracer. It is a metal plate that contains a unique registration number. It is perfect for aiding travelers with lost luggage. This tracer can help reunite you with your lost kit. The Tumi Tracer is a standard feature found in all Tumi Inc. products.

The Tumi Split travel kit’s dimensions are 3.5 x 8.5 x 5.5 inches, and it is available in one color: Anthracite. You can use it to keep your brushes, razors, toothpaste, hair bands, face washes, and hand creams all in one conveniently located place that is easy to access.

Also, I have used it for my laptop accessories as well. It all comes down to your preferences and what you need your travel kit to carry.

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2. Tumi Hanging Travel Kit

Available in black, the Tumi Hanging travel kit exhibits class and functionality. It is a unique kit that can organize all your essential items without causing them any damage as you travel.

Tumi Hanging Travel Kit

You can either hang this bag on a towel rack or lay it flat on a surface. There is a handle at one of its sides that comes with a speed clip.

The kit has a U-shaped zip that opens to the main compartment. Moreover, two exterior side pockets can hold your hand creams and lotions and keep them organized.

The interior features of this product include a strong hanging hook, open compartments, and elastic loops. There are also three zippers and two mesh pockets for extra space.

Like any other Tumi product, this one also comes with a tracer.

The Tumi Hanging travel kit is made of super-durable ballistic nylon. This fabric is a Tumi signature component meant to enhance the quality of the travel kits and make each product extra tough.

The inner antibacterial lining prevents the growth of any odor-causing bacteria and mold. You can keep this kit in a bathroom or spaces with excess moisture without worrying about any deterioration in its quality.

The dimensions of this travel kit are 4″ x 11.75″ x 8″ inches, and it weighs only 0.97Ibs. You can conveniently keep it tucked away in a corner in your main suitcase or place it in your carry-on bag for shorter journeys.

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3. Tumi Alpha Travel Kit 

The best thing about Tumi travel kits is that they may look simple, but their quality and design overpower their exterior in every way.

Most Tumi Inc. customers buy these kits for the user-friendly experience they provide.

Tumi Alpha Travel Kit

The Tumi Alpha 3 travel kit features an external U zip entry. As the most accessible zipper, this opens to a big compartment that can hold travel essentials like shampoos, toothbrushes, chargers, or even your favorite snacks.

The main pocket contains elastic loops that you can use for small essentials like clips and razors. Also, the bag includes a grab handle for the convenient hanging of the kit.

The Tumi Alpha travel kit also has a small pocket on the outside. Its size is sufficient to keep your charger, ear plugs, or any data cables you are traveling with secure.

The interior of this kit is like any other Tumi bag from the Alpha 3 collection. The antimicrobial lining and Tumi Tracer set this travel kit apart from other brands.

This bag is slightly smaller than the Tumi Hanging Travel Kit, measuring in at 3.75″ x 10.75″ x 6.25″ and weighing just 0.59 pounds. It is a great lightweight option when you don’t want to overpack or are short on space.

If you are going on a short trip, this kit would be ideal.

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4. Tumi Alpha Bravo Reno Travel Kit

As part of the Alpha Bravo collection, this kit exhibits a classic travel kit design and incorporates a more modern flair. It may look like an ordinary bag to keep your items, but its features are upgraded from Tumi’s older travel kits.

Tumi Alpha Bravo Reno Travel Kit

Tumi Alpha Bravo travel kit contains two impressive internal U zip entry pockets. Moreover, one of these small compartments has a waterproof inner lining to maintain quality and protect the items within.

In addition to the above, there are also two separate open pockets to hold your portable toothbrush for travel or creams and any other smaller items you may have.

Other than the much-needed compartments, the kit comes with a Tumi Tracer and an antimicrobial and antibacterial lining throughout.

The exterior of the Reno kit is also pretty impressive. There is a front zip pocket and a back pocket which makes a great addition to your travel gear.

Moreover, the bag features a hanger strap to hold onto any loop, towel bar, or flat surface. However, this kit is a little heavier than the above options, so keep this in mind.

It is still relatively lightweight, though, weighing in at only one pound. Its dimensions are 6″ x 10″ x 3″ in inches.

This Tumi Alpha Bravo travel kit is a convenient accessory to own. With everything so convenient and accessible, you can turn this accessory into your favorite travel organizer.

Moreover, the ballistic nylon and leather material guarantees the durability and quality of the bag and ensures it remains sturdy and solid on all your travels.

With this product in your luggage, you don’t have to worry about investing in another travel kit for at least the next ten years.

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5. Tumi Alpha Bravo Reno with Expansion Travel Kit

Another Tumi leather travel kit on this list, the Reno with Expansion, is an upgraded version of the above.

The “expansion” in its name represents the increase in the kit’s depth.

Tumi Alpha Bravo Reno with Expansion Travel Kit

The zip extension and the front pockets make this travel kit perfect for bigger items like shampoo bottles and topical tubes. This item contains two compartments: one in the back and the other in the front.

The exterior of this kit has a zip entry that leads to each of these vast compartments. Also, there is a slip pocket to hold hair clips, razors, or any other small items you may have.

The interior of the Reno with Expansion travel kit is quite spacious. With water-resistant compartments, elastic loops, and zip pockets, you have enough room to organize all your toiletries.

The antimicrobial lining and Tumi Tracer are also very much part of the design, making this kit worth your investment. Moreover, the combination of leather and ballistic nylon makes this product sturdy and long-lasting.

This travel kit weighs more than one pound, making it slightly heavier than all the options on the list.

However, if space is more important than weight for you, the Reno with Expansion kit will prove to be a worthwhile investment.

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6. Tumi- Luggage Accessories Pouch

Tumi- Luggage Accessories Pouch

If you are looking for a more affordable Tumi travel kit option, this is definitely one to consider. It comes in at under $100 and comes in two sizes: small and large.

On the exterior of this travel kit, you will find a zip closure, a zippered pocket, one open pocket, three elastic tie downs, and a pen loop.

The travel kit is made from nylon material, and its dimensions are 5″ x 7″ x 2″ and weighs only 0.3 pounds, making it the perfect size to fit nicely into your carry-on luggage.

With its basic black design and red and black stitching, it appeals to both men and women.

The elastic loops make it easy to secure your chargers, battery packs, and any extra cords you may need to travel with. The zippered pouch is ideal for organizing and securing smaller accessories.

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7. Tumi Voyageur Basel Small Triangle Pouch

Tumi Voyageur Basel Small Triangle Pouch

The Tumi Voyageur Basel pouch is the ideal travel accessory and comes at an affordable price point. The interior of the travel kit features two elastic slit pockets.

The dimensions are 5.5″ x 8″ x 2.75,” and it only weighs in at 0.25 pounds, making it one of the lighter weight options on our list.

When it comes to exterior features, it definitely does not disappoint. You will find a zip entry to the main compartment and a locking zipper pull. The kit is made from a durable nylon material and can withstand frequent traveling.

The design of this Tumi travel kit is functional, practical, and purposeful and still doesn’t compromise on style. This is a great choice if you are looking for versatility and a lightweight travel option for women.

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8. Tumi Voyageur Madina Cosmetic Bag

Tumi Voyageur Madina Cosmetic Bag

This is another toiletry bag option from the Tumi Voyageur line you will absolutely love to have as your new travel companion.

The Tumi Voyageur Madina cosmetic bag features a double-zip entry to the main compartment, a front straight pocket with a locking zipper pull for security, and a top carry handle with leather wrap trim for comfort and convenience.

When looking at the internal features of this high-end cosmetic bag, you will find three transparent zippered pockets. One has a triple pocket with dividers. You will also see a detachable nylon zip pouch, metal hanger, and Tumi tracer.

The material of this cosmetic bag is a lightweight nylon material, and its dimensions are 8″ x 11″ x 3″ and it weighs approximately one pound.

It has a versatile design that you can lay it out onto flat surfaces or hang it from a fixture like a towel bar in the bathroom when it is opened, making all your accessories easily accessible from virtually anywhere.

It also doesn’t compromise on style, as the Voyageur collection offers versatile, stylish, and functional travel kits and accessories.

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9. Tumi Voyageur Ennis Jewelry Organizer

Tumi Voyageur Ennis Jewelry Organizer

Now that we have covered a variety of Tumi travel kits for hygiene items and other essentials, we also wanted to mention this Tumi Voyageur Ennis Jewelry Organizer.

This storage bag for women comes in one size and is made from durable nylon material. Its dimensions are 1.5″ x 8.75″ x 6 inches, and it weighs approximately 0.4 pounds, making it extremely lightweight and incredibly easy to travel with.

It utilizes a snap closure to keep all your jewelry organized and secured on your travels. It also has one transparent zip pocket with mesh, two snap pockets, two velvet-lined zip pockets, one regular zippered pocket, a ring roll, and a leather earring-holder strap.

When traveling, you want to keep all your items secured and organized, and that includes your jewelry. No one wants to reach their destination and have to dig through their tangled-up jewelry to find what they need.

This Tumi jewelry organizer keeps everything in its place and safe. The slim profile and ultra streamlined design make it more convenient to travel with and fits easily into your large suitcases, a tote, or your carry-on.

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10. Tumi Accents Pouch

Tumi Accents Pouch

If you are short on space and need a smaller pouch to organize your essentials, then consider the Tumi Accents Kit. Its dimensions are 9.5″ x 2″ x 3.5″ and it weighs only 0.4 pounds.

It is made from a ballistic nylon material and can add some personal flair to your business or personal luggage on any trip.

You can find this kit in various colors, including the blue pictured above known as Atlantic, Cherry, Tan, Sunrise, Russett Obre, and Navy Camo.

Like the other Tumi bags on our list, it also comes equipped with the Tumi Tracer if it gets lost. It is also covered by Tumi’s limited warranty.

The kit is also made with embossed leather and includes a luggage tag, a complimentary monogram patch, a handle wrap, and zipper pull ties.

11. Tumi Teron Travel Kit

Tumi Teron Travel Kit

The Teron Travel Kit by Tumi and McLaren is an exclusive collaboration in which seamless integration of lifestyle, fashion, and technology combine to produce a premium travel kit bag worthy of investment.

It has an aerodynamic automotive design and a sleek molded front panel. Its dimensions are 9.8″ x 6.3″ x 3.8″ and weighs in at 1.4 pounds, making it one of the bigger and heavier options on our list.

In addition to the sleek molded front panel, this travel kit also features CX6 carbon fiber accents and Papaya highlights, giving it that exclusive and signature McLaren touch.

It allows you to organize all your small travel essentials easily and conveniently, whether it is a quick trip to the gym or a plane ride across the country.

With your kit, you can choose to add a classic monogram design that is complementary or add a premium monogram at $15 per letter.

12. Tumi V4 Care Kit

Tumi V4 Care Kit

Last but certainly not least on our list is this Tumi V4 Care Kit. It weighs in at only 0.5 pounds and is made primarily from recycled polycarbonate material.

When looking at the interior features of this travel kit, you will find the Tumi logo patch, one zipper pocket, one open mesh pocket, and two snap closures on either side of the bag.

On the exterior, you will find a monogrammable pouch, zippered main compartment, a zip-around case, one clear pouch with sliding zip closure, one reusable face mask, three face mask filters, one moisturizing hand sanitizer, and five individually packaged disinfecting wipes.

This kit contains all your travel essentials while still leaving room for you to pack your own.

You can also purchase a Fabric Care Kit, Leather Care Kit, or Care Kit Essential Pouch travel accessory separately. That way, you are prepared for anything that may come your way while you are traveling.

Tumi TSA-Approved Locks

All of the above travel kits have solid zippers and many internal pockets. However, you cannot always trust them to keep your belongings safe and secure from theft. To keep your valuables protected, we recommend Tumi locks.

Available in three different colors, these locks are perfect for protecting your essentials. They feature a strong and secure metal body.

Each Tumi lock weighs 0.33 lbs and usually comes in a set of three. The dimensions of each lock are 0.88″  x 5.5″  x 3.63.”

With your Tumi lock purchase, you get a gift box as well. These locks make a great present for all of your avid traveler friends.

Since the Tumi Alpha Bravo Reno with Expansion Travel Kit is TSA-approved, the authority can open the lock for a security check, if required. However, to make sure this lock does its job correctly, you should know how to use it.

Tumi travel locks

How to Set This Lock?

If you are unsure of how to set a Tumi travel lock properly, follow the steps below:

  1. Start with setting your new lock combination. The original one is always 0-0-0. However, it’s best to change it to a unique code as soon as possible
  2. To do that, push the button at the bottom and hold it down
  3. While doing that, change all the dials to your new desired combination
  4. Make sure the numbers set all align with the given grid line
  5. Once done, release the button at the bottom to set the lock
  6. End the process by opening the lock and dialing the new combination. While doing so, press the side button on the top

To avoid any mishap on your international travels, always remember your combination and avoid sharing it with anyone.

What is Tumi Inc.?

When you talk about high-end brands, Tumi Inc. is worth a mention. This company makes travel-based suitcases, bags, and kits for users who value both prices and quality. When you talk about high-end brands, Tumi Inc. is worth a mention.

This company makes travel-based suitcases, bags, and kits for users who value both price and quality equally.

Tumi logo

Moreover, Tumi is a luxury brand and doesn’t compromise on its services and products. Every item made in a Tumi factory goes through 30 in-house tests before making its way into the market.

Also, their customer service is commendable. As a consumer, you receive a top-quality product every time.

While this brand is famous for all its travel categories, the Tumi travel kits deserve special appreciation.

In this article, I have reviewed the best Tumi travel kits for you.

From their designs to functionality, you will get to know a lot about what Tumi Inc. offers, so you can find the best Tumi travel kits for all your future adventures.

Tumi Travel Kits – Review

Talking from experience, I have always found it difficult to organize things in my luggage bag. With bundles of clothes and shoes, small items like my brush or lipsticks often get lost within the vast suitcases.

Travel essentials

Moreover, if I am traveling by plane, I like to have all my essentials within easy reach in my carry-on. If you travel regularly, then you know exactly what I mean.

I finally found a solution to my packing woes. Since the addition of Tumi travel kits in my life, I have never struggled again with disorganized and frantic packing.

These kits have become my number one companion on almost all my travel expeditions. And many people worldwide would agree with me.

But what makes Tumi travel kits so outstanding and in-demand travel accessories?

Here are a few reasons:

High Quality

While many high-end brands are on the market today, not all deliver excellent quality as Tumi Inc. These kits use premium materials, mostly nylon and leather. Moreover, the zippers used in their designs are highly durable.

All Tumi travel kits come with an antimicrobial inner lining to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. Moreover, some also have water-resistant pockets and compartments to keep all your items safe.

These features are pretty impressive and highlight the importance of quality for Tumi Inc as a brand.

General Features

Almost all travel kits have sufficient compartments and pockets to hold as many accessories as you want. All Tumi hanging travel kits come with leather handles that can be adjusted when on the plane or in a hotel bathroom, providing easy and quick access to the items you need.  

Each Tumi travel kit also comes equipped with Tumi Tracers for security purposes. If you have misplaced your Tumi travel kit, you can use this tracker to bring your kit back to your registered address.

These user-friendly features in all Tumi travel kits make them stand out from the rest of the brands.

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Long-Lasting Designs

While a Tumi travel kit doesn’t look that fancy from the outside, it is the inside where you will find all your boxes are checked.

With adjustable pockets, huge compartments, sturdy zippers, and a luxurious inner lining, a Tumi travel kit can last more than 20 years without looking old and worn out. This speaks volumes of the quality of each of these kits.

Moreover, the travel kits have their own distinct personality, making them quite relatable and appealing to many.

Appropriate Sizes

One of the best features of Tumi travel bags is their well-thought-out dimensions. The kits are available in different sizes, and they cater to individual users.

For instance, the Tumi Hanging travel kit is a little bigger than the Tumi Alpha travel kit. With so many amazing options available, you can easily find the one that meets all your requirements.


When it comes to Tumi travel kits or any of their other products, for that matter, you will be amazed to notice the focus on innovation. Things like the Tumi Tracer, ballistic nylon, and X-Brace handle system may sound alien to you.

Still, these innovative features make these kits more durable, secure, and long-lasting, further enhancing your travel experience.


Now, this might be a bit controversial. Like any other luxury brand, Tumi Inc. sells expensive products.

However, does the quality of its travel kits justify the high price? Yes!

Affordability varies from person to person, but the standard of quality for everyone is similar. All of us expect sturdy, reliable, and spacious kits to carry all our essentials when traveling.

Tumi travel kits may be expensive, but they are worth the investment and important for a more convenient travel experience.

After reading all the great (and true) things about Tumi travel kits, I am sure you want to get your hands on at least one of them.

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Final Thoughts

So, what did you think of our selection of some of the best Tumi travel kits?

When you are organized for your adventures, you will find that you won’t feel as rushed and as disorganized as you otherwise would.

Keeping all your essentials for your trip is vital, whether it is a quick trip or a longer one requiring you to carry more items.

Having your essentials securely packed away in your luggage set or carry-on offers you the peace of mind you need knowing you have easy and quick access to anything you need.

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