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Airwander Review: Is It Worth It?

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While booking stopovers is an age-old travel trick for expanding vacations and saving on airfare, the way it’s currently done is still relatively antiquated…until Airwander. Our Airwander review aims to discover how this flight search engine makes booking stopovers a breeze. 

What is Airwander? 

Airwander description

Why head directly to your destination when you can hop to multiple cities before arrival? Airwander touts itself as a completely free ‘combination flight metasearch engine’ that focuses on adding multi-day stopovers.

The website uses advanced algorithms to suggest various stopovers for your flight. Airwander factors in all routes are possible, and the best flight deals when you book any flight

The service was created by globetrotters Douglas Deming and Ela Bader, who found inspiration in their 8-month South American backpacking trip.

On this journey, the duo added additional countries to their itinerary to save money on airfare. Since then, the partners have taken advantage of stopovers on their flights and eventually became flight hacking experts. 

With spreadsheets and lots of time-consuming combination guessing, Douglas and Ela concluded that the cost-effective use of stopovers required AI and machine learning.

How does a stopover differ from a layover? 

Before moving forward with our Airwander review, getting acquainted with a few flight terms is essential to help you better understand the service’s features. First, what exactly is a stopover, and how does a stopover differ from a layover

A layover is when you stop at a connecting city before your final destination for less than 24 hours. Stopovers, on the other hand, are stops that last for 24 hours or more. So, what does this mean for a traveler? 

While some travelers want to get to their destination as fast as possible, others aim for a slower approach, exploring a few countries or cities in between. Since a stopover lasts more than 24 hours, it offers more freedom to explore connecting cities than a layover. 

If you’ve always wanted to visit a landmark, take a tour, or hang out with a friend or family from another country, taking advantage of stopovers is the best way. But why?

Why are stopovers a better choice than booking separate tickets to multiple destinations? Read our Airwander review to find out. 

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What are the benefits of stopovers? 

Besides the freedom to explore two or more cities, booking a stopover flight has several other benefits. Our Airwander review lists them out: 

1. Visit cities for free or at little cost

The most apparent reason for booking a stopover flight is the savings you’ll make. Since connecting flights are often cheaper than their direct counterparts, buying a flight with a long layover or stopover is often more affordable or equal to a regular return.

The discounts can be even deeper when you book two connecting flights with different airlines.  Imagine adding a city to your itinerary while lowering the airfare for your flight.

That’s like hitting two birds with one stone! In cases where stopover flights aren’t cheaper, they’re sometimes only a few dollars more expensive than a regular fare – think that’s potentially a few dollars more for a few days in a city you’ve never been to that you’re dying to explore!

If you’re wondering, “Are there safety lockers for luggage at layovers Airwander?” Know that most airports have a luggage service where you can store your bags for a fee. Contact the airport before your trip to know if they offer this service and how much it costs. 

2. Break up a long and arduous flight

Long flights can be stressful, uncomfortable, and exhausting for some travelers, so breaking them into several more comfortable legs makes sense.

This is especially true for seniors with various health issues, which must be kept in check. Families traveling with restless children are likelier to welcome stopovers as they offer a momentary release of pent-up energy! 

How a stopover is booked pre-Airwander

To fully appreciate the convenience of Airwander, our Airwander review will walk you through how stopover flights are booked traditionally.

Booking through various airline websites

The most convenient way to book free stopovers is through airline websites. Several airlines offer free stopovers via their Airline Stopover Program. 

For example, Icelandair offers free stopovers in Reykjavik before heading to other European destinations. An ‘Icelandair Stopover’ button is included to make booking stopovers easier when booking flights online via their website. 

With its ‘Dubai Stopover package’, Emirates allows travelers to take a short break from their journey with stopovers in Dubai. Apart from arranging your transfers and hotel accommodations, you can add tours to your experience, including desert safaris, dinner cruises, theme parks, and more. 

Where this stopover booking method falls short: Not all airlines offering stopovers advertise their stopover flights; even if they do, you’re bound to miss some of them. In addition, visiting airline websites one by one when planning a multi-city itinerary can be time-consuming. 

Booking stopovers manually

While some airlines have dedicated stopover booking buttons on their flight tool, they aren’t universal across all airlines’ websites. This is when travelers manually handle their stopover bookings using an Airwander alternative.

One of the most popular ways is to utilize flight aggregators like Skyscanner and take advantage of their multi-city search functionality. The steps to take are as follows: 

Search flights for your round trip. 

Using the flight aggregator, search the round-trip flight you plan to take. Be on the lookout for flights with stops before reaching your final destination. These connecting cities are where you’ll be able to book stopovers. 

Search for a multi-city ticket

After listing the possible stopover destinations, you must manually add them to a multi-city search.

With the website’s multiple destination tool, search for three flights: from your home city to the connecting city, from your connecting city to your destination city, and lastly, a return flight to your home city. 

When doing this method, you’re bound to come across flights that cost the same as round-trip flights with no stopovers. In other cases, you may even find cheaper multi-city flights than direct flights. 

This stopover booking method falls short: Searching for stopover flights this way can be painfully time-consuming.

In addition, you’ll need to sift through tons of results to arrive at destinations you want with prices you can afford. Crosschecking prices with direct flights to see if you’re grabbing a discount or overspending requires much effort. 

How does Airwander work? 

How does Airwander work

And now we reach our Airwander review! How does this flight search engine make searching for stopover flights more convenient?

Airwander is a flight search tool with advanced algorithms to help you plan the best multi-city adventure. This means you’re offered the best prices for the most efficient flights to destinations you want to visit. It’s great for travelers looking to save!

Airwander is a straightforward search engine; its beauty lies in its simplicity. Here are Airwander’s most notable features:

Clean and easy-to-use interface

Airwander interface

Flight search engines don’t have to be complicated to produce the best results. Airwander’s clutter-free user interface makes it incredibly easy to use, even for travelers who have never used a flight aggregator. 

Airwander shows you a comprehensive list of stopover destinations

Among Airwander reviews I’ve read online, this is the site’s most favored feature. Sometimes, all we want is the bonus of exploring a new city – any city – for an affordable price

This is where Airwander comes in. With the website’s search engine, travelers can indicate how many extra days they want to add to explore a connecting city.

Afterward, Airwander produces results of places they can stopover. This tool is brilliant for travelers who aren’t location-sensitive, want to explore or make the most bang for their buck

Airwander stopover destinations

For example, after indicating my flight from Seattle to Toronto, a list of Airwander flights appeared with suggestions for stopovers at Los Angeles, Calgary, and Las Vegas. 

Quickly see how much you’re saving

Airwander lets travelers see how much each destination takes away or adds to their airfare. If you’re on a budget, this is a great way to find free stopovers worldwide or select destinations that don’t add a considerable amount to your airfare. 

Airwander flight savings

After indicating my flight from Seattle to Tokyo, Airwander showed me how much a standard flight would cost ($1,206) and suggested several destinations I could stop over for three days.

Making a stopover at Los Angeles would skim off $259 from the airfare, while adding Denver would cost only an additional $8. 

Seeing a list of stopover destinations and their accompanying prices like this makes stopover booking much easier and more appealing! 

How to use Airwander 

So, how do you use this flight aggregator? Our Airwander review will spell out the steps required to book free or cheap stopovers for your flight. 

StepAction RequiredTip
1Enter your origin and destination cities on the Airwander website.Be flexible with your travel dates for more options.
2Select your desired travel dates and number of passengers.Consider setting a longer stopover duration for more exploration time.
3Choose the “Multi-Stop” or “Stopover” option to find flights with stopovers.Airwander specializes in finding the cheapest multi-day stopovers.
4Filter and sort the search results based on your preferences, such as stopover duration, airline, and price.Use the filtering options to find the best deal for your needs.
5Review the detailed itinerary and stopover information for each flight option.Check the exact routing and stopover cities to ensure they align with your travel plans.
6Book your desired flight with stopover(s) directly through Airwander or the airline’s website.Airwander explains how to book stopovers at no extra cost.

1. Select your type of trip

Airwander type of flight

A search box on the homepage immediately greets website visitors. Filling up this tiny space is the only effort the service requires from you.

First, select the type of trip you’ll take. You’ll be given four options: one-way, roundtrip, multi-city, or world-tour. 

2. Select your cabin seat option

Airwander cabin seat options

The price of your airfare depends on your cabin seat option, so select accordingly. There are four options: economy, premium eco, business, and first-class. Select one according to your preferences. 

3. Indicate how many are flying

Airwander number of passengers

Airwander requires you to include how many fly like other flight search engines. Indicate the number of adults, children, or “lap infants” in the dropdown menu provided. 

4. Indicate your departure and arrival city, country, or airport

Airwander departure and arrival city selection

Input your flight details and departure or arrival date in the boxes provided.

5. Click search and browse the results

Airwander results

Upon clicking the search button, a list of possible flights will appear along with their corresponding prices. Click the red ‘+’ button, and a list of possible stopovers will appear for your chosen flight.

You can find a specific destination in the ‘Select your stopover’ search box. Amounts preceded by a plus sign indicate an increase to your standard fare, while those with a negative sign indicate a discount.

You can add or deduct days to your stopover by ticking the ‘+’ or ‘-’ button in the upper right-hand corner of the window. The fares will change automatically to reflect the number of stopover days. 

6. Use filters to fine-tune your results 

Airwander search engine filter

Airwander allows you to adjust your flight leg searches by adjusting the price, take-off time, airport, airline, stops, landing times, and layover and flight leg duration. 

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Who is Airwander for?

Airwander is for anyone who loves to travel. Still, it’s an especially attractive service for two types of travelers: those always looking for flight deals and those who love exploring new places by adding stopovers to their flights.

If you have the flexibility in your travel schedule to sneak in a few days exploring a destination, Airwander is for you. Airwander’s search engine is designed so that travelers are offered the most cost-effective suggestions of where to stop instead of travelers searching for a stopover destination they want.

This is not to say that you can’t deliberately select a stopover to specific destinations — while this is still an option, expect to pay an expensive fare if they’re not included in the initial results.  

With this in mind, the service is geared towards more spontaneous travelers who won’t avoid visiting a random place. Remember that while spontaneity is embraced in travel, not having travel insurance isn’t. Make sure you’re covered! It’s better to have and not need than need and not have!

Is Airwander legit? 

Is Airwander reliable? Our Airwander review will give you the short answer: yes. Airwander is entirely legit.

The number of reputable travel publications and blogs that report on the service’s effectiveness is a formidable confirmation. TechCrunch, Travel + Leisure, Yahoo! Finance, and Real Simple have thoroughly reviewed the flight search engine. 

Airwander Review: Is It Worth It?

Our Airwander review aims to find out how this flight search engine makes booking stopovers a breeze.

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  • User-Friendly Interface Cabin Seat Option
  • Uses Filters for Better Results Accessible to Anyone Who Loves Traveling Offers Budget-Friendly Flights


  • Expensive During Certain Occasions Occasional Website Slow Loading

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