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5 Best Places to Honeymoon in the Netherlands

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Planning a honeymoon in the Netherlands is an exceptional opportunity to explore a beautiful country with a modern feel and historic attractions. A honeymoon in the Netherlands could be a very romantic getaway with the charming countryside, the iconic windmills, and the canals of Amsterdam to explore.

The area certainly has much to offer history lovers and those who want to enjoy a culture noted for its laidback lifestyle. So, where should you go if you and your sweetheart are planning a Dutch getaway?

Why Choose the Netherlands for a Honeymoon?

Houses on Amstel River
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Dutch honeymoon destinations create a very different experience from other European countries. There’s quite a diverse landscape within each community.

Though you’ll find every modern amenity you desire, there are decently sized cities with canals, rather than roads, that take you from one home to the next. The history is easily spotted from castle to windmill, and while locals no longer wear clogs, you can certainly see what life was like using them.

Dutch people are calm-natured, welcoming, and often very positive. They have a smile to offer and will encourage you to try the authentic cuisine, activities, and attractions.

This northwestern European country is a marvelous exploration of the blend between history and modern cultures unlike any other. But what about a honeymoon here?

There are numerous romantic places in the Netherlands, no matter if you love the thought of Medieval princesses and princes or the natural rolling hills. Each community has something to offer.

Keep Costs in Line with Your Goals

One of the best reasons to visit the Netherlands is that you can see it all without spending much money. As one of the more affordable places in Europe to visit with competitive prices on everything from hotels to attractions, you can do a lot here.

Also, note that the I Amsterdam City Card is an excellent tool to help you get everything you want to do done for less. With it, you get access to 70 major museums and attractions without additional cost, a free canal cruise, 24-hour bike rental, and unlimited access to public transportation. These are all of the things most people want to do when they visit the Netherlands.

The Best Honeymoon Spots in the Netherlands

With many destinations to visit in this country, there is a wide range of places to choose for your honeymoon. It’s a great place to relax, explore, reflect on your new life, enjoy a few treats at the coffee shops, and be swept away in the Dutch culture. Here are a few recommendations to consider for exploring this country.

1. Amsterdam

Amsterdam View from NEMO Science Rooftop
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

When finding the best honeymoon packages in the Netherlands, there is no better destination than Amsterdam. A noted tourist destination for its canal-focused city life, many exceptional sights to see here are quite romantic.

Amsterdam is home to numerous must-see locations, including Dam Square, the Anne Frank House, the Red Light District, the Van Gogh Museum, and the Rijksmuseum.



  • It’s a popular, bustling city that could mean fewer personalized, intimate experiences.
  • Some areas are less desirable than others, and though the city overall is safe

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2. The Hague

The Hague, Netherlands - City Skyline View
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Best For: History Lovers

The Hague is the city center of the country, an international city with modern amenities, and also the home of the country’s government. It is where the Royal Family lives as well. From a perspective of couples activities in the Netherlands, The Hague has much to offer.

Plan to spend some time at the Mauritshuis, an art history museum featuring the iconic Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer, and Escher in Het Paleis, an art museum. It’s also home to Madurodam, a theme park.


  • The historic buildings and monuments here make this a stunning place for a honeymoon, especially with photos of the castle to take in.
  • A Guided Sightseeing Tour by Bicycle can make getting a feel for the area easy.
  • This is a very modern city, and all the amenities you need, from romantic hotels to modern WiFi, are available here.


  • There are fewer well-known attractions here than in other cities.
  • The city tends to be a bit more expensive than some others.

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3. Rotterdam

Maritime District Rotterdam
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Best For: Water Lovers

Rotterdam is a Dutch port city noted for its fabulous architecture and upscale amenities. It is a young, hip location that has an impressive view of the harbor. You will also find that it is a larger city, not much smaller than Amsterdam.

That means there’s lots to see and do here. Be sure to check out the Cube Houses, a museum, the Erasmusbrug bridge, and the Euromast for the view.


  • If you love art, want to see a world-class jazz festival, or love creative nightlife, this city is for you.
  • There’s ample shopping here and more than a few romantic places for meals with a view of the bridges.
  • The seaside offers cool summers along the North Sea and creates a pleasant, relaxing space.


  • There are fewer historic areas to visit here.
  • You may spend more for an elegant hotel here, especially near the beach.

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4. Maastricht

Vrijthof, Maastricht
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Best For: Those seeking enchantment

Maastricht is a community known for its universities, but it’s also a fabulous place for those who want to be enchanted by all that the Netherlands has to offer. This city, located in the country’s southern portion, has a stunning medieval-era architectural vibe that carries over in its culture.

It’s easy to find honeymoon hotels and packages that make you feel like royalty here. When planning this trip, for an exceptional amount of quality time together, be sure to explore the Basilican of Saint Servatius, a Christian church with stunning architectural detail, and the Bonnefanten Museum, an art museum.


  • Finding a local spot for a drink of wine and a fantastic meal is easy, especially with locations like Restaurant Tout a Fait for a fine dining experience.
  • The city’s 13th-century vibe makes this town feel very romantic.


  • The city is famous for its architecture, but there are fewer things to do here regarding tourist attraction options.
  • There are fewer Reviews for activities here, but small villages are nearby worth exploring during your stay.

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5. The Wadden Islands

Beach at Texel Dunes National Park
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Best For: Boat Lovers

The Wadden Islands is a romantic destination like no other. The islands are tranquil, making for a cozy, relaxing experience. There are numerous small villages nearby, and it’s easy to find yourself swept away in the sheer beauty of the waterfront and small-town living here.

This location is charming with the warm sun and fun on a bike tour, canal cruise, or exploring the fields of flowers.



  • There is not a lot to do at night here. You may want to plan for other activities, including in Amsterdam, for the evening.
  • You can find a hotel on the islands, but flights will need to come in from the surrounding areas of the Netherlands.

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Tips for Booking Your Netherlands Honeymoon

Colorful tulip fields near Keukenhof, with vivid red, yellow, and orange blooms arranged in striking patterns, against a rural Dutch landscape backdrop.
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

As you book your honeymoon to the Netherlands, do not overlook a few tips to make the experience more enjoyable.

Know where the best Netherlands romantic hotels are

Some of the best, most romantic hotels in the country include:

  • Linden Hotel in Amsterdam City Centre near Westerchurch and Anne Frank’s House. It’s an 18th-century historical building that’s modernized within the Jordaan District.
  • Hotel Sebastians, also in Amsterdam, is an elegant location perfect for those who want a boutique-style experience.
  • Mainport Design Hotel in Rotterdam is a luxury hotel in all rights. Expect to be treated like royalty here.

Always look for the honeymoon packages here

Many of the hotels and resorts here offer honeymoon packages. These are a great way to explore not just Amsterdam but also nearby cities and all the attractions and amenities you may be looking for throughout the area.

Each one is a bit different, but some of the best features include:

  • Flights or insight into lowering costs
  • Meals, including breakfast in your room
  • Tour packages and tickets for the entire area
  • Travelers discounts on various areas, including the coffee shops or local activities
  • Discounts to share with friends

Book the fun stuff before you head off on your honeymoon

Work with your partner before you leave for your trip to create an itinerary you love for your honeymoon. Booking before leaving is often recommended in the Netherlands, especially during popular tourist visiting times, usually in the spring and summer.

The good news is that even in a small village or large city like Amsterdam, you can book many of your experiences online with your partner or friends. Here are a few of the experiences you may not have thought about to consider booking now.

  • Take an Amsterdam Bike Tour. This is one of the best options for exploring the city’s history. If you don’t want to pedal, an e-bike tour is an option.
  • Make a trip to the Red Light District while you are in the area. It is a fun space with erotic theaters and more provocative things to do and see.
  • If your friends are with you, book a Stag Party Scavenger hunt to have some fun before the big day.

Explore the country, not just one city

The Netherlands is smaller, and it is easy to go from one area to the next. When you plan a trip here, book a hotel in Amsterdam or check out one of the available honeymoon packages.

Then, plan to see the entire region. You can do so by car, take a tour (bike, boat, or even walking tour) of the various areas, head out into the small village and town areas to enjoy the authentic food, and see it all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most romantic places to visit in the Netherlands during a honeymoon?

This honeymoon travel guide notes that the Netherlands offers incredible opportunities to explore history, nature, and fun activities. Some of the best locations to visit include Amsterdam’s canals and bridges, the Frisian Islands, where you can especially catch the sunrise, and the Keukenhof Gardens for a relaxing stroll through beauty.

What is the best time to honeymoon in the Netherlands?

For the most access to couples activities in the Netherlands, visit during the early summer months or later in the fall for a great time. However, you can create a successful Netherlands honeymoon itinerary any time of the year.

Most activities are open throughout the year, though winters can be more challenging. Many people come from the end of May through October to enjoy the seasons, though travelers are sure to find something special in each region at any time of the year.

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