7 Best Things to Do in Landshut, Germany

Things to Do in Landshut

There are many exciting things to do in Landshut. It is undeniably a remarkable destination to see in Bavaria, Germany. Landshut is a fascinating city that straddles Bavaria’s River Isar, ideally situated in a scenic area. The town is filled with charming landmarks and a spectacular tourist destination that makes Landshut a beautiful town to visit.

Want to know what Landshut has? Stay tuned. This list can guide you on which and where to go and what fun and memorable things to do while in town.

Visting Landshut is worth its destination and a haven for historical sites, picturesque destinations,s and more.

Things to do in Landshut, Germany

Trausnitz Castle

Trausnitz Castle

Address: Burg Trausnitz 168, 84036 Landshut, Germany

Germany is a land that has many spectacular castles, and in the town of Landshut, there is one to see. This castle is the Trausnitz Castle, a fascinating medieval castle. It is among the town’s popular attractions, one of the highlights in every Landshut travel itinerary.

The castle is situated in the Landshut of Bavaria in Germany and was founded by Duke Ludwig I in 1204. Trausnitz Castle has been the home and served as a dwelling for the Wittelsbach dynasty from 1255 to 1503.

There is an art and curiosity chamber in the castles, also known as the “Chamber of Art and Wonder,” a spot in the big fort that lures every art enthusiast. The chamber is located in the Damenstock of Trausnitz Castle, a Bavarian National Museum branch that collects and represents the tradition of the Wittelsbach dukes.

The Trausnitz Castle is now open to the public, and all visitors are guided through medieval hallways such as the impressive vaulted hall of the Alte Dürnitz. It also depicts the castle chapel with its vital sculptural furnishings and the rich dukes’ winged altars.

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Landshut Residence

Landshut Residence Building
Anne Czichos / Shutterstock.com

Address: Altstadt 79, 84028 Landshut, Germany

Looking for the most satisfying things to do in Landshut, Germany? Checking out the captivating Landshut Residence is among the best activities to do while in town.

It is a museum, residence, and palace to check out. Seeing and exploring a castle is a memorable experience, and this wonderful city palace offers such a wonderful experience.

Landshut Residence was built at the request of Duke Ludwig X as he was captivated by the Palazzo del The, which was by Giulio Romano during the Duke’s trip to Italy.

The construction of his Landshut project, the palace, began in 1536. Today, this wonderful palace in lower Bavaria is open to the public.

Among the best things to see in the Landshut Residence aside from the palace are its lavish event rooms, court kitchen that turned into an exhibit hall and reception, and the inner courtyard or patio.

Theater performances, market fairs, and concert venues were held in the palace patio, while the former Satbels of Marstall were used for various palace exhibitions, receptions, and presentations.

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Ländtor Landshut

Things to Do in Landshut

Address: Theaterstraße 61, 84028 Landshut, Germany

Visiting Lower Bavaria, especially Landshut, Germany, would be in vain if Ländtor Landshut is not on your itinerary. It is the town’s historical landmark, a significant attraction not to miss.

The Historical landmark is a huge medieval fort within the city, an iconic landmark that is easy to see and access. The medieval gate, one of eight fences in the city wall, was founded in the thirteenth century.

The gate fortress was situated towards the town in a block of flats on Ländgasse. But it was utterly destroyed in 1852 during the development of Theaterstrasse. Ländtor Landshut takes its title from “Lände,” a landing spot on the Isar for rafts from the Bavarian Oberland.

The fort of the majestic gate still stands in the town’s Theaterstraße streets. It is the only outer gate of the kennel of a large courtyard to see these days.

Ländtor Landshut is situated in a good spot near some establishments of restaurants, shops, and bars that visit this historical landmark, like hitting two birds with one stone.

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St. Martin’s Church, Landshut

St. Martin's Church, Landshut
St. Martin’s Church, Landshut | St. Martin’s Church | Landshut

Address: Kirchgasse 232, 84028 Landshut, Germany

There are many great things to do in Landshut, and one of them is to visit and explore St. Martin’s Church. The church is among the famous and marvelous tourist attractions in town.

It is also among the most important landmark and historical occasions with Trausnitz Castle and Landshuter Hochzeit festivity. Exploring the church is among the best adventures to take while checking out the beauty of lower Bavaria.

The monastery basilica of St. Martin, also known as St. Martin’s Church, still stands tall over the imposing ruins of an original Romanesque framework. A structure that was founded in 1204, when the Landshut was started. The church became a seat of a canon aside from being a magnificent and captivating parish church in 1595.

St. Martin’s Church has undergone various renovations since around 1700, of which the interior was redesigned in Baroque style, from its high altar, new altars, and sculptures.

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Landshut Park

Landshut Park Building
image by Landshut Park/Facebook

Address: 84028 Landshut, Germany

Want to shop and enjoy leisure while in Landshut, Germany? Landshut Park has got you covered! It is a shopping mall in town that provides a place to go shopping and a destination to enjoy fun and exciting indoor leisure.

This grand mall is also near some of the city’s top attractions, such as St. Martin’s Church, Landshuter Hochzeit, and Stadtresidenz Landshut.

Landshut Park is easy to reach and always available for its customers, thanks to excellent transport connections and an ideal location in the city.

This makes the mall a perfect spot to stop by before or after checking out the town’s other tourist attractions. It is a place to eat various delicacies, shop for souvenirs or clothes, stay to unwind, and be a haven within the city’s busy streets.

Landshut Park has about 31 specialty stores, 700 free parking spaces, a large summer terrace, and various spaces to relax and unwind. The mall aims to provide various facilities that make every one of their customers’ shopping experience outstanding and convenient.

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Sculpture Museum in Hofberg

Sculpture Museum in Hofberg
Rosa-Maria Rinkl, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Address: Am Prantlgarten 1, 84028 Landshut, Germany

Love arts in various forms and expressions? Why not check out the Sculpture Museum in Hofberg? It’s a beautiful sculpture museum in the town of Landshut, Germany.

In 1998, the museum opened indoors to the public, presenting an extensive retrospective collection of Prof. Fritz Koenig, a famous sculptor and donor.

The gallery is located on the outskirts of the old Gothic town, beneath a wooded area of the Hofburg. The concrete displays in the Sculpture Museum in Hofberg rooms give a fascinating distinction to the gallery’s medieval town wall. Which covers the museum’s above-ground area

When visiting the museum, some of the captivating artworks were the collection of sculptures and works of Fritz Koenig.

The collection of African art and other art-historical and folkloric groups was among the most important art collections in the museum. The life and work of the sculptors from different periods and cultures were also part of the exhibit so that every art enthusiast could know more and follow in the footsteps of Koenig.

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Establishment at Herzoggarten Park
Fischest, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Address: 84036, Serpentinenweg, 84036 Landshut, Germany

Herzoggarten is a stunning landscape garden in Landshut, Germany, and exploring this garden is among the best things to do in town.

The garden was planned by Friedrich Ludwig von Sckell, the last duke of the town residing in Landshut, Wilhelm von Birkenfeld-Gelnhausen, from 1780 to 1800. It was later built by Matthäus Sckell, Friedrich’s brother and the royal Bavarian court gardener.

This charming garden is ideal for those who see a serene and scenic spot within the hustle and town’s streets. The garden’s nature, a small pond, the trails, and the play area are some beautiful features to enjoy in the park. Wildlife, park recreation spaces, and the house of the former Duke Wilhelm were among the things to see while in the park.

Herzoggarten is engulfed with calmness, a tranquil ambiance, and nature’s beauty. The monument of Duke Wilhelm, the friendship temple, and the archway entrance are designed in the eastern wall area where some of the built-in classical style parts are.

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