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When is the Best Time to Visit Regensburg, Germany?

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Germany is one of those countries that you can find a reason to visit in any season.  And the beautiful, medieval city of Regensburg is an exemplary town to prove that point.

Regensburg cityscape
Sina Ettmer / Adobe Stock

You can easily spend one perfect day in Regensburg, making it a great day trip from places like Munich or Nuremberg. 

And pretty much no matter what season or time of year you decide to visit it in, you are sure to fall in love with its colorful buildings, hidden cobbled alleys, and alluring charm.

Best Time to Visit Regensburg, Germany

Dunabe River

So, when exactly is the best time to visit Regensburg? Well, that depends on what you want out of your travels.  Yes, that is a bit of a cop-out answer, but the reality is that each season offers a fresh take on varying aspects of what makes Regensburg such a gem. Let’s explain…


Snowy Cityscape of Regensburg, Germany

While most people don’t automatically think of traveling in the winter months, Germany has something many other places in the world don’t: Christmas Markets! 

While yes, you’ll want to bundle up, winter in Germany actually isn’t too terrible, provided you’ve got enough layers.  Averaging around 36°C in December, with a warm cup of Gluhwein, walking around in beautiful cities isn’t that bad of a travel deal!

This is why Regensburg is actually a fantastic place to visit in the winter, particularly late November through Christmas when the city’s markets are in full swing!

Regensburg’s fairytale cobblestone streets turn into a winter wonderland over the Christmas holidays. With 6 separate Markets spread throughout the city, it is one of the best towns in Bavaria for Christmas Markets.

Alternatively, if you travel to Regensburg outside of the holiday season, the city is going to have far fewer tourists than in other seasons. Normally, this is a great thing, but Regensburg does have this wonderful vibe to it when it is hustling and bustling. 

Regensburg at Night in Winter

It is by no stretch of the imagination a ghost town in other winter months, and it is not like the shops all shutter up their windows like in some other towns. Therefore, you can still sightsee all of the main sights in the winter, but you will miss out on some of its great “Gemutlichkeit” that Regensburg has at more lively times of the year.

If you do decide to see Regensburg in the winter, from about January through March, it can be cold and snowy.  Recent years have proven to be wetter than anything else, but then that means cold, rainy days while exploring.

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Scenic spring view of old buildings at Danube river pier and street architecture in the Old Town of Regensburg
Oleksiy Mark / Shutterstock

Most of Germany blooms in the Springtime, making everything gorgeous and beautiful with fresh, new colors! However, spring is one season I’d be wary of traveling to Regensburg in.

Like most of Bavaria, Regensburg weather can be finicky.  You never know if it is going to rain and it’s been known to snow as late as April. If you choose to come to Regensburg in the spring, make it later in the season, like May. 

Summer in Regensburg, Germany
Kirk Fisher / Adobe Stock

Beer gardens will be slowly opening up by then and you’ll have more chances (hopefully!) for sunny days rather than rain!

Another reason why spring can be a difficult time to travel to Regensburg (other than the weather) is that the nearby blooming fields in the countryside can be horrendous for even those that normally aren’t affected by allergies. 

Just one whiff of the canola fields’ pollen and many people find themselves sneezing and miserable.

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Tourists during summer in Regensburg
Andy Ilmberger / Adobe Stock

Like most places, Regensburg is a hot spot for tourists in the summer months.  With a river cruise dock on the Donau River in town, the Altstadt can be swarmed with tourists in the height of summer months from June through August, but that is because it is one of the most ideal times to visit.

After all, July is one of the best months for Regensburg weather! The temperatures usually range around 26°C – 32°C, making for really pleasant site seeing.  It’s not too hot and you (typically) don’t have to constantly be looking up to the clouds worrying about the ever-looming rainy skies.  

This is the optimal time of year for finding beautiful beer gardens to kick back at and enjoy local life.  There are beer gardens all throughout town, many providing a fantastic ambiance, such as the Brauhaus Schloss, which is a part of the Thurn and Taxis Schloss, or the Weltenburger Dom, which serves some of the best beer in Bavaria!

Summer in Regensburg, Germany
Kirk Fisher / Adobe Stock

July and August are also prime times to just sit down at one of the small Platz throughout the old town and simply people-watch while licking an “Eis” (there’s an ice cream stand on just about every corner!)

Or, you can do as the locals do and even head down to the Danube for a dip in the river! However, August is the “Holiday Month” for most Germans.  School is out and therefore, families and people take this time to do most of their own travels.  This is also when river cruises are often at the height of tourism. 

That means that while the weather can be fantastic and plenty going on, it is also going to be the busiest, most touristy time of the year in Regensburg.

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Regensburg Cityscape in Autumn

Autumn in Germany is gorgeous, and Regensburg is no exception. Arguably, this is the best time to go to Regensburg for several reasons.  There are still plenty of tourists in September and October, but not as many as in the summer months. 

The changing colors of the trees perfectly complement the pastel buildings of the Altstadt. Beer gardens and other outdoor events haven’t completely closed up for the season yet.

The only problem is that it can be a crapshoot on the weather.  Some years, it is stunningly perfect all the way through to November, with temperatures around 23°C and clear, sunny skies. Wandering the alleys is a pure joy in this picture-perfect weather!

But, this IS Bavaria! So, bring a rain jacket and umbrella, because it could also be rainy and dreary! Unfortunately, you just never know what this year will bring.

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So, when is the best time to go to Regensburg?

Picturesque River in Regensburg

As you can see, there are reasons to visit this city in the heart of Bavaria in just about any season.  If you want to score your best chance of good weather, July is a great time to visit. 

If you want a few fewer tourists and don’t mind gambling on rain, September can be fantastic.  And finally, if you’ve always wanted a fairytale Christmas, December is perfect for a Christmas market tour!

But, the good news is that no matter the weather, Regensburg is beautiful rain or shine!

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Places to Visit in Regensburg

A Boat in on the Danube River

No matter the season or the weather, most of Regensburg’s sites are best seen by just wandering around the walkable Innestadt (Old Town). This is the perfect city to “just get lost in” since it’s hard to actually get lost. Some of the best main sites to explore are:

  • Old Stone Bridge: A gorgeous bridge expanding over the Donau, giving stunning views back over the old town
  • Wurstl Kuche: The oldest “fast food restaurant in the world”
  • St. Petersburg Dom: A fantastic Gothic architecture cathedral in the heart of an old town
  • Thurn and Taxis Schloss: Still a working palace with royalty to this day
  • St. Emmeram’s Abbey: A part of the Thurn and Taxis Palace and is a beautiful Baroque architectural masterpiece
  • Porta Praetoria: An ancient Roman gate dating back to 179 AD!
  • Museum of Bavarian history: Go through 100,000 years of history to better understand this unique piece of Europe
  • Neupfarrplatz: A nice little square with plenty of cafes, a little market on the weekends, and a church
  • Find a Corner Cafe: The entire Innenstadt is dotted with outdoor cafes.  Find one that you can grab a cocktail or light meal at and just hang out
  • Take a side trip to Walhalla: A German “Hall of Fame” that is akin to a Pantheon-style building, commanding expansive views out over the Donau


LeAnna Brown is a former teacher, current travel addict, and forever Mama.  When not traveling the world with her family, she is living her best expat life in Germany.

If you can’t find her at a local Christmas Market or Biergarten, then try looking for her at a German Spa/Sauna taking a “Mom’s Day.”

You can get fabulous German itineraries, German travel tips, and anything else Germany travel related at her Blog,, get Insta-inspired @Wander.In.Germany or never miss an insider tip on Pinterest

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