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30 Best Things to Do in St. George, Utah

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St. George, Utah, is a well-known picturesque town in Southwest Utah, the Beehive State. Considered a springboard to exploring the vast, rugged desert surroundings, there is no shortage of fun and the best things to do in St. George.

Known as a destination for hikers and mountain bike riders, there is no shortage of fun things to do in St. George. From the breathtaking vistas of towering red-rock cliffs to the canyons eroded from the red and white Navajo desert sandstone.

Visitors will be hard-pressed to choose between Zion National Park or to visit the water-wise Red Hills Desert Gardens. Kids will love the dinosaurs at the exploration site on Johnson Farm.

The cultural tourist attractions complement the outdoor activities in St. George. The historic downtown area has many top tourist attractions, including craft breweries.

In contrast, the restored historic homes of the 19th-century pioneer period allow one a peek into deeply-rooted Mormon history. The art scene is vibrant, with numerous galleries and exhibitions, including the Kayenta Art Town, an art-lovers haven. 

Topography of St. George, Utah 

Aerial View of St. George, Utah
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

St. George, Utah, has what is known as an Inverted Topography. The basalt volcanic rock is at the top of the towering sandstone cliffs.

An ancient sandstone riverbed was filled with volcanic lava from a nearby ancient eruption. Once cooled, this became a bedrock of basalt. The sandstone river banks eroded over millions of years, resulting in sandstone cliffs with basalt rock peaks. Millions of years have carved the landscape into a maze of canyons and mesas.

The region’s red color comes from a chemical reaction between the exposed iron and air or oxygenated water—oxidation results in spectacularly varied red-colored landscape vistas.

Map of St. George, Utah

St. George, Utah Map


  • Most significant landmark – Historic Downtown of St. George, Utah
  • Park to visit – Zion Nation Park
  • Free activity – Pioneer Park
  • Activity for kids – St. George Children’s Museum
  • Activity for adults – Paragon Adventures
  • Place to eat – Ash Wood Rye
  • Nightlife – Kayenta Art Village
  • Place to stayThe Advenire, Autograph Collection Hotel

Things to Do in St. George, Utah

The charming city of St. George is where you can enjoy the best parts of nature and history at once, with its borders flanked by Snow Canyon State Park and Zion National Park’s beauty.

These two national parks are must-sees for anyone who wants to get a real taste of what the wilds of southwestern Utah have to offer! Visiting this city in southern Utah is an enchanting and exciting experience.

You’ll find plenty of things to do in this region, including scenic tours that can be tailored to your needs or even a hot air balloon ride!

1. St. George Historic Downtown

St. George Historic Downtown

Midtown Street in St. George personifies the city’s lifeblood of deeply-rooted history, the arts, craft breweries, and food. A walk through the historic downtown will take you to many historic and restored buildings depicting the pioneer life and history of a bygone era. There are many self-guided tour options available, as well as guided tours.

Visit the local farmers market, open from May to October, for local produce or one of the many restaurants featuring local produce that celebrate the area’s history and culture.

Children will love Park Square with its fountains, splash pad, and open grassy areas to run and play while mom and dad take time out from touring in the shaded Pavilion. There are just so many places to visit in St. George, Utah. Stay awhile; you’re welcome.

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2. Zion National Park

Zion National Park entrance station with red rock formations and blue sky
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Address: 1 Zion Park Blvd, Springdale, Utah, United States

The sheer red cliffs of Zion Canyon personify this lovely national forest. At about 230 square miles in size. It is a spectacular destination to explore and one of St. George, Utah’s best places.

Seeing every one of Zion’s cliffs in one journey is nearly difficult, but a glance at the vivid sandstone high cliffs, resplendent in tones of red, pink, orange, and also creamy white, can suffice to evoke sensations of awe.

The best way to tackle Zion is on the 13-mile Angel’s Landing Trail, which has a 3,000-foot elevation drop through the stunning Narrows; it is an experience of true exhilaration and grandeur.

For a different type of experience, you should check out the Stairs Canyon Trail. The trail has been revered as the state’s most iconic hike and is a must-see at Zion National Park.

Zion National Park offers a variety of backpacking treks, ranging in difficulty from short walks to multi-day tours. Visitors can also camp on trails within the park, though some campsite reservations are required. If you are ready to visit Zion, check out these best Zion National Park hotels.

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3. Check out St. George Craft Breweries

Tow Woman Holding a Glass of Beer

There are several microbreweries in St. George, which are popular for their locally made brews and unique characteristics.

St. George Brewery is the largest craft brewery in Utah and a favorite with locals and visitors. Through its on-site distillery, its range has grown to include barrel-aged bourbon, a classic sugar rum infused with the flavor of the Caribbean, as well as vodka and brandy made from grapes, adding a hint of sweetness.

Craft beers are brewed onsite with true grit, and patrons can enjoy various beers, including an outstanding Agua del Diablo. Don’t be fooled by the name. This beer has a sweetness that shines through the hops.

Not to be outdone, the brewery crafts a range of seasonal ales: a kettle sour Guavalu Wheat Ale brewed with a guava puree—a wide assortment of craft beers and ales that can be enjoyed on-site or taken home.

St. George Brewery offers a full restaurant and live music on Friday nights to satisfy your hunger. You can also check out St. George’s other microbreweries, such as St. George Brewing Company and St. George Tempe Brewpub.

Here, you’ll find a variety of brews to sample that are unique from one another – St. George is a region where beer lovers will feel right at home! It’s a great spot in the greater Zion National Park area. Check out these best day trips from Zion National Park.

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4. St. George Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden Pathway

Address: 375 Red Hills Pkwy, St. George, UT 84770, USA

Pioneer Park is a hiker’s paradise in St. George’s central business district. Weave your way through red-cliff walls into flat areas with a surprising number of slot canyons; this 52-acre site is predominately red rock cliffs, eroded throughout the ages into prehistoric and ghoulish shapes; your kids will love these!

Pioneer Park is a rock climber’s paradise, with spectacular views of downtown St. George, White Dome, Zion National Park, and Arizona. The hikes are surprisingly easy, and there are protected picnic sites for those who want to enjoy the beauty and solitude.

Take the kids back in time as they explore the historic pioneer cabins and cool Boy Scout caves. Try to walk through the Crack, a narrow 40-yard-long crack between two rocks.

If you are small enough, you can edge through. Then there is the well-known landmark, the white-painted Dixie sign on the Red Rocks. Geared for fun and family, with a large trellis pavilion with a fire ring and barbeques, this is one of the top things to do with kids.

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5. Western Skies Air Travel Warbird Museum

Address: 4196 S Airport Pkwy, St. George, UT 84790, USA

Close your eyes and hear the throttle and roar of these old-time war birds. The Western Skies Warbird Museum is dedicated to restoring and preserving these old flying machines.

Walk amongst the MIGS; a restored Russian MIG 15 UTI from 1949 could outperform the Allied Sabra. The Chinese MiG-15bis was known for dogfights with the Western Allies during the Korean War. The British Jet Provost is resplendent in its red, blue, and silver colors, an anti-warfare training plane, and aerobatics.

The long-range American fighter bomber Mustang P-15 is a regular visitor to the Museum. It was an elite aircraft used during World War II and as a high-performance racer post-war. Call ahead to the Warbird Museum for a schedule of events. Add a visit to your list as one of the top things to do in St. George, Utah.

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6. Daughters of Utah Pioneer Museum

Portrait of Brigham Young

Address: 145 N 100 E, St. George, UT 84770, United States

The McQuarrie Memorial Museum is better known as the Daughters of Utah Pioneer Museum and documents early settlers in Utah; today, the museum is located in St. George, Utah.

The Daughters of Utah Pioneer Organization was started in 1901 by Anne Taylor Hyde. On April 11, 1901, she invited a group of women into her home and founded the Daughters of Utah Pioneer Organization.

Their goal was to honor and remember the names of those in history who had traveled over 2000 miles west across the plains to establish the Salt Lake Valley and surrounding areas and find religious freedom.

Today, the Museum actively works to preserve the artifacts and history of its pioneering ancestors. It allows visitors to step back in time and view life through the eyes of the early pioneers.

The world’s most extensive collection of artifacts includes pioneer portraits and works of art by noted Utah artists, clothing, memorabilia, farming, and blacksmith equipment.

The Museum opened in 1992 and is housed in the former Juab County Courthouse. This fascinating museum tells the tales of individuals who bravely left whatever they understood at home to start a life in an unknown and barely inhabited area.

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7. Jacob Hamblin House

Jacob Hamblin House

Address: 3325 Hamblin Dr, Santa Clara, UT 84765, United States

Jacob Hamblin was a Mormon missionary and pioneer for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who helped found the city of Santa Clara during the mid-19th century.

He allowed his home to be a refuge for Native Americans, most notably those in San Juan County, where he lived on what is now known as Main Street (also sometimes called Jacob Hamblin Boulevard).

Two dozen young men, including Hamblin, heeded Brigham Young’s call in 1854 to join him in serving in the Southern Utah Indian Mission.

Today, tours by Mormon missionaries allow visitors a fascinating snapshot into Hamblin’s missionary life while serving and living among the American Indian community. Located in St. George, Utah, this home gives a fascinating glimpse into the life of frontier families in 19th-century America.

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8. Encourage Child-Play St. George Children’s Museum

Children's Museum, St. George, Utah
Kit Leong / Shutterstock

Address: 86 S Main St, St. George, UT 84770, United States

Unlike other galleries, where the displays are protected from little hands behind glass, the St. George Children’s Museum encourages children to engage with the collections. Children are invited to play, imagine, and create.

The museum has two levels with dedicated themes: Kids at Work, The Farm, and more on the upper level. The lower level houses the prehistoric exhibition, art areas, music, and a science discovery lab.

On Tuesday evenings, children with sensory disorders can experience a limited sensory tour. This is one of the top things to do with kids; it’s a whole museum filled with fun for kids.

9. Sand Hollow State Park

Tourist in Sand Hollow State Park

Address: 3351 Sand Hollow Rd, Hurricane, UT 84737, United States

Sand Hollow State Park near Hurricane, Utah, is one of the newest state parks in the area. It offers a variety of trails as well as diverse landscapes that are popular with cyclists, ATV tours, and off-road vehicle enthusiasts.

This is a favorite destination of mountain bikers as well as off-highway vehicle enthusiasts, chosen for 15,000 acres of sculpted dunes. The warm water Sand Hollow Reservoir provides a spectacular setting for boating, fishing, swimming, kayaking, or paddle boarding. It is undoubtedly one of St. George, Utah’s best places.

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10. Be Inspired at the St. George Art Festival

St. George Overlook

Established in 1980 to showcase the local artists, the St. George Art Festival is an annual event held over the Easter Weekend. The festival celebrates all fields of art with theatre, dance, live music, and art shows featuring artists from all over America. Thousands of original artworks, from watercolors to oils to sculptures and beautiful ceramic art, are displayed.

A snapshot of the historic town square park shows the vast setup of tents and booths with cascading water features, splash pads, and the St. George Carousel.

Set over Easter, this is one of the year’s busiest travel weekends. With so many accommodation options available, this is one of the top things to do in St. George, Utah. Stay awhile!

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11. Little Black Mountain Petroglyph

Little Black Mountain Petroglyph Site

Address: Littlefield, AZ 86432, United States

The Little Black Mountain is a petroglyph treasure trove located near the border between Utah and Arizona and nestled against the base of a basalt peak.

The site was home to different American Indian groups who left a rich history of over 500 petroglyphs over 8000 years. The site was used for religious and ceremonial purposes, where the interplay of light and shadow reflecting off the boulders reveals seasonal changes.

Follow the trailhead on both sides of this fascinating site; this is an easy and enjoyable hike located north of St. George.

To the south is the vastly undeveloped Arizona Strip. Visitors are reminded to stay on the trails and not to touch or deface the rock art. It is not uncommon to find broken pottery shards, a piece of history to be left on site. The only drawback is that reaching the site requires a high ground four x four clearance.

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12. St George Mountain Biking

St. George Mountain Biking

St. George offers excellent slick red-rock mountain bike trails, but the southwestern region is fast claiming the mountain biking crown. The area provides a diverse range of riding for beginners and veteran bikers to explore.

Red Bull has set the bar for extreme riding with the iconic Red Bull Rampage, an invitation-only freeride bike competition in the unforgiving Utah desert landscape.

For the riders wanting a little adventure, the Snow Canyon Paved Loop or Bearclaw Poppy is an easy-ride trail with a short climb, a few roller-coaster sections, and a flat run through a desert wash. This fun ride is suitable for all levels of fitness and skill.

Mountain bike trails offer little shade, so staying hydrated in these extreme conditions is essential. Bring a first aid kit; plenty of water and long-sleeved biking gear makes a huge difference. Helmets are essential to safely enjoy one of St. George, Utah’s best things to do.

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13. Hike the Candyland Swirls of the Yant Flats

Candy Cliffs, one of the best things to do in St. George, Utah
IrinaK / Shutterstock

Address: Yant Flat (Candy Cliffs) – Leeds, UT

The Yant Flats is spectacular, though a lesser-known hike. This hike is well worth the effort with the stunning candy-striped swirling color-patterned effect of the towering red rocks.

Located in the Cottonwood Canyon Wilderness, Red Cliffs Desert Reserve, dogs are welcome, though they must be leashed.

Locally known as the Candy Cliffs, this is one of the little gems of the hiking trails. It is mildly technical, though this one may not suit you if you dislike heights.

There are plenty of cliffs to explore, with a steep descent at times, though the loop is roughly eight miles long. The trail takes you through the lower forest of Pine Valley Mountain before it opens up to reveal the spectacular swirly candy-colored cliffs. No camping is allowed, and accommodation is available at Zion National Park.

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14. Kick it up a Gear with Paragon Adventures

Person Rappelling In A Red Rock Canyon

Address: 955 N 1300 W #4, St. George, UT 84770, United States

Paragon Adventures is undoubtedly one of St. George, Utah’s best things to do. Founded in 1994 by a navy survival instructor with the vision to allow guests to develop skills they never dreamt of through stamina and sheer will.

The activities include family canyoneering, where their patient and skilled staff will equip visitors to hike, rappel, wad, and scramble through narrow sandstone canyons.

For those looking for more adventure, book the Wild Cave Adventure, which is not for the faint-hearted. After rappelling into the inky darkness of a cave, you get to hike underground.

Adventures include canyoneering, deserting, rock climbing, rappelling with zipline, and photographic tours. No matter the adventure booked, guests will hone their skills by scrambling, wading, swimming, climbing, and hiking through the desert terrain.

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15. Brigham Young Winter Residence

Address: 67 West 200 North St. George, Utah 84770

Brigham Young has quite a history as the co-founder of The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints with Joseph Smith. After Smith was arrested and murdered over the issue of plural marriage, Young led the Latter-day Saints West to establish a new, safer community in 1846.

Once the Saints and Young arrived at Salt Lake City, he assigned them to establish communities and infrastructure. Young later moved to St. George, Utah, as the warmer, dryer desert climate was more suited to his old-age arthritis.

When Young died in 1871, he willed the land and house to Judd Gates. The house remained neglected until it was eventually restored as a museum in 1959.

Today, the home sits in a wonderfully restored pioneer neighborhood, with daily tours allowing visitors a peek into the fascinating life of Brigham Young and his influence on the Mormon faith. Undoubtedly, there is yet another of the best places to visit in St George, Utah, with fantastic family rentals available.

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16. St. George Golfing

Golf Club Beside Ball

Jaw-dropping views of the surrounding rocky red desert landscape provide a backdrop to the game loved by many. The golf course boom was triggered in the 1990s by a little-known golf architect, Gene Bates. There are now 11 courses in St. George, Utah, where professional championships, such as The St. George Championship and the Utah Open for professional golfers, are hosted.

St. George Municipal Golf Club offers the most walkable golf course, juxtaposed against golf courses that have propelled the game to national golf status.

A stunning golf course is the Ledgers Golf Course, set at the foothills of Snow Canyon State Park, with a vista of ancient black laveed fissures against the red rocks and towering white sandstone cliffs. One is forgiven for concentrating more on the captivating rugged desert beauty than the game of golf.

The list is endless, providing locals and visitors with one of the top things to do in St George, Utah.

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17. Quail Creek State Park

Quail Creek State Park

Address: 472 5300 W, Hurricane, UT 84737, United States

Quail Creek State Park is a 600-acre lake great for swimming, windsurfing, or fishing. Surrounded by towering red rocks, the area has three great hiking trails ranging from family-easy to more strenuous.

The lake is cold enough to stock rainbow trout, crappie, and bullhead catfish, perfect for fishermen to cast a lure or two; fishing licenses are available from the Ranger Station. The area abounds with deer, ring-tailed cats, rabbits, beavers, and other wildlife.

Spend a day on a paddleboard or boat on the lake, which is available for rent to both day visitors and campers. Book a camping site and allow yourself time to soak in the surroundings.

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18. Red Hills Desert Garden

Address: 375 E. Red Hills Parkway, St. George, UT 84770

The Red Hills Desert Garden is not just about plants; dinosaurs once visited over 200 million years ago. Follow their tracks on the boulders located within the garden.

A stream meanders through the gardens and is home to native and endangered fish in the Virgin River. Visit the viewing area in a replica desert slot and see if you can spot a Desert Sucker or the rather strangely named Flannelmouth Sucker. Your kids will love these fun things to do in St George, Utah.

Let’s not forget that this is a water-efficient desert garden, home to over 5000 water-efficient desert plants. The garden is also necessary for those who want to learn how to incorporate using the local scope concept to increase water conservation in their backyard. Located on top of Dixie’s red rocks, near Pioneer Park, the garden showcases the water-efficient beauty of desert plants.

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19. Rosenbruch Wildlife Museums

Rosenbruch Wildlife Museums
Image from TripAdvisor

Address: 175 East 200 North, St. George, Ut.

Taking a family vacation can be tiring with all the sightseeing and fun things to do in St. George, Utah. The Town Square Park is located in the historic downtown district of St. George, Utah, with shaded pavilions strategically placed to recharge and keep an on your kids.

The grassy grounds provide an excellent area for children to run and play with a splash pad to cool down.

This is a great place to spend an afternoon with the dramatic water features, a lazy river, and the spectacular Carousel. The Town Square hosts an annual art festival and summer movies on the square, set amongst St George’s restored historic buildings.

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Sears Art Gallery
Image from Sears Art Museum Facebook Page

Address:155 South University Ave. St. George, UT, 84770

The Sears Art Museum Gallery is located in the Delores Doré Eccles Fine Arts Center on the Dixie State University campus, St. George. Utah. The gallery features six exhibits annually showcasing a variety of artistic genres.

Each February on President’s weekend, the gallery hosts the Sears Dixie Invitational Art Show and Sale, featuring over one hundred artists with two hundred plus works of art. A visit to this art gallery is both educational and inspiring.

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21. Snow Canyon State Park

Snow Canyon State Park

Address: 1002 Snow Canyon Dr, Ivins, UT 84738, United States

Snow Canyon State Park is yet another example of the exceptional natural beauty in Utah. It is located near St. George, Utah, in the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve, close enough for family day trips.

With a canyon carved out of red and white Navajo sandstone, this park has many activities, including 16 miles of hiking and horseback riding, with exceptional mountain bike trails. Open year-round, the stunning backdrop of the towering sandstone cliffs and wildlife is a photographer’s mecca.

Snow Canyon State Park is undoubtedly one of St. George, Utah’s best places for families. Enjoy the mild climate and camping with the park conveniently located near Sand Hollow, Quail Creek, and Zion National Park.

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22. St. George Temple

St. George Temple

Address: 250 E 400 S, St. George, UT 84770, United States

The Southwestern desert of Utah has a long history with The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints. The St. George Temple was their third Temple and the first in Utah, where they settled after their banishment from their church in Illinois following the death of Joseph Young.

Commissioned by Brigham Young in 1871, the Temple was dedicated in 1877. The Temple is still used today and stands as a symbol of the Mormon faith.

Currently closed for renovations until and expected to reopen in 2022 or 2023, located 30 minutes Northeast of St. George, Utah, the Temple forms part of the Pioneering history of St. George, Utah.

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St. George City Art Gallery
Image from St George Art Museum Facebook Page

Address: 47 N 200 E, St. George, UT 84770, USA

Formally used as a sugar beet seed storage facility, the building is now home to the St. George Art Museum. Collections include artifacts and art from the West and Utah from various cultures and periods. Visitors are invited to engage with the art through the exceptional quality and variety of the collections.

Artists can participate in shows such as the Day of the Dead juried art exhibition and an art critique night. Hosting art-related family activities from take-home art kits for all ages and spooky art classes, this is one of many fun things to do with kids in St. George, Utah.

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24. St. George Children’s Museum

Address: 851 Coyote Gulch Ct, Shivwits, UT 84738, United States

An art-love enclave, Kayenta Art Village is nestled against a backdrop of red desert mountains and provides inspiration and joy for artists and visitors alike.

Galleries and artists abound. Beautiful sculptures and glasswork from local artists are showcased at the Juniper Sky Fine Art Gallery and the Datura Gallery, which features jewelry. Book a family art session or even private lessons with a local artist.

Walk through the Desert Rose Labyrinth and Sculpture Garden, a desert gem that feeds the soul with walking meditation in the isolated Utah desert. The outdoor Cabaret Theatre has a stage for music, theatre, and lectures.

With a three-day art festival in the fall attracting thousands of art enthusiasts, this is one of the top things for families in St. George, Utah.

25. St. George Dinosaur Exploration Site at Johnson Farm

St. George Dinosaur Exploration Site at Johnson Farm
Image from TripAdvisor

Address: 2180 E Riverside Dr, St. George, UT 84790, United

People love dinosaurs, with Jurassic Park being one of the top dinosaur films. The St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm is family-friendly and one of St. George, Utah’s best places to visit.

The farm houses a 200 million-year-old ecosystem home to plants and the monsters that walked the earth. Visit the Fossil Prep lab, where paleontologists work on actual fossils, including the awe-inspiring T-Rex, who ruled the earth millions of years ago.

A new activity area in the lobby exists for kids with scavenger hunts and all fossil-related fun activities. Visit the five life-sized dinosaur replicas and then stop at the Dino Park for a picnic, where kids will find climb-on dinosaurs and a sandbox to mine for fossils.

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26. Judd’s Candy Store

Judd's Candy Store
Image from Judd’s General Store Facebook Page

Address: 62 W Tabernacle St, St. George, UT 84770, United States

The treats at Judd’s Candy Store take visitors back to their childhoods. From retro soda pops, ceiling-high shelves of candies, and comforting soups like grandma made.

The store offers over 60 pop flavors, with a few named to show off your adventurous side; opt for flavors like Bug Barf and Love Potion. Judd’s Candy Store is a relatively small, old-fashioned confectionery with a false front dating back over a hundred years.

Judd’s also offers light lunch options of sandwiches, nachos, and soups. This cute little store is the place to stop if you are looking for a treat from yesteryear. It’s a fun thing to do in St George because everyone loves candy!

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27 St. George Historic Iron Mission

Man Standing On A Rock Formation In St. George

Address: 635 North Main Street, Cedar City, UT 84720

The St. George Iron Mission is a non-profit organization in the Iron Mission State Park that depicts the history of iron production in 1850. It involved the fascinating life and pioneer history of the Mormons in 1847. Brigham Young dreamed of establishing an independent, self-sufficient Mormon state, which required iron.

The historic Iron Mission takes the visitor on a journey through the history of Iron County, Utah. The informative hike takes you through the original 1852 iron foundry ruins, blacksmith tools, and other artifacts. This is a family-friendly, easy hike for children of all ages and is a thing to do in St. George, especially for a peak into the pioneer history of Dixie.

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28. St. George Hiking

Hiker In St. George

St. George allows hikers to traverse the rugged red rock, towering sandstone landscape into canyons and Roadrunner/Wily Coyote deserts during their stay.

St. George has some of the best hiking and mountain biking trails, ranging from easy day hikes to more technical overnight hikes. The Dixie National Forest hike has hundreds of miles of varied elevation trails through lush meadows, juniper forests, and high mountain lakes.

Candy Cliffs in Utah is well worth the effort with the spectacular candy-striped effect of the towering red rock landscape as you hike through the Cottonwood Canyon Wilderness and Red Cliffs Desert Reserve. In addition to these trails, check out the hiking trail at Pioneer Park and Red Cliffs Recreation Area.

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29. Temple Quarry Trail

Temple Quarry Trail
Image from TripAdvisor

An easy paved hike for travelers to St. George, Utah, the Temple Quarry Trail is a journey back into the life of the 1800 settler. With interpretative signs along the way and wheelchair-friendly, this is one of the fun things to do in St. George, Utah.

The walk is near the Little Cottonwood Canyon entrance, where the early Mormon settlers quarried granite for their temple. It is an easy and relatively short hike of about one mile long, though you should allow ample time to explore the history along the route.

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30. The Clark Planetarium at Dixie State University

Solar System Model in a Planetarium

Address: 25 West St George Boulevard, St. George, UT 84770, United States

Knowing where to find the best food in St. George is essential for travelers and locals alike. Ash Wood Rye is one such eatery that hits the spot. Inspired by Utah’s pioneer dining roots, the menu showcases the best local history of St. George, Utah.

With locally sourced produce from farmers and artisans and responsibly sourced seafood, the hearty meals will have you returning. The buttery, flakey fish and chips are a treat, and breakfasts are sublime.

This is where the food magic happens. Even their laminated biscuits are famous. The restaurant also has a unique cocktail lounge that utilizes local ingredients to reflect the taste and flavors of Utah.

A bonus is the Ash Wood Rye is conveniently located in The Advenire, Autograph Collection Hotel, in historic downtown, making this a great place to visit in St. George, Utah.

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Is St. George, Utah, worth visiting?

St. George, Utah, is known for the red-rock towering sandstone cliffs in the dry, rugged Navajo desert terrain and its deeply rooted pioneer history of the 19th century. National parks offer many outdoor activities, from family-friendly hikes to jaw-dropping underground cave hikes with Paragon Adventures.

What is St. George, Utah, known for?

Besides the stunning and varied outdoor activities and landscape, St George, Utah, can add golf to this list. With 11 world-class golf courses backdropped against some of the most spectacular vistas, playing host to local and national visitors, golf has its place on the St. George, Utah map. Added to this is the long history of the Mormon community in St. George, with many historic restored homes and sites depicting their 19th-century pioneer life.

Is St. George, Utah, a Mormon city?

The city has a high percentage of Mormons, or members of The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints, at 65% compared to 35% in Salt Lake City. This is a testament to the enduring Mormon faith and their long pioneer history in St George, Utah, and surrounding areas.

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