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30 Best & Fun Things to Do in St. George, Utah

30 Best & Fun Things to Do in St. George, Utah

St. George, Utah is a well-known picturesque town in Utah with plenty of outdoor activities. These are the best things to do in St. George, Utah.

St. George is a southwestern city of Utah. This lovely, red-hued city is a great tourist attraction. Nearby Snow Canyon State Park offers trails and red sandstone cliffs.

Besides this, Sand Hollow State Park also has a large reservoir.

Positioned near the Arizona border, St. George has a favorable climate. The latitude and elevation contribute to relatively warm winters.

St. George is the starting point for nearby trips and a fantastic spot for biking trails. In addition, the roads that cut through these red mountains provide an easy route to the nearby National Parks.

Topography of St. George, Utah 

St. George has unusual topography as most ridges have black or grey rock deposits and dense red rock.

It is because the stones are primarily influenced by iron oxide. It means that the rocks undergo a chemical reaction in which exposure to air makes the iron change its color.

Developers of the city have cut roads through these cliffs and paved the route to the city’s outskirts. The aerial view provides us with glances of red sedimentary rock carved into mesas and narrow canyons.

Map of St. George, Utah

St. George, Utah Map

The Scenic Beauty of St. George 

St. George is not just a patch of red mountainous terrain. It also offers soothing greenery.

Some wildflowers such as bottlebrushes or desert trumpets mark the grassy patches found in the outskirts of the red cliffed area.

Other interesting tourist attractions are Capitol Reef National Park and Grand Canyon National Park. These parks serve as an excellent spot for family picnics and children’s activities. 

The aerial view also shows us the developed city of St. George. It provides us with glimpses of the picturesque towns and perfectly aligned roads and the beauty of the red rocks surrounding this fairly placid town.

If you ever plan to visit St. George, never miss out on the opportunity to watch the sunset behind the natural beauty of the red rocks.

Best Things to do in St. George

The charming city of St. George is a place where you can enjoy the best parts of both nature and history at once, with its borders flanked by Snow Canyon State Park as well as Zion National Park’s beauty.

These two national parks are must-sees for anyone who wants to get a real taste of what the wilds of southwestern Utah have to offer!

Visiting this city in southern Utah is an enchanting and exciting experience.

You’ll find plenty of things to do in this region, including scenic tours that can be tailored for your needs or even a hot air balloon ride!

1. St. George Historic Downtown

Midtown Street, in St. George, personifies the city as one packed with history and also culture. Here, there are art galleries, museums, historic residences and structures, and plenty of purchasing as well as food.

From May until October, site visitors can peruse the Midtown Farmer’s Market for some local fare, while the rest of the town’s calendar is filled with holiday celebrations all year.

The best way to experience Midtown St. George is on foot, exploring shops, neighborhood art studios, and museums. No matter what you’re looking for in the area, a walk around this cutesy place will easily put a smile on your face.

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2. Zion National Park

Zion National Park
Zion National Park | Zion National Park, Utah | Park

The sheer red cliffs of Zion Canyon personify this lovely national forest. At about 230 square miles in size. It is a spectacular destination to explore.

Seeing every one of Zion’s cliffs in one journey is near difficult, but also a glance of the vivid sandstone high cliffs, resplendent in tones of red, pink, orange, and also creamy-white, can suffice to evoke sensations of awe.

The best way to tackle Zion is on the 13-mile Angel’s Landing Trail that has a 3,000-foot elevation drop through the stunning Narrows; it is an experience of true exhilaration and grandeur.

For a different type of experience, you should check out the Stairs Canyon Trail. Stairs have been revered as the state’s most iconic hike and also is a must-see at Zion National Park.

Zion National Park includes a variety of backpacking treks that vary in difficulty; from a short walk to multi-day tours. Visitors can also find trail camping within the park, though some campsite reservations are required.

If you are ready to visit Zion, check out these best Zion National Park hotels.

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3. Check out St. George Craft Breweries

There are several microbreweries in St. George that are popular for their locally-made brews and have unique characteristics of their own.

St. George Brewery is a favorite for visitors who enjoy its assortment of craft beers and ales that can be enjoyed on site or taken home.

St. George Brewery includes a full restaurant to satisfy your hunger; there’s also live music on Friday nights.

Also, check out St. George’s other microbreweries, such as Iron Gate Public House & Brewery, St. George Brewing Company, and St. George Tempe Brewpub.

Here you’ll find a variety of brews to sample that are unique from one another – St. George is a region where beer lovers will feel right at home! It’s a great spot if you are in the greater Zion National Park area. Check out these best day trips from Zion National Park.

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4. St. George Botanical Garden

St. George Botanical Garden presents visitors with an array of plant life that can be found in the southwestern part of Utah.

It is truly a sight to see regardless if you’re just looking for a place to enjoy some shade or want to learn about the area’s history and natural ecology.

St. George Botanical Garden is where you’ll find plants indigenous to St. George, such as the banana yucca and St. George spiny poppy; plus, there are beautiful blooms from spring until fall that will enthrall any nature fan!

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5. Western Skies Air Travel Warbird Museum

Western Skies Warbird Museum is an aircraft museum with a variety of military airplanes on display, featuring military aircraft from various conflicts, and Ministry Navy Pilots Training School.

Admission to the Western Sky Aviation Warbird Museum is free, but there is a suggested donation of $2 per visitor or $5 for a household.

The gallery is open Wednesday with Saturday from 10 am till 4 pm, and also open on Mondays and also Tuesdays by appointment only.

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6. Little Girls of Utah Pioneer Museum

The McQuarrie Memorial Museum is better known as the Little Girls of Utah Pioneer Museum, and it serves to document early settlers in Utah.

The St. George area was first worked out in the mid-1850s by pioneer Brigham Youthful, as well as this museum honors the tale of that settlement as well as all the advancements that adhered to.

On display in the gallery are relics, apparel, as well as devices that people made use of in day-to-day life, such as aprons, scriptures, blankets, and even nail clippers.

There are lots of outdoor and also farming tools, such as axes, blacksmith equipment, as well as plows that were used by pioneers. There are also several preserved personal letters.

This fascinating museum tells the tales of individuals who bravely left whatever they understood at home, to start a life in an unknown and barely inhabited area.

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7. Jacob Hamblin House

Jacob Hamblin House

Jacob Hamblin was a pioneer who helped to found the city of Santa Clara during the mid-19th century.

He allowed his home to be used as a refuge for Native Americans, most notably those in San Juan County where he lived on what is now known as Main Street (also sometimes called Jacob Hamblin Boulevard).

Visitors to the Jacob Hamblin house will be able to explore the interior and exterior of this historical home. Tours will show visitors how frontier families in 19th century America lived, including where they ate their food and slept at night.

Visitors will be able to walk around the homestead and also take a glimpse into history by looking at some of the house’s original fixtures.

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8. Sand Hollow State Park

Sand Hollow State Park near Cyclone, Utah is one of the newest state parks in the area. It offers a variety of trails as well as diverse landscapes that are popular with cyclists, ATVs, and off-road vehicle enthusiasts.

Among the mountain bikers’ favorite of Sand Hollow State Park is the terrain which consists of red rock formations and also desert scrub. It is easily among the most beautiful place to visit in the world.

Sand Hollow Tank is a body of water that has been flooded with Utah sunlight for decades. It is an ideal spot for boating, fishing, swimming, kayaking, or paddleboarding.

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9. St. George Art and Wine Festival

St. George Art and Wine Festival is an annual event that’s held on the last Saturday of August each year in St. George, Utah.

It was established as a means to promote St. George’s local artistry community, along with providing St. George an opportunity to socialize and network with other businesses and artists, and has since become a showcase for domestic wines too.

St. George, Utah boasts a remarkable art and culture scene that can be found in the southwestern part of Utah.

It is truly a sight to see regardless if you’re just looking for a place to enjoy some shade or want to learn the area’s history and natural ecology as well.

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10. Kayenta Art Village

Coyote Gulch Art Town is a community of art galleries, cafes, present shops, and workshops that houses artists and folks who appreciate the arts. Its location makes it easy to envision what fuels some of the artists in the area.

Kayenta Art Town is where ceramics, paintings, sculptures, and other types of art can be found on display as well as for sale. This neighborhood offers one-of-a-kind keepsakes or novelties that can’t be bought anywhere else.

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11. Little Black Mountain Petroglyph

The Little Black Mountain Petroglyph is located near the border between Utah and Arizona. A brief, but moderate hike of around 1 mile will take visitors through a maze of stone, revealing some beautiful ancient petroglyphs as well as a view of several pretty nature in the area.

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12. St George Mountain Biking

St George Mountain Biking

Mountain biking in St. George can be a rewarding and fun experience. It is not just a pastime for St. George locals – many people come from all over the nation to enjoy this outstanding outdoor activity.

The red rock country that St. George calls home has everything you need to make your St. George mountain biking experience worthwhile.

St. George boasts the most biking trails in Utah and it also has a large variety of terrains such as rocky terrain, desert scrub, and sandy areas.

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13. Palledin Balloon Excursions

Photo opportunities abound in Utah’s barren desert. A hot air balloon ride presents a unique opportunity to see the southern Utah landscape from the basket of a balloon.

Guest are able to goggle, as their knowledgeable balloon guides point out landmarks and other points of interest, in addition to imparting truths concerning how hot-air balloons fly.

They provide you with the complete experience of taking control over this special flight with the pilot sitting next to you and a balloon sailing through the cool, fresh air.

There are flightseeing tours of St. George, St. Thomas, Zion National Park, Snow Canyon State Park, St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site, Coral Pink Sand Dunes SP, or an exclusive St. George city tour with lunch at St. George’s historic downtown plaza.

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14. Paragon Adventures

Paragon Adventures is a tour company in St. George that provides adventure experiences for visitors such as trekking, mountain biking, and canyoneering among others. All of these tours happen in the beautiful Utah wilderness.

Paragon offers family members programs for canyoneering, ziplining, rock climbing, and much more. There are activities that will fit with everyone in your group including those with children under 18 years old.

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15. Brigham Young Winter Residence

Brigham Young, regarded as a Mormon icon and pioneer who brought inhabitants to Utah in the last winter of his life, lived at this building, with its wraparound deck and porch in addition to a white picket fence which was situated in a calm neighborhood of St. George.

Admission into the house is free, and also experienced museum guides will give more information about the property, Brigham Youthful in person, his influence on the Mormon faith, as well as the historical relevance of the home and its furnishings.

The house is open during the winter from 9 am to 5 pm and until 7 pm during summer. On Sundays, it opens a little later at 1 pm.

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16. St. George Golfing

This city is home to several golf courses that each have its own characteristics and challenges.

St. George boasts a few of the best golf courses in Utah but also across the nation; they include St. George Municipal Golf Course, Little Valley Golf Course, Willow Springs Country Club, and St. George Executive 9-hole Golf Course.

Additionally, St. George is home to the St. George National Golf Club, which hosts a variety of events such as The St. George Championship and the Utah Open for professional golfers.

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17. Quail Creek State Park

Quail Creek State Park

Quail Creek State Park is a 600-acre lake great for swimming, windsurfing, or fishing.

Beside the lake, red rocks rise up on all sides and underneath a blue sky that matches its water.

Fishers at Quail Creek Tank can try their luck at catching rainbow trout as well as crappie and bullhead catfish stocked in exchange for a fishing license from the ranger station.

Visitors can also rent stand-up paddleboards or paddleboats to glide about the St. George state park and see the area wildlife such as deer, ring-tailed cats, rabbits, as well as beavers, and mules that will swim around throughout St. George city parks.

They also offer tours to those interested in creating their own lake fishing lures, so get your hands on some supplies and go through St. George fishing techniques to create your very own personally designed, handmade St. George souvenir.

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18. Red Hills Desert Garden

At just 5 acres, the Red Hills Desert Garden is not particularly large, but within its boundaries, there are more than 5000 different varieties of desert plants growing and thriving.

It’s one part of St. George attractions that you can visit free of charge which allows residents and visitors alike to see the beautiful St. George nature from a new perspective or a different point of view.

Some St. George sights include the Red Hills Desert Garden, which is especially beautiful in spring when it is in full bloom.

The well-marked walking paths lead you through the efficient and amazingly landscaped garden, where you can jump from tipping stone to tipping rock throughout a meandering stream that runs through the middle.

Along the way, there are informational plaques explaining plants you might recognize as well as some rarer ones you might not.

In the exhibition, visitors can learn more about the types of fish that exist in the Virgin River. The people that live here depend on these resources for income and sustenance.

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19. Rosenbruch Wildlife Museums

In the Rosenbruch Wildlife Museum, pet dioramas at The World’s Fair show different pets from all over the world and help educate visitors about each species.

Jimmie C. Rosenbruch contributed the vast majority of animals, having spent his life hunting them around the world for trophies.

An audio tour accompanies each display, providing information on where to find these animals in their native regions, their diets and behavior, and other interesting facts.

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The Sears Art Museum Gallery, part of Dixie State College, features a rotating range of exhibits and reveals an average of five exhibits per year.

The art display at the Sears Dixie Invitational Art Program and Sale are varied, ranging from traditional to modern as well as experimental. The event also includes 100 regional musicians, both pupils, and maestros.

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21. Snow Canyon State Park

Snow Canyon State Park

Yet another perfect example of the exceptional natural beauty that exists in Utah comes from Snow Canyon State Park, which was named for two Utah pioneers, Lorenzo and Erastus Snow.

A recreational wonderland, Snow Canyon State Park offers 5 different activities: hiking, biking, horseback riding, picnicking, and wildlife safari.

Only 90 minutes north of Las Vegas by car or 50 minutes west from St. George by Interstate 15 freeway on day trips perfect for families with children aged 8-12 and older family members (but a little too much for little ones).

Residents and visitors can enjoy numerous St. George attractions at Snow Canyon State Park, like swimming in the warm water pools, hiking to Chicken Point, and enjoying a picnic by this state park’s scenic red sandstone peaks.

On the way to St. George from Salt Lake City, take Interstate 15 and exit St. George Blvd (Exit 3). Turn right on St. George Blvd and drive just over 5 miles to get to Snow Canyon Parkway St.

At the traffic light turn left and then bear right onto Santa Clara Street for 0.3 miles, then turn left into park.

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22. St. George Temple

When Mormons were banished from their church in Illinois, they traveled westward and eventually relocated to Utah.

This St. George, UT Mormon holy place was the first church that the Mormons built as their own.

Built in 1877, it has long stood as an enduring symbol to those of the Mormon faith and regularly accommodates worship several times every week.

The St. George Utah Temple is just 30 minutes northeast of St. George and a fantastic option for those who simply wish to see this old temple or for Mormons who wish to worship.

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The St. George City Art Gallery features art from around the world and many pieces which reflect differing cultures, as well as local musicians that play there regularly. Tours of the museum can be set up in advance either by phone or online.

They cover all sorts of topics from curatorial insights and background to the individual works and the artists behind them.

If you are interested in the arts, you should keep an eye on upcoming events from St. George City Art Museum. They are open Monday – Saturday 10 am to 5 pm.

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24. St. George Children’s Museum

Unlike other galleries, where the displays are behind a glass wall surface or shut deep into a display screen instance, the St. George Kid’s Museum encourages its visitors to touch, review, play with as well as speak with every one of its demonstrations on display.

The St. George Children’s Museum is a large, airy showing space with a range of galleries that showcase important topics from the past to the popular cartoon characters of current times.

There are twelve areas in the gallery, each with its own theme and topic.

For example, children can learn about milking cows in the Ranch Area or participating in democracy at a polling station in “The Government Space.”

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25. St. George Dinosaur Exploration Site at Johnson Farm

Visitors to Johnson Farm in St. George will find the Dinosaur Exploration Site, which consists of real fossils found onsite.

The sandstone fossils at the site show ancient fish, plants from a lake that existed in the area, and actual dinosaur footprints that date back 200 million years.

Life-sized models of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals help to paint a picture of what the area looked like when those creatures lived there, as well as give visitors an understanding of what these creatures might have looked like when they were alive.

A children’s exhibit called Dino Park offers youngsters the opportunity to mine fossils, follow prehistoric footprints, and also use a life-sized replica of a dinosaur.

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26. Judd’s Candy Store

At Judd’s, visitors can find treats from decades ago, like old-school ice cream and soda pop. Tall shelves reach to the ceiling outside of every wall in this shop, presenting a real historic feel.

Judd’s Candy Store is a relatively small, old-fashioned confectionery with vibrant screens displaying candy of all varieties. When customers choose their treats, they can sit at one of the tables in the store to enjoy them.

Judd’s also offers some lunch options and residents who live near St. George say that the soup and breadsticks made using original, decades-old recipes are to die for.

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27 St. George Historic Iron Mission

The St. George Iron Mission is a non-profit organization that is supported by St. George, citizens of St. George as well as St. George visitors who are enthusiastic about the city’s rich history.

The attraction stands as an enduring part of the town that St. George locals and visitors can appreciate and value.

Situated in St. George’s historic district the St. George Iron Mission is a vibrant visitor attraction that concerns St. George’s exceptional past. It is an ideal place to stop by and see its beauty, as well as where Utah’s future may progress.

Back in the town’s golden age, St. George was once at the apex of state leadership that shaped St. George, St. George Valley, and the rest of Utah as we know it today. The St. George Iron Mission is an experiential tour that offers group visitors all the facets of St. George’s history

The organization has been held in high regard by St. Georgians for its efforts to recover St. George’s past history and also for its endeavors to conserve the relevance of St. George’s historic downtown, by encouraging commercial development there.

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28. St. George Hiking

St. George hikers have the opportunity to traverse through a variety of landscapes including mountains, valleys, and even Roadrunner/Wily Coyote deserts during their stay.

There are a number of St. George hiking spots that can be found in the city including Sand Hollow State Park and Dixie National Forest, as well as many within the St. George area.

These range from short hikes for tourists who only have a day or two to visit and longer backpacking trips that could last multiple days.

St. George trails are categorized by their level of difficulty so you can find a hike that is perfect for your ability.

Since a large area has slopes and plateaus, St. George provides visitors with some of the best views on these hiking trails.

Many people think Zion National Park is the only hiking-friendly place in Utah. That’s quite untrue as there are tins of other great trails that see fewer visitors.

The red plateaus and ridges on the trail alone are worth your time, but they’re even more striking when you come from somewhere green or urban.

In addition to these trails, check out the hiking trail at Pioneer Park and Red Cliffs Recreation Area. All these trails are well worth exploring.

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29. Temple Quarry Trail

An easy hike for travelers to St. George, the Temple or Holy Place Quarry Path is a beautiful and exciting trek, just a few miles from the city.

The walking trail only takes approximately an hour or so and is just a two-minute walk from the downtown region of St. George, Utah.

Visitors can really raise their spirits by exploring the Holy Place Quarry Path.

The path provides hikers with an intimate perspective on St. George’s red rock region and is a good place to learn about the area’s history.

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30. The Clark Planetarium at Dixie State University

The Clark Planetarium at Dixie State University offers inexpensive shows with a nominal admission that allows guests to view the cosmos and experience things such as the Milky Way Galaxy, revolving planets, and things like space travel.

The Planetarium is an educational entertainment center for St. George visitors of all ages designed to inform and educate individuals about things that matter in the universe.

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