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8 Best Travel Agency Blogs: Ideas to Build Your Business

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Writer’s block is real, especially if you’ve been blogging for years. If you lack inspiration (we’ve been there), here’s a list of the best travel agency blogs and blog ideas for a much-needed creative boost.

How a blog can grow your travel agency

Best travel agency blogs

If you’re in the tourism business, you already know that audience building is the name of the game. Without a sizeable audience base, your coffers will stay dry.

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Here’s how a travel agency blog can build your business in many ways.

Blogs can address customer pain points.

Is your travel agency focused on budget travel? Are you hosting a lot of family tours? Publishing blogs relevant to these topics can address your target customer’s pain points.

When travelers approach travel agencies, they are actually seeking help – and hosting a travel blog will position you as a specialist.

It gives your business a competitive advantage.

Thousands of travel agencies exist, so what sets you apart? Travel agent blogging can help you communicate your unique selling point without selling hard. Since online exposure is part of your marketing plan, blogs can drastically optimize your search engine.

This is especially true when you’re hosting your blog with Bluehost, which comes with powerful SEO tools to help you apply SEO best practices on your site.

It enhances conversions.

Did you know companies that have launched blogs receive 97% more inbound links and over 434% more indexed pages? Travel agent blogs that are informative and helpful are also more likely to be shared on social media.

Blogging and using social media scheduling tools like Tailwind is especially effective, as it allows you to post at the best times for engagement.

Once you’ve published a good amount of blogs, you’ll want to tap into social media marketing with the help of tools like Constant Contact to give them more exposure.

With the right marketing plan, blogging can become a very powerful tool that helps turn your visitors into buyers.

The best travel agency blogs and blogging ideas

1. Packing and beauty tips

Travel packing

Packing is an essential part of traveling, so is looking good when you get to your destination. This is why packing and beauty topics are mainstays in travel agency blogs. Share tips on how to pack (and what to pack), and how strategies and techniques differ depending on your destination.

Share tips on what to pack for specific destinations

Packing for an Alaskan road trip vastly differs from preparing for a holiday in Florida.

Consider blogging about travel essentials and include a downloadable packing list.

Share beauty must-haves

Traveling can take a toll on the body. Blog about what travelers should bring to keep their skin, hair, and face looking fresh.

Discuss how to pack with limited space

How can one pack with just hand luggage? Consider sharing tips on how to pack light.

Get inspiration from this travel agency blog: 

International tour operator Trafalgar has one of the best travel agency blogs they update regularly. In this blog, they attempted to settle the age-old dilemma of choosing between two packing techniques, folding versus rolling and discussed their pros and cons. Though short, this blog was packed with lots of actionable tips and insights travelers can apply.

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2. Travel planning


Planning a trip from start to finish can be an ordeal, which is why travel agency blogs often have posts that tackle the subject of logistics.

From where to eat to what to see and do, you’ll find many travel blog ideas to write about when discussing this topic.

Create a step-by-step guide

Walk your readers through an itinerary in a specific town or city. Include accommodation, places to eat, and an estimated budget.

Help your readers select a destination

When visiting a country, which cities will give you the best experiences? Write a blog post that narrows down your readers’ choices.

Suggest travel gear

From the latest in camping gear to cutting-edge travel photography tools, you’ll find lots to talk about travel technology. Compose a list of the best travel gear and how each can make travelers’ lives easier.

Get inspiration from this travel agency blog: 

Top Deck’s blog post about how to stay safe as an LGBTQIA traveler is not only interesting to read but also relevant to the times. Your queer readers may have slightly or vastly different experiences from their heterosexual counterparts, depending on where they travel.

From having to travel with a buddy to deleting LGBTQ apps in non-gay-friendly destinations, this blog offers actionable tips that the queer community will find extremely valuable.

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3. Road Trips

Yellow Volkswagen on the road

The journey is sometimes even more fulfilling than the destination, which is why travel agency blogs often discuss road trips. Who can resist the allure of the open road? Offering tips on how to travel long miles and where to go will definitely earn its share of readership.

Suggest road trip ideas

Compose a list of the best road trips with details on how to plan them. Some places are better traversed on four wheels, from the Great Ocean Road in Australia to the Garden Route in South Africa.

Offer tips on how to plan the best road trip

This may include tips on what to pack, music playlists, best stopovers, and safety tips. Ensure your readers know everything they need to know to start a successful road trip.

Offer insights on van life

A lot of travelers rent a campervan to enjoy the great outdoors. Discuss cooking gear, the best camping spots, and camping safety.

Get inspiration from this travel agency blog: 

Tour operator Contiki’s travel blog and magazine, six-two, offers travel news, adventure stories, trends, and advice. Most are well-written and accompanied by stunning photography.

This blog outlines seven of the coolest US pitstops written by a seasoned road tripper. It comes in an itemized list with suggestions on remarkable sites, food, and adventure activities.

4. Travel Experiences

Man on a rope above a waterfall

While picturesque sites are part of our reason to journey to a destination, it’s the amazing travel experiences that may be had that keep us traveling back. Whether you’re heli-skiing in Alaska or trekking fjords in Norway, there are many unique experiences to blog about.

Blog about a round-the-world trip

While some of us travel occasionally, others consider traveling their religion. If you’re one of these people, there’s a big chance you’ve already completed an around-the-world trip. Offer your readers insights on how to plan one.

Share a unique experience

Whether you’re brushing shoulders with mountain gorillas in Uganda or bungee jumping in Kathmandu, travelers are suckers for unique experiences and off-the-beaten-path destinations. Blog about them!

Share your volunteering experience

Volunteering abroad can be an exciting travel experience. Share your thoughts on your experience and how your efforts gave back to the community.

Blog about your foreign studies

If you’ve had the chance to study abroad, sharing the benefits of your experience will interest others who plan to take their education in another land. Write about how you acclimated to new food, fashion, or culture.

Get inspiration from this travel agency blog: 

Intrepid Travel, the world’s largest small-group adventure travel company, owns a travel blog called “The Journal.” This travel blog features various topics, including unique adventures, hiking, trekking, wildlife, photography, and responsible travel.

In this blog, they share five unique experiences that travelers can only have when living with locals. It includes great photos and a complete rundown of the blogger’s experience.

5. Health and wellness

Vegetable stall

Health is an important issue when traveling. Travelers need to know what health risks their destination poses, and how they can live a healthier experience once they’ve arrived. This gives bloggers plenty of opportunities to think about topics in line with traveling that are related to the health and medical field.

Compose a blog post about vaccinations

Vaccines are absolutely essential in some parts of the world. Draft a blog post about what vaccinations are needed before visiting a certain country, where they can get it, and how much each cost.

Share tips on healthy eating

A lot of travelers struggle with eating healthy when traveling. Consider sharing tips and strategies about how and where to eat healthy when visiting a certain city.

Discuss health insurance

If you’ve ever been sick while traveling, you’ll know how important health insurance is. Discuss the best options travelers can secure today.

Get inspiration from this travel agency blog: 

Urban Adventures is a travel agency, but it’s also a community of 2,000 history buffs, foodies, wine lovers, active adventurers, and street art fanatics.

Its regularly updated blog features articles about unique experiences, insider stories, food, and responsible tourism, complete with stunning photography.

In this blog, Urban Adventures created an ultimate guide to vegan food and healthy eating in Chiang Mai. It included restaurant locations, menu suggestions, and contact details.

6. Budget travel

Piggy bank

Travel can be an expensive hobby, especially if you’re not keen on roughing it up. Travel agencies know that travelers are always on the lookout to save, which is why blog posts about how to travel on a budget are all the rage. Here are some travel agent blog ideas about saving on your travels.

List down budget destinations

Some cities are cheaper than others, so consider blogging about the best budget destinations. This will attract travelers looking for a bargain trip for the same cultural experience.

Share tips on how to save money when traveling

Blog about traveling on a budget

Consider sharing tips and tricks about how to save money when traveling abroad. From cooking your own meals to using public transport, there’s a lot you can cover with just this idea!

Offer tips on how to book a cheap flight

If you’re an expert at booking affordable flights, share your booking strategies with others. Compose a guide about how to find great deals, best times to book, and how to find airline sales.

Get inspiration from this travel agency blog: 

If you’re looking for some of the best travel agency blogs, you can get lots of inspiration from Great Value Vacations. Their blog library is chockful of travel tips and adventure stories from seasoned travelers themselves. This blog about traveling luxuriously on a budget outlines actionable tips on saving written in a friendly and conversational tone.

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7. Photography

Man wearing brown jacket holding a camera

Photography and traveling go hand in hand. Most people passionate about traveling are also keen on taking great photos, so blogging about the latest photography is always a good idea for all travel agency blogs.

Blog about photography tips

From learning to capture landscapes to taking great portraits, blogs about travel photography tips will always have a solid readership.

Discuss photography ethics

Photography ethics differ from country to country, and people of different cultures might not be okay being photographed. Consider discussing these nuances and how

Get inspiration from this travel agency blog: 

American online travel shopping company Expedia has one of the best travel agency blogs. The travel blog features top-notch travel photography and a team of really good writers.

Here, they list down the top five places to photograph in Macao, complete with stunning images and information about what best to shoot in each location.

8. Family Travel

Family looking out into the sunset

Traveling as a family is completely different from traveling solo or as a couple.  When kids are involved in a trip, almost everything in the itinerary changes from where you go to what you eat.

One of the best blogs for travel agencies is those about family travel. Here are some ideas.

Offer tips on traveling with kids

How can you plan a stress-free family trip?

There is plenty to talk about, from safety and security to travel entertainment and child airfare.

Suggest a family packing list

So you’re heading for a vacation in Hawaii with your three-year-old son. What exactly should you bring? Create the ultimate packing list complete with the necessary travel gadgets and entertainment.

Get inspiration from this travel agency blog: 

Mobile travel agency Global Travel Network offers insightful travel vacation tips and ideas. They discussed how a trip to the Sin City can be family-friendly.

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