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What is Travel Concierge? Definition and Things to Know

Do you want to make your traveling more adventurous? Then you need a travel concierge service. Continue reading to see what it means and why you need it.

As traveling and tourism are becoming more popular, affordable, and easier, travel concierge services have also seen a steep rise.

More people are searching for ways to make their traveling as smooth as possible, and to have maximum pleasure while at it. And for this reason, travelers, especially international ones, are hiring personal travel assistance services to ensure their travel is as desired.

The need for a genuine local experience, as well as access to real-time and instant information, has driven up the need for local assistance services.

This way travel concierge becomes an instrumental aspect of the current and future traveling and tourism industry. But what exactly does the term stand for? If you’ve never heard of the term travel concierge, here is its detailed definition.

Travel Concierge Definition

A travel concierge is simply a personal travel assistant. In some parts, a travel concierge is also referred to as a personal concierge.

It helps to arrange for customized travel activities for you and handle any tasks that you might be too busy to handle; provided they are legal, moral, and ethical.

Mainly, travelers desire to have an authentic local experience, instant access to information, and local help to plan their stay. That is the gap that the travel concierge tends to fill.

Typically, a travel concierge will be a local individual who knows the ins and outs of your destination and is willing to offer 24/7 support during your stay there.

Travel concierges possess quite an extensive knowledge of transportation, tourist attraction sites, hospitality, as well as guiding services for the desired destination. Additionally, they are aware of the cultural, social, and legal aspects.

This business field is dynamic since some personal concierges may work independently, while others for an agency. Nonetheless, most of the concierges will have agreements with various restaurants, accommodations, museums, and transport providers.

Although this factor makes their services to be quite pricey, the trade-off is that you won’t get stranded at any single moment.

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Travel Concierge Service Meaning & Examples

Now that we understand who is a travel concierge, how about we look at some of the services they offer? A travel concierge service is any professional service that can be offered by a travel concierge.

It is quite hard to state an exhaustive list of these services as each day, a new service might get pushed into the existing array of services. Hardly are these services classified since the range of services offered is typically tailored as per the client’s request.

To broaden your perspective regarding travel concierge services, here is a timeline. The services can be anything from the moment a client alights the plane or any other means of transport, until the time he/she ends the trip and goes back home.

Well, several services can be offered between these two points, hence the lack of specified classifications. Due to the broad range of services, travel concierges are expected to be flexible enough to meet the diverse needs of their clients.

Some examples of travel concierge services include:

  • Meeting the client upon arrival
  • Book accommodations
  • Private transportation
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Translation services
  • Advising on the best night-life
  • And any other service that will assist with the day-to-day issues as they emerge.

Why Would You Need Travel Assistance?

It is agreeable that not every person would prefer to have a travel concierge during their trip, for various reasons. Some prefer managing every bit of their lives. Others prefer not to add any extra cost to their trip which has already swallowed a massive chunk from their bank accounts.

In another instance, someone would be pretty familiar with their destination thus lowering the need for a travel concierge.

Nonetheless, why would you need a travel concierge anyway? To answer this question, we need to understand the benefits of having a travel concierge as well as the problems they solve.

  1. Saves Time

The most significant trade-off is that the travel concierge saves time. We can all agree that in the modern world, a large population has more money than time. Again, most people will value time more than money, thus making time a scarce resource.

Therefore, individuals who possess more money than time will mostly use that money to afford some extra time on their hands. Well, it’s not that their days will now have more than 24 hours, but at least some of the activities that would consume their time will be off the list.

A travel concierge will handle most of the time-consuming tasks leaving you with ample time to enjoy your trip.

And, these services are not only hired by individuals, but corporate companies also do. Companies hire travel concierges for their employees on business trips to take care of some of the petty issues off their member’s shoulders.

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  1. Assures Authentic Experiences and Adventure

The other main advantage of travel concierges is to guarantee an authentic local experience and adventure.

Generally, most travelers exploring different parts of the world expect to meet a certain level of local authenticity in their destination. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Mostly, restaurants and other social centers may fail to pose the actual authentic image, while locals may interact with a tourist differently. Having a local guide will avert this challenge.

Additionally, you will be able to adventure and explore authentic culture in places that you wouldn’t have managed to go to on your own.

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  1. Safety

Safety is a significant concern when traveling to a foreign land. By the virtue that you are an alien, it out-rightly renders you susceptible.

However, with a travel concierge, you are assured of your safety as you have someone who is on watch and is ready to jump in, whenever an issue arises. With a travel concierge, you get to enjoy the peace of mind you desire on your trip.

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How Travel Concierge Services Work

Traditionally, travel concierges were tied to specific hotels and accommodations. Mostly it was a task carried by security guards, housekeepers, or the bellhop. They were the individuals to who a guest would run, for any form of assistance.

Over time, things have changed, and the disruption is evident within the tourism as well as the hospitality industry. Today, travel concierge has become a mainstream industry, thanks to the diverse business scene as well as the internet.

Nowadays, you can hire your concierge, who is at your service 24/7. The services will vary depending on the type of assistance, and the level of aid requested. Travel concierge services may incorporate large corporate conventions, private events, luxury trips, and business retreats.

So, depending on the type of assistance that you need, you can easily find a service provider who has majored in the desired area.

A travel concierge may work independently on his/her terms or else be a part of a concierge agency. Independent concierges will generally set their rules, rates, and readily agree on a one-on-one basis. On the other hand, with concierge agencies, a travel concierge will have to play by the company’s rules.

To offer excellent services, most travel concierges will take time to know you. This helps them to serve you in the best way possible that meets your budget requirements. Concierges will also do some research and provide you with additional information regarding your trip.

It’s also essential to distinguish travel concierges from travel agents. While a travel concierge is interested in your satisfaction regarding the trip, a travel agent is interested in sales.

Travel agents are salespersons rather than advisers who sell specific vocational packages, hotels, cruise lines, and other tour-related services.

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How to Select the Best Travel Concierge

Having realized how a travel concierge would come in handy with your next trip or vacation, I’m sure some questions just popped up in your mind. I bet one of them was how you would select the perfect travel concierge for your trip.

With the growth of the industry, there are more concierge services than ever before. The expansion can be both a blessing and a headache at the same time. First of all, it is a good thing that there exists a wide range of options to choose from.

However, the bad news is that it can be taxing and challenging to pick the best from a list of suitable options. To try and solve this issue, here are points to consider when selecting a travel concierge.

travel assistant
  1. Know the Type of Assistance that You Need

It is a rule of thumb that no one is a jack of every trade. This rule is quite applicable to this industry. Most of the concierges will major in certain services even though they will still be in a position to offer other services.

Therefore, even before you start comparing travel concierges or concierge agencies, think and analyze what kind of personal assistance you need.

Do you need a travel concierge who will plan and book perfect dining experiences or one who will recommend and take you to the best tourist sites?

Do you need a person who will assist you in interacting with the locals, or you are looking for local general lifestyle assistance? Determining what you want the travel assistant to do is a crucial step in minimizing your selection list.

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  1. Determine the Level of Assistance that You Need

Given that this is quite a dynamic industry, most travel concierge and concierge agencies will offer various packages depending on the level of assistance being given. It is a standard business model to split packages as per services being provided, as well as cost in most fields.

This model helps to target a more extensive and diverse customer pool. It helps to ensure that the customers get ultimate satisfaction as per their needs.

Cheaper plans will usually involve minimal services and assistance, while the more expensive ones will offer a wide range of services. Determining the level of assistance required will not only help you in budgeting for your trip but also in selecting the most suitable package for you.

Other than having fixed-price packages, the new trend in the industry is on-demand concierge services. It is a pay-as-you-go model that seeks to accomplish specific tasks, as the client demands.

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  1. Consider the Geographic Coverage of Your Trip

This point is hugely applicable if you are touring several areas within a single trip. For instance, you might decide to travel to a specific country. However, rather than sticking to one region, you will visit various locations within the same country.

In such a situation, you might consider whether to have a single travel concierge for the entire trip or pick one for every destination. If you decide to pick one for the whole trip, then it is best to choose one who is knowledgeable about the country.

What if your trip involves traveling to multiple countries?  That might be quite tedious and ultimately expensive if you have to choose a new concierge in every country.

Well, here is where the beauty of a global travel concierge comes in. Some agencies have networks of personnel across the globe.

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Do you intend to find a travel concierge? One can find travel concierges through various means and many different places.

Some of these places include the internet, travel agencies, large corporations, and hotels. However, the internet saves us a lot of hustle as it provides lots of information and options too.

Unfortunately, the internet might be full of unnecessary information. But, there are numerous legit travel concierge sites you can try out. These include:

I hope that this article helps to make your next trip, more enjoyable and fulfilling.

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