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20 Best Travel Gifts for Dad: Father’s Day Ideas Under $100

It’s undeniable that fathers are the constant support system to their families. They provide the support, wisdom, encouragement, and unconditional love to keep their family members motivated. In short, fathers are the best, and every child needs to let their dad know how much he means to them. 

I’m not just saying this because I am a father. Swearsies.

Though you will get several occasions to show your love and appreciation to your father, one of the best times is on Father’s Day. Thinking about what you can do to make me- er, him feel special on this amazing day? No worries! I know he’s impossible to shop for, but I can still help you with that. 

travel gifts for dad

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What Can You Gift to Your Dad on Father’s Day?

Okay, so we all have given our pops some lackluster gifts on Father’s Day in our younger years. There were the baby blue “Greatest Dad” T-shirts, then came the snuggie in official NASCAR colors. And for good measure, to prove you were the worst gift picker ever, you topped it off with a Duck Dynasty Monopoly game. 

No matter what you’ve given, I’m sure that your dad still loves you. But to keep this bond alive and sparkling forever, you better level up in the gift department. 

Choose the Right Travel Gift

If your dad is frequently on the road, travel gifts can be a thoughtful deal. Whether he travels for business or leisure, there are countless travel gifts for dad that can help you make this day memorable for you and your father.

No matter your budget, you can find hundreds of thoughtful gift ideas that match your dad’s interests. But with multiple options around, it becomes challenging to choose a travel gift that meets your father’s personality and taste. 

So, if you’re on the lookout for a unique gift for your father, this post has listed some really great travel gift ideas.

What are you waiting for now? Let’s look into the article for some attractive travel gifts for dad under a C-note.

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20 Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas 

1. Personalized Luggage Tag

Personalized Luggage Tag

If your dad is a frequent flyer, you can consider gifting him a personalized luggage tag with his initials on it. A tag on the luggage can make traveling better for him. It will make it easy for your father to identify and pick out his baggage in the endless sea of bags at the carousel. 

Sometimes, personalized luggage tags are used to track missing suitcases. The personal information on the label can help bring lost baggage back home. 

Though a personalized luggage tag seems like a small gift, it is the best way to help your father keep track of his belongings on a trip; be it a business tour or a friends’ getaway. 

2. Carry-On Cocktail Kit

Carry-On Cocktail Kit

Is your dad a cocktail enthusiast? If yes, then a carry-on cocktail kit is another ideal gift option. This is one of the best gifts he can take with him while traveling, no matter the destination. 

Carry-on cocktail kits often include everything one may need to prepare perfectly tasting Old Fashioned cocktails. The compact size of the box makes it easy to pack in a briefcase, handbag, or carry-on suitcase.

If Old Fashioneds aren’t his thing, there are several other cocktails to choose from!

3. Travel Laundry Bag

Travel Laundry Bag

A travel laundry bag is another must-have item for frequent travelers. Help your father stay organized even while traveling by gifting a set of laundry bags. 

This bag is perfect for separating used clothes from unused ones. It can also be used to compress travel clothing while protecting them from dust, wrinkles, and stains. 

Gift your father a set of travel laundry bags and let him keep his clothes or other items organized, safe, and neat throughout the trip. 

4. Protective Phone Case 

Protective Phone Case

A protective phone cover is one of the practical travel gifts for dad. Let your dad fly that geek flag with a cool iPhone case as per your dad’s phone. Whether he is a true geek or a newbie to smartphones, he will love this unique travel gift. 

As most iPhone cases are under $20, the cost is not a big issue. You can also give a personalized phone cover to add a personal touch to your gift. Simply add your and your dad’s photo or favorite family trip photo to make the case even more special. 

5. Waterproof Pocket Blanket 

Waterproof Pocket Blanket 

Is your dad an outdoor person? If yes, he is going to love this pocket blanket for sure. This multipurpose compact travel blanket is perfect for impromptu camping trips and picnics. It can also be used as an outdoor blanket, beach blanket, hiking blanket, and park blanket. 

A pocket blanket is an indispensable travel item that any traveler would love to toss in their carry-on or backpack before stepping out. Overall, a waterproof pocket blanket is perfect for all outdoor adventures. 

What’s more – keep your father’s personality in mind before purchasing one. Make sure the style and color of the blanket match his taste. 

6. Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

A Bluetooth keyboard is another great gift idea for dads. Give this wireless Bluetooth keyboard to your father and let him turn his iPad, Laptop, PC, Mac, or Smartphone into a more powerful device. He is going to appreciate it if he’s tech-savvy. 

Also, the lightweight and compact size of the device makes it highly portable. That means your father can carry it with him everywhere he goes and not have to hunch over a laptop. 

7. Portable Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker

Portable Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker

Whether your dad is non-tech-savvy or tech-genius, a wireless Bluetooth speaker is ideal for meeting every taste. Great sounds are not just for dry activities, and this waterproof speaker proves that. 

A multi-purpose Bluetooth speaker can help your father in different ways. For instance, he can make hands-free calls and listen to podcasts. 

This gift can also be used at parties or social gatherings to play your favorite music on full blast. Moreover, the water resistance feature lets you take this speaker around the pool or on your boat and not worry about water damage…unless you drop it deep. 

8. Wireless Digital Cooking Thermometer 

Wireless Digital Cooking Thermometer 

Nothing can be a more thoughtful travel gift than a wireless cooking thermometer if your father loves to cook. This long-range temp checker can make his cooking job super easy, allowing him to spend more time with family and friends on a camping trip or even when hosting a home party. This digital device can help him keep track of food and the cooking temperature of the oven or grill without much physical work. 

The ease of use makes this cooking thermometer ideal for every cook, beginner or seasoned. Overall, this is a gift he’ll love to use over and again to prepare perfectly cooked meals and make the most of family time.

9. HD Streaming Media Player

HD Streaming Media Player

A streaming media player can make a thoughtful gift for your father if he loves to watch TV. He may not be the most tech-savvy guy, but anyone can figure out this device. Plug it into the hotel’s HDTV, and the rest is simple. 

This HD streaming media player can support multiple internet services, including Netflix, Google Play, Prime Video, Apple TV, and The Roku Channel. That means he can watch his favorite show without any hassle. 

Though the device is small, it is powerful enough for the entire family’s entertainment. The voice control method makes it even more fun. 

Your father has been working hard to protect your family for years, and now he deserves some free time. Let him take a break from his busy routine and enjoy his favorite streaming TV shows by gifting this streaming media player. 

10. Foldable Wireless Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Foldable Wireless Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Wireless headphones make another excellent gift idea for your father this Father’s Day. The present becomes even more special if he is a music lover. The stretchable and foldable feature will allow him to find the perfect fit for this tech present in his traveling backpack

The easy & quick pairing mode makes it ideal even for non-tech-savvy dads. Just hit the On/Off button, and these headphones will be all set to pair with any device. The device will allow him to attend calls, have hands-free communication, and enjoy inspiring traveling songs.

Also, the long battery life of up to 14 hours makes these headphones perfect for long air travel. Overall, this durable and noise cancellation pair of headphones is something he can cherish for years to come. 

11. Anti Fatigue Mat

Anti Fatigue Mat

Gifting an anti-fatigue mat to your pops is one of the excellent travel gift ideas to show your love and care without saying a word. This item is really thoughtful if he is in a standing job. 

The built-in acupressure points in the mat can reduce exhaustion and relieve tension. It can help anyone stay refreshed all day long, even when in the office. 

The design and lightweight of these mats make them suitable for multiple purposes. For example, they are good to use in the office, kitchen, laundry room, prayer hall, and garage that requires standing. 

Overall, an anti-fatigue mat is a great gift to help your father improve long-term health issues. 

12. Lightweight Polarized Aviator Sunglasses 

Lightweight Polarized Aviator Sunglasses 

One gift that never goes out of style is sunglasses. A practical and thoughtful investment, a pair of aviator sunglasses is the perfect combination for dads. These lightweight sunglasses are one of the best travel gifts for dad that he’ll use repeatedly. 

These are several events where your father can wear these sunglasses. For example, while working outside under the sun, fishing, boating, driving, golfing, skiing, hiking, and lounging by the pool in summers. 

Regardless of his style and taste, this pair of polarized aviator sunglasses are perfect for all faces and fashion designs. Overall, these sunglasses are comfortable enough for active use, and your father will definitely love this trendy gift.

13. Fish Finder & Depth Finder 

Fish Finder & Depth Finder 

A fish & depth finder for under $100 is an excellent deal for an adventurous outdoorsman. Your dad will appreciate this gift more than any other that your siblings may try to hand to him. 

If the guy loves fishing, his hobby will get more accessible with this handheld fish-finding sonar device. The gear provides the best value for your money and makes fishing a no-challenge job by displaying approximate fish locations. 

The design of this fish finder device makes it ideal for different types of fishing, including canoe fishing, kayak fishing, shore fishing, and ice fishing. 

Apart from fish depth, this device can also display water depth, sand & rocks, and short & tall weeds on the bottom. 

The device is so unique and portable that your father can take it anywhere, even on a hiking or camping trip. 

14. Fitness Tracker Smart Watch 

Fitness Tracker Smart Watch 

Unlike other Father’s Days, why not go for something out of the box this year? If you’re concerned about your dad’s fitness and health, a fitness tracker smartwatch makes a superb gift. It is an excellent way to express your love, care, and gratitude to your dad

This smart wearable device will help your father keep up his health. Whenever he feels unwell or experiences stress, he can instantly check his blood-oxygen level and get an idea of his physical health. The device will also help track distance traveled, daily steps, and burned calories precisely. 

This fitness tracker can also provide sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, and stress level monitoring – improving the overall lifestyle of an individual. 

In addition, the built-in GPS and Alexa make this smartwatch even more interesting. These features will allow him to ask questions, set alarms, create shopping lists, operate smart home devices, get translations, and check the weather within no time. 

15. Leather Sneakers

Leather Sneakers

Who doesn’t love a pair of comfortable and stylish sneakers? Whether your father has been wearing the same pair of shoes for years or loves to collect shoes, chances are he will appreciate this travel gift. 

A pair of leather sneakers, like these Sketchers, is definitely going to upgrade his style and make his travel experience more enjoyable, no matter what. 

The rubber sole and padded collar ensure the comfort of the wearer. As these shoes are lightweight, breathable, warm in winters, and cool in summers, your father can wear them in all seasons. Also, the odor-resistant and machine-washable properties make them easy to maintain. 

So, give a practical and comfortable pair of leather sneakers to your dad and let him walk in style. 

16. Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless Charging Pad

If your father is a businessman and is always on the move, a wireless charging pad can be an innovative gift. This device can help keep his mobile and AirPods charged while traveling to stay productive. 

This charger is simple to use. Put your supported phone on this wireless charging pad and let it give your device a boost of power. Also, the surge protection, temperature control, and short-circuit prevention properties ensure the safety of your device. 

17. Water-Resistant Toiletry Bag

Water Resistant Toiletry Bag

Every man needs to be organized, and a proper gentleman is always well-groomed. A water-resistant toiletry bag is the best way to help him keep all his essentials in one place when on the go. Featuring multiple pockets, a toiletry bag is a wise choice to keep every item in place. 

The handy strap on the bag makes it easy to hang in the hotel’s bathroom or wherever else he’s grabbing a quick shave.

18. Face Care Set 

Face Care Set 

Dads are always careless about their skincare, especially when away from home. The reason could be any, for example, a tight schedule, or caring about your skin is girly.

Well Dads, taking care of your skin makes you more attractive to Moms (or other Dads).

A face care set is an effortless way to show your father how much you care for him. It can be his on-the-go solution for keeping skin clean and clear anywhere. 

Filled with skin toner, face wash, and lotion, this travel face care set includes everything he’ll require while traveling. Overall, this luxury facial care kit is something he would love to take with him on his next trip

19. Brass Poem Compass

Brass Poem Compass

A traveler’s compass is definitely one of the best unique travel gifts for dad. It is an essential emergency tool every traveler should have on an adventurous trip. The reason is – it can be hard to find signals on electronic devices in remote locations. This is where a compass comes to the rescue. 

A compass is an irreplaceable old-school tool that can lead travelers in the right direction when in the woods or the middle of the ocean. 

Overall, a compass is a thoughtful thing to give to your dad and make him remind you even when miles away. The poem engraved in the case is a real nice touch.

20. Personalized Wooden Photo Frame

Personalized Wooden Photo Frame

Though it may seem a little old-fashioned, a personalized photo frame is always one of the best travel gifts for dad. I don’t mean for him to stuff in a suitcase, but rather to fill it with pictures of his travels! A family photo with heartfelt words will mean a lot for your travel dad. 

Also, it is believed that wood within your home brings balance to your life and space. That means gifting this wooden photo frame can help your father stay calm, peaceful, and motivated while traveling outside frequently. 


1. When is Father’s Day Celebrated Around the World?

Though the date for this special day varies around the globe, it is celebrated on the third Sunday of June in many countries. The day is all about recognizing the contribution and sacrifices that fathers make for their children and family. 

2. Who Came Up with the Concept of Father’s Day? 

Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane, Washington, is credited for introducing the concept of Father’s Day. She got inspired to celebrate Father’s Day in 1909 after listening to a sermon on Mother’s Day. This was when she thought about recognizing her father, William Jackson Smart. He was a Civil War veteran and single father to six children. 

She celebrated the day for the first time in 1910 on the third Sunday of June. 

3. Are there any surprising facts about Father’s Day?

Yes, there are many surprising facts about this day, and some of them are as follows:

The day celebrated on the third Sunday of June happened by accident. 

Americans spent around $20.1 billion on Father’s Day presents in 2021. 

The day is all about lighters in France. 

It is the fourth most popular holiday for greeting cards after Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day. 

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