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Is Prague Safe? 7 Things to Know for Travelers

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is a city with so much to offer. With its rich history and beautiful architecture, it’s hard not to want to travel here. While traveling abroad does come with risks like pickpockets or food poisoning if you’re mindful of your surroundings and use common sense then you should be fine! Let’s go over 7 things that will help make your trip safe!

Is Prague Safe? Traveling is a lot of fun, but it can be risky.

We all know that traveling is great for your mental and physical health, but there are some risks that come with it like pickpockets or food poisoning.

Prague is one of the safest cities in Europe to travel to.

The Czech Republic is known for its low crime rates and their police force is well-trained and equipped to handle any situation you might encounter while visiting this beautiful city.

If you’re looking for an affordable vacation spot then look no further than Prague!

What is the crime rate in Prague?

Dim Charles Bridge, Prague

Prague has a low crime rate. The Czech Republic’s crime rates in 2016 were among the lowest in Europe, with only 0.5 occurrences per 100 people, which is lower than countries like Sweden or Latvia.

The low crime rates are in part attributed to a large number of on-foot police officers and a strong community policing approach that aims to address local concerns before they develop into serious offenses.

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How safe is Prague?

Since the fall of the Iron Curtain in the early 1990s, Prague has been a popular destination on the tourism map. The city boasts some magnificent architecture and was less badly damaged than other European cities.

Pickpockets, rich thieves, ungrateful taxi drivers, and hustlers are all prevalent in the city.

This does not negate the fact that Prague is still very safe. However, we need to look at the facts to get a full picture of how safe it is to visit. Prague is a safe place to visit, but it isn’t perfect.

In fact, some of the largest scams in Prague involve crimes that target tourists – specifically people who are traveling alone.

These include fake police officers and taxis looking to make a quick buck off unsuspecting visitors. It is important you know how to avoid these situations while still having a good time!

However, if you’re mindful of your surroundings and use common sense then you should have no issues.

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What are some of the most dangerous neighborhoods to avoid?

According to the US State Department, travelers should avoid walking in Prague at night in certain neighborhoods.

They recommend staying out of Prague 1; Kozyn; Petriny; Pankrac; Nusle; Vinohrady; Varsijevy Garden and Stagestruck nightclubs.

Prague (Praha) is a fun city with so much history to explore, but like other big cities it does have its risks.

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How Safe is the Main Train Station and the Public Transportation Systems?

It depends what you mean by safe. Like many cities in Europe, Prague’s public transit system is great to get around and use for a visitor. It’s one of the best public transportation systems in all of Europe.

The buses are clean and the drivers friendly, and it’s free to use – not including the cost of a ticket to get on board! There is also ample information in English too.

When getting off at other stops, though, there can be some safety issues such as men who target lone travelers waiting for buses or even the police themselves hassling people.

It’s not so much because they’re trying to steal from tourists but more about where they want you to go next – illegitimately sold tour packages (like a walking tour.)

Or shops that pay them money based on how many customers they give tours and goods to.

It’s always a good idea to try and avoid hanging around the main train station, either by avoiding it or taking taxis from there.

The area is not safe for someone who looks like they have money as pickpockets are common here too – especially around major tourist attractions such as Old Town Square.

Like most public transport, you should avoid taking tram lines, metro stations and buses very late at night or after you’ve been drinking.

Particularly, crowded trams and buses. Night trams have been known to attract the wrong kind of people after dark.

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How safe is Prague compared to other cities?

The Czech Republic is ranked ninth in the Global Peace Index, with “very high” peace and security. There is no violence or fear of violence across three primary domains: Safety and Security, Ongoing Conflict, and Militarisation.

In terms of the list of countries and to give you context, Canada ranks tenth, Ireland eighth, and Austria sixth.

The statistics, according to the Numbeo crime index and safety index, Prague is the 47th safest city in their list of 319 cities.

Some key cities that would always fall behind Prague on the safety index include Edinburgh, Glasgow, Calgary and Amsterdam.

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Safety Tips for Visiting Prague

Busy Street in Prague, Czechia

One issue American travelers might run into is being pickpocketed or robbed when visiting popular attractions crowded with tourists such as Prague Castle, Old Town Square and the Charles Bridge.

Most visitors are completely safe if they obey local laws, walk sensibly at night and try not to stray too far from well-known places.

If you do feel uncomfortable during your visit, here are some tips.

  • Stay out of Prague’s most dangerous neighborhoods
  • Don’t walk alone at night in crowded places or tourist attractions
  • Follow local laws and be mindful if you stray too far from well known areas

What are the best ways to keep yourself safe? Here are several things you can do to stay as safe as possible.

  • Stay out of the most dangerous neighborhoods
  • Avoid walking in Prague alone at night in crowded tourist areas or popular attractions
  • Follow local laws and be mindful when you stray too far from well known places

You should always travel with your common sense, stay alert to your surroundings no matter where you are and if something doesn’t feel right then it’s probably not.

These tips apply to nearly every situation and is not specific for visiting Prague, but here are some general tips for many tourists:

  • Travel with your common sense
  • Be alert to your surroundings no matter where you are
  • Trust your intuition if something doesn’t feel right, it might be a bad idea to continue walking forward in that direction!

Prague is a very safe city and you need to practice the same considerations that you’d follow in other cities around the world. This is just the beginning of all the good things Prague has waiting for you.

Traveling is an exciting time, but it’s important that you’re mindful of your surroundings and use good judgment when visiting new places.

The following list will give you a great starting point for staying safe while traveling in this beautiful city.

  • Keep an eye on your belongings in crowded public areas where pickpockets can blend into a crowd or easily escape.
  • Prague is “safer” because it’s not as plagued with crime as other cities such as Rome, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris and Madrid. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t forget being safe in tourist areas
  • Always buy travel insurance before traveling internationally. This will help you navigate unfortunate situations (including trip delays or cancellations) that many tourists face on a daly basis.
  • The Czech Republic, and especially Prague is a very fun place and is known as a bit of a party destination being that they are known for its excellent Czech beers and bar scene. Ensure you stay more alert about your surroundings, particularly after drinking.
  • Since the Czech Republic is not on the Euro, no need to exchange money or buy a money belt. Most places in Prague accept credit cards. If you don’t have cash, it’s harder to get pick pocketed. Travel credit cards can be cancelled or insured if they are lost or stolen.
  • Avoid taxi scams by only using verified taxi drivers from apps like Uber, AAA Taxi, Lyft or

Enjoy Prague by following these routine travel tips and most importantly have fun in this amazing tourist destination.

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Safety Travel Essentials for Prague

Prague, Czechia in Golden Hour

Prague is one of the most beautiful places of Europe so get yourself prepared with a high quality camera.

Shoes are of the most need during a short walk on crowded cobbled streets. Having a robust and windproof umbrella for winter weather in Prague is best.

A compact mirrorless camera and a traveling adapter with multi-plug are essential if your electronics work out in the city.

A paperback is indispensable when walking through a city accompanied with good-looking guides book. One guide of high quality is also necessary for a few days’ stay in Prague.

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Where to Stay in Prague?

Prague has a large selection of hostels to suit every budget. Hostel Boudnik offers dormitories as well as private rooms with free high-speed internet.

Augustine Prague is a five-star hotel in an ancient monastery. Hotel Nyx Prague is located in the city center and close to Prague Castle.

Augustine Prague provides elegant rooms with amazing views of Prague Castle. Augustine is situated just near the city centre with magnificent views over the famous Prague castle.

The city has a large variety of hotels which include one in the middle range group and also a luxury option in the middle of the range.

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Where should I stay as a solo female traveler in Prague?

Prague isn’t as economically deprived as most other cities, but there are certain locations where it’s less appealing. I’m currently putting up a list of hotels and hostels that I’d want you to consider staying in if you’re traveling alone to Prague.

For visitors concerned about their safety, these hotel suggestions are ideal. I get a lot of emails with hotel recommendations since a single woman alone exploring Prague has many concerns.

Other parts of Prague that are lovely to live in – such as Vysehrad Fort or adjacent to the Letna Beer Garden, for example – are most likely not safe places for a woman traveling alone.

I’m currently putting up a list of hotels and hostels that I’d want you to consider staying in if you’re traveling alone to Prague. For visitors concerned about their safety, these hotel suggestions are ideal.

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Design Metropol Hotel Prague

Design Metropol Hotel Prague is near the trains station Trida and Mustek. Some of the reviews received were positive from previous visitors.

You can easily walk all over here or join in the public transportation and you would be close to many (touristy) restaurants and cafes.

Check availability & prices on for more information about the hotel.

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Hostel Downtown‘s hostel Downtown features a female-only dorm room including mixed dormitories and several double and twin rooms. It’s on a busy street so you will always find people nearby when you have to come and go.

You can walk to Old Town, Wenceslas Square Charles Bridge and (a little longer) the Castle.

Check availability and price on

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Dahlia Hotel Inn

Dahlia Inn Hotel Prague is situated 3.5 blocks from IP Pavlova station. From here you could reach Old Town in 15 minutes and the river in 10 minutes.

There are Starbucks, Paul bakery, and restaurants nearby as well as one of my favorite coffee stores; Anonymous Coffee!

Check availability & price on

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The Dominican Hotel Prague (formerly Savic Hotel)

The Dominican Hotel Prague is in a picturesque location in Prague’s charming Old Town. It gets a superb 9.2/10 from from past guests. Old Town has lots of people around until 11:45 or even midnight which is nice.

Check availability & prices on for more information.

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Safestay Prague Charles Bridge

The hostel does offer a feminine-only dorm as well as mixed dormitory rooms and various double and twin rooms. Safestay Prague is in a truly busy place with a metro station within one stop. is a great way to book a hostel with great reviews on the city’s travel network.

Compare available times and prices on

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Best Time to Visit Prague

The best time to visit Prague and its attractions is during the summer months when the sun sets at about 11 pm and rises at around three am for uninterrupted sightseeing throughout the night.

Summer weather in Prague is usually sunny and warm with temperatures averaging 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30 Celsius). The city also hosts a chill-out festival every year in July.

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What to Eat in Prague

There are several delicious dishes that represent traditional Czech cuisine, such as goulash with dumplings and fried cheese curd mixed with potato salad called smažený sýr which is very popular among tourists visiting the city.

If you want to try something that is not traditional, then you must visit the Old Town Square and buy a crepes from one of many stalls. You can choose from Nutella or strawberries with cream for dessert.

If you love seafood, head over to U Karla in Malá Strana where they serve delicious Czech dishes such as fried goose liver with dried plums, or beef steak with roasted potatoes.

Avoid eating at upscale restaurants because the food is very expensive for not much quality.

The best way to eat local in Prague is through street vendors and small cafes that serve traditional dishes made by hand with love! This guide will help you learn about everything there is to know when it comes to visiting Prague.

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Final Thoughts: Is Prague Safe to Visit?

Old Square in Prague, Czechia

Czech authorities claim that the crime rate has decreased in recent months. To summarize, the Czech Republic had worries about political corruption being widespread.

Theft is an issue in other cities, but it’s most certainly a problem in Prague, Czech Republic. The busiest train cars or bus lines on public transport should be avoided because they are dangerous (every time you drink).

If you’re going to drink, make sure you do it in the safety of your own home.

Wherever possible, try and use a pay-as-you go phone or SIM card so that if anything happens to your mobile device then at least all of your data is secure (don’t leave any devices unattended; keep them on you).

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Is Prague safe for female tourists?

Yes, when compared to other major European cities!  Prague is a beautiful city that has so much to offer visitors in the form of history, architecture and culture that it’s hard not to want to visit.

It is considered “safer” than other major European cities like Rome, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris or Madrid.

Because tourism is one of its biggest industries so has been trying to protect both tourists and residents for quite some time now – especially against street crime.

How safe is Prague?

Prague is considered a safe city, particularly right in the middle of the city center. They have limited violent crime.

But when you visit Prague, you should still keep in mind other safety trip as you would with any other city to prevent pickpocketing and property crime.
Nevertheless, Prague is considered to be “safer” because it’s not as plagued with crime as cities such as Rome, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris or Madrid.

And since tourism is one of its biggest industries it has been trying to protect both tourists and residents from street crime for quite some time now – especially against theft by mugging.

Is Prague safe to travel alone?

Generally speaking, yes. Just like any other major city, take extra precautions if you decide to travel alone.

Traveling alone is generally not recommended for the average female tourist because you’re more vulnerable and easier to victimize in such cases!

But if you do decide that traveling alone is right for you, then don’t go out at night by yourself and stay alert at all times.

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