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20 Best Restaurants in Berlin, Germany

20 Best Restaurants in Berlin, Germany

Various restaurants in Berlin serve mouthwatering delicacies, and food places to check out and make a note of when planning a trip to Germany’s capital city. Planning a trip is not overnight planning; it is meticulous fro where to go, what to bring, and where to stay.

Checking for food places is an important part of planning a trip because tasting delicious german meals is among the best things to do in Berlin.

If you’re planning a trip to Germany and will visit Berlin, this list of spectacular restaurants can help where you should go and why it is among the best restaurants in town.

Best Restaurants in Berlin, Germany



Address: Max-Beer-Straße 13, 10119 Berlin, Germany

Aside from discovering fantastic attractions in Berlin, eating meals and tasting delicacies is among the best things to do in town. When craving Japanese foods, the city has a Japanese food place ready to serve their mouthwatering cousin, Shiori.

It is a Japanese restaurant in the city that aims to offer the locals and tourists the taste of Japan.
Checking out Shiori opens an opportunity not only to eat Japanese food but be immersed in its culture and culinary experience.

The restaurant also wants to elevate the dining experience they want to give to all their customers.

The interior of Shiori portrays a Japanese touch on it, everything is polished, and just like in Japan, they offer an intimate counter-serve restaurant offering.

It is a delightful Japanese joint that provides good Japanese food and a seasonal Japanese tasting menu. The carving for sushi and other pleasing Japanese food will be satisfied in Shiori.

If looking for a great play to stay that is closed to the restaurant MEININGER Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz is among the best choice.

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Curry & More Berlin

Cheese Pizza with Cherry Tomatoes

Address: Grunerstraße 5, 10179 Berlin, Germany

Exploring Berlin can get you hungry; it is a big city rich in beauty and attractions that keep tourists going back and forth to various spots on the top.

When hungry while after touring some of the towns, spectacular destinations stopping by at Curry & More Berlin are ideal. It is a snack bar and food place that provide mouthwatering food to taste.

Curry & More Berlin is a charming pizzeria place that ready, cooks, and served tasty pizzas. Aside from tasting delicious pizzas, the joint also cooked currywurst. It is an exciting dish that is served when an order of Burger & Curry.

Craving for sweets?

No problem because Curry & More Berlin offers a delicious Berliner. The food place is an ideal place to stop by, relax, and eat delicious food even before starting exploring the town, a place to get energized and complete at the same time.

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Plate of Wiener Schnitzel

Address: Pflugstraße 11, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Want to taste authentic German cuisine? In Berlin, Hackethal’s is among the restaurants in town that serve delicious German delicacies—eating German food before or after exploring berlin boost and adding an excellent travel experience in the city.

The restaurant is a beautiful place to spot during a trip or even after the trip to rechange and taste mouthwatering German food.

German classics are cooked and served by the food place, including wurst and sauerkraut.

Hackethal’s also offers tasty dishes such as pork medallions and sausages paired with the restaurant’s own freshly brewed beer. Sweets were also served in the food place such as Berliner, apple strudels, and chocolate desserts.

Hackethal’s provides good beers and other beverages, depending on the customer’s preferences. The restaurant has wine and craft beers and coffee for customers who don’t drink.

The restaurant’s interior provides a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere that matches lovely decors that light up the whole restaurant.

Restaurant Facil

Bowl of Potato Soup

Address: Potsdamer Straße 3, 10785 Berlin, Germany

Want to experience fine dining? Restaurant Facil is among the great restaurants in Berlin that offer an open-air dining experience. The restaurant is recognized as Potsdamer Platz’s haven of food culture in town. It is a fascinating food place that is awarded a two Michelin stars. An award that proves that it is an incredible place to dine in.

It is situated within a Berlin hotel with an interior of minimalist decors, puristic design, expansive glass windows, and outdoor dining.

The restaurant is a great place to eat dinner. The ambiance of Restaurant Facil is a mixture of romance, vibrant, and pleasant. The site has outdoor dining where customers can dine surrounded by bamboo trees.

Restaurant Facil served lunch and dinner classic cuisine, and the menu consists of a gourmet menu and a vegetarian menu.

On the gourmet menu, authentic and pleasing german food is available. In contrast, the Vegetarian menu is full of healthy options and offers excellent meals to vegetarian customers.

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Dessert Glazed with Chocolate

Address: Dunckerstraße 69, 10437 Berlin, Germany

Schneider, also known as Schneider food, is a charming restaurant to visit in Berlin, especially when craving tasty and fine food.

A variety of mouthwatering food is served in the restaurant, from seafood to poultry, meat, and sweets. The food place is near to some attractions in towns, making the restaurant accessible for tourists who are hungry after exploring the city.

The restaurant offers takeaways and delivery, which is convenient for tourists who are tired and want to go straight to their accommodations to relax and order food instead of going out. The menu of Schneider is divided into 5: Sandwiches, Salads, Mains, desserts, and refreshments.

Schneider is not only an indoor, take away, and delivery kind of restaurant; they do offer outdoor seating on special occasions.

Tye sandwich on their menu is a variation of vegetarian, chicken, and lamb. A chocolate dessert is served in the restaurant. It is a delightful place to eat various tasty food and experience a great dining experience in berlin.

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Restaurants in Berlin

Address: Prenzlauer Allee 216, 10405 Berlin, Germany

Olivenberg caters to the locals and tourist carvings for Middle Eastern cuisine. It is a charming restaurant in Berlin and among the restaurants in town that offers mouthwatering dishes that should not be overlooked. The restaurant offers a menu of vegetarian is convenient to vegetarian customers.

The menu in the restaurant offers a variety of delicious cuisine from Middle Eastern countries.

Some of the savory dishes they serve are Merguez-Halloumi, Sinagoga di Rykestrasse, and Halloumi-Makali sandwiches. The restaurant has a vibrant, welcoming, and delightful ambiance that makes it lively to visit and enjoy lunch or dinner.

Olivenberg is among the restaurants that provide a new flavor and delicacies to widen one palate. It is a mini-stop food place that offers easy access to reach Berlin’s beautiful attractions.

The restaurant provides opportunities to taste Middle Eastern cuisine without going out and while in Berlin. The food, ambiance, interior, and service that Olivenberg gives provide a memorable dining experience in town.

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Restaurant Slate Berlin

Plate of Ice Cream Dessert

Address: Elisabethkirchstraße 2, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Restaurant Slate Berlin is a splendid European restaurant to dine at in Berlin, Germany. It is among the best food place to visit and taste mouthwatering European cuisine.

The restaurant is ideally located in the Elisabethkirchstraße, which is near some of Berlin’s iconic attractions and landmarks. This gives the restaurant excellent access to locals and tourists to reach.

The restaurant is a great place to stop by after checking out attractions in Berlin to eat, relax, and taste delicious delicacies. Restaurant Slate Berlin starts with a humble beginning, and now it has become a fine restaurant that offers a fine dining experience, great refreshments, and tastes delectable dishes.

Restaurant Slate Berlin is featured and recognized in New York Times, Michelin, Tagesspiegel Genuss Magazine, Berlin Newspaper, and more.

This recognition is a getaway of how excellent the restaurant is, from the food they served, the restaurant interior, ambiance that provides an overall exceptional dining experience.

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Salmon Dish with Vegetables

Address: Paul-Lincke-Ufer 42/43, 10999 Berlin, Germany

Tasting delicious food and experiencing a great dining experience is among the best things t do in Berlin, and it is within reach in Spindler.

It is a charming restaurant in town that offers delectable foods within its cozy and delightful restaurant. The restaurant is equipped and designed with a mixture of modern and antiques elements.

Spindler offers exceptional breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals.

The restaurant menu runs from varieties of meat, where there is a grill menu, soup, entrée, and more. For vegetarians, the restaurant t also offers vegetarian menus. The food cooked and served in the restaurant is an all-year-round classic of European dishes. The food also changes with the seasons.

When looking for a fascinating place to eat and experience a fabulous fine dining experience, Spindler is among the fine ding restaurants in Berlin to go. The location is a fine restaurant with a beautiful ambiance adding to an incredible dining atmosphere partnered with top-notch dishes.

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MontRaw Restaurant

Seafood Cuisine

Address: Torstraße 189, 10115 Berlin, Germany

For those who seek great food, a fun place, MontRaw Restaurant is among the best restaurant to savor. It is a relatively small restaurant that starts with a humble beginning on unary of 2018.

The restaurant is also a club in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. Later on, the restaurant moved to Mitte and started to grow its business.

MontRaw Restaurant cooked delicious and savory Mediterranean cuisine and served in their charming 40 guests hosting tables. The number of customers the restaurant can host during winter is 40 and doubles up during summer. It is a lovely restaurant that provides a Fine Casual Dining experience to its customers.

Aside from serving delicious meals, the restaurant also hosts guest who wants to drink with their family, friends, and Colleagues on as MontRaw Restaurant is also a part club.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is open, vibrant, and friendly, and ambiance that is ideal for a delightful meal and bonding. Booking the restaurant for special occasions is also suitable for celebrations, presentations, and parties.

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Shrimp  Pasta with Cherry Tomatoes

Address: Gubener Str. 48, 10243 Berlin, Germany

Craving for Italian dishes?

No problem, Portofino is a lovely Italian restaurant in Gubener, Berlin. The restaurant is near and accessible from Gubener’s iconic landmarks and attractions.

It makes the food place a great destination to grab food before or after checking out the town’s fascinating attractions. The restaurant offers a variety of mouthwatering Italian dishes.

Portofino is a charming eating place with a vibrant and pleasing ambiance, a street-side terrace for open-air dining, and sleek interior design.

The menu is filled with a variety of Italian food from pizza, pasta, and savory mains. The place also incorporated Italian-style food eating, a causal dining joint to relish Italian foods with distinct checkered table clothes.

Portofino accepts dine-in as well as take-away, ideal for the tourist who is only looking for a spot to stop by, eat food or grab food on their way before heading out to some of Berlin’s fascinating destinations.

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Man Cooking German German Sausages

Address: Durlacher Str. 15, 10715 Berlin, Germany

Tasting German cuisine is among the best things to do when visiting Berlin, Germany. It is a way of learning about its culture and food aside from checking out its attractions. Bieberbau is among the best food place and fancy restaurants to taste delectable German food.

The restaurant served traditional and various German delicacies.

Bieberbau is a food joint and an art place wherein the restaurant’s guest room there are Richard Bieber signature sculptures and masterpieces. It is a restaurant for artists, painters, the neighborhood, and the town’s tourists. The atmosphere of the place is vibrant, artistic, and pleasing.

The restaurant offers three menus where some are can be combined when ordering. Some food to enjoy on bieberbau’s first menu is cauliflower with sylter royale, flank steak with BBQ sauce, and saffron soup with sweet corn; on the 2nd menu, some food where bottle gourd with matured bread and white chocolate with rosehip.

Lastly, the 3rd menu has yellow beets and poopers, house-ripened goat cheese, and raspberry and pistachio.

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Restaurant Paris Moskau

Red Soup on a Bowl

Address: Alt-Moabit 141, 10557 Berlin, Germany

Restaurant Paris Moskau is a lovely Fine-dining restaurant that cooks and serves mouthwatering French, German and Russian cuisine.

The restaurant is an ideal place to spend a delightful dinner in Berlin, and it is among the town’s notable restaurants to check out. A visit to the restaurant provides a memorable trip in berlin.

It is located in a historic timber-framed house, a place with a second floor, a garden terrace, and filled with an art concept to admire. With the wide choices and international menu Restaurant Paris Moskau offers, it becomes a fascinating and exquisite restaurant not to miss when in town.

With the combination of the Menu, it offers an opportunity to ist customers not only to taste good food but also to taste international cuisine while in Berlin.

Customers can give Menu suggestions for a group of 5 or more. Restaurant Paris Moskau started as a truck driver’s booth that cooked and served a variety of dishes. Today the restaurant is among the notable food place in town and now offers to dine in on their tables and fancy chairs.

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German Food with German Beer

Address: Linienstraße 160, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Rating: out of 5

Lokal is a fancy corner restaurant that is recognized among Berlin’s great food places to eat. It is a German restaurant that cooks authentic and mouthwatering German dishes to try in Berlin, Germany.

The restaurant offers a pleasant dining experience to every customer that enters their humble and charming restaurant.

The food place is ideal for stopping by and taste German food in a fancy and delightful way. It is closed to some attractions in town where it gives easy access to reach such iconic destinations before or after visiting on their place.

White walls, a modern, sleek interior, and lovely hanging lamps are great things to anticipate in the restaurant side from the food they serve.

Aside from German delectables, seasonal European dishes can be savored in Lokal. Some of the food served in the restaurants were Asparagus soup, Monkfish cheeks, Homemade pasta, and Steinköhler. The restaurant also offers refreshments such as fine wine.

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Small Kebab

Address: Gartenstraße 1, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Salamat serves Middle Eastern cuisine to both locals and tourists. It is a wonderful laid-back restaurant in Berlin, and it is one of the city’s restaurants that serves delightful cuisine that should not be missed.

Customers who are vegetarians will like the restaurant’s vegetarian cuisine. The restaurant’s menu features a wide range of delectable Middle Eastern food and refreshments.

Some of the savory meals they concentrate on include specialties from Northern Iraqi cuisine and refreshments, and more. The restaurant offers a lively, inviting, and wonderful ambiance, making it a fun place to visit for lunch or supper.

Salamat is one of the restaurants that offer various flavors and delights to broaden one’s horizons. It’s a quick bite to eat that provides convenient access to Berlin’s stunning sights.

While in Berlin, the restaurant allows sampling Middle Eastern food without having to leave the city. Salamat delivers a remarkable eating experience in town with its food, environment, decor, and service.

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La Caleta

Holding a Wok of Seafood Paella

Address: Wielandstraße 26A, 10707 Berlin, Germany

Both residents and tourists may enjoy Spanish food in La Caleta. It’s a new fantastic restaurant in Berlin, and it’s one of the city’s restaurants that provides delectable cuisine. Vegan customers will like the diner’s vegetarian food. A wide variety of tasty Tacos, tamales and more, are available on the restaurant’s menu.

Some of the delicious meals they provide include traditional Spanish cuisine, as well as Spanish wines. The restaurant has a vibrant, warm, and fantastic atmosphere that makes it a pleasant visit for lunch and dinner. Pella, tapa, and other Spanish snacks are available here.

While in Berlin, the restaurant provides a chance to try Spanish cuisine without leaving town. With its food, ambiance, design, and service, La Caleta delivers a memorable dining experience in the city.

La Caleta is one of the establishments that offer various flavors and delights to broaden one’s horizons. It’s a quick bite to eat that provides convenient access to Berlin’s stunning sights.

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Fine Dining

Address: Eisenzahnstraße 59, 10709 Berlin, Germany

Rating: out of 5

Do you want to try fine dining in Berlin?

Ebert is one of Berlin’s finest restaurants, offering a memorable dining experience. The restaurant is a family-run company in its third generation, and it is a cuisine and culture paradise in town. It is an eatery and a pleasant bar located near Kurfürstendamm, a well-known tourist attraction in Berlin.

It has simple decors, a minimalist look, sleek, and a wonderful interior that sets up the mood for fine dining. The diner is an excellent choice for dinner.

Ebert’s ambiance is a blend of romanticism, vibrancy, and pleasure. The restaurant’s menu features delectable cuisines as well as seasonal meals to enjoy.

Ebert offered classic food for lunch and supper, with a gourmet menu and a vegetarian menu. Genuine and delicious traditional and savory German cuisine is featured on the gourmet menu. On the other hand, the Vegetarian menu is chock-full of nutritious alternatives and provides superb vegetarian meals.

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German Sausage Servings

Address: Elbestraße 28/29, 12045 Berlin, Germany

Located in the third courtyard of the Otto-Reichel Höfe, Eins44 gives a fine dining experience from its high-ceilinged old distiller location and design.

A hall from the turn of the century, which served 70 years for the distillation of essences. For the production of liqueurs and a multitude of different uses through the years. The diner has recently found a new home at Eins44.

Opened in April 2014, Eins44 mainly cooks from seasonal and regional ingredients. The restaurant was awarded 15 Gault Millau points in 2017 and is recommended in Michelin Guide.

The restaurant masters the giving a balanced service of a tranquil, professional service and sophisticated delectable extraordinarily. Ingredients are fresh, creatively presented, and perfectly balanced in flavor.

The restaurant serves both lunch and dinner. Lunches tend towards the classics, while customers can pick from three to six meal courses, with the restaurants from flexible menus in the evening.

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Plate of Vegetable Meal

Address: Budapester Str. 2, 10787 Berlin, Germany

The lovely restaurant of Hugos Hotel Intercontinental Berlin‘s 14th-floor dining area with magnificent city views and innovative food overlooks the city from the Brandenburg Gate to Potsdamer Platz.

Dinner in the restaurant is a great place to view the sunset and be welcomed by city lights. Hugos is the place to go if you’re seeking tastes you’ve never had before that will thrill your taste buds.

Consistently awarded a Michelin star since 1999, you can enjoy top-class down-to-earth gourmet cuisine in the highest starred restaurant in Berlin The Varta Guide recommends this restaurant, which received 17 Gault Millau points in 2019.

Enjoy the carefree professionalism of a down-to-earth gourmet kitchen and top-class service headed by Chef Eberhard Lange.

The German and regional quality of products with international influences are made in such a way that the original taste is never overlaid but only enhanced. The handwriting of nature is recognizable to the guest.

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Chicken with Carrot Meal

Address: Landsberger Allee 106, 10369 Berlin, Germany

Skykitchen, a Michelin-starred restaurant on the 12th level of Vienna House Andel’s Berlin, is modest and elegant.

The distinctive Skykitchen experience is brought to life in an identifiable and sleek ambiance, gleaming velvety seats on an unpolished concrete floor, unusual flea market discoveries, and high-quality copper components.

Alexander Koppe is the head chef of the Skykitchen, and his culinary style is a mix of fine dining with Berlin flare.

The youthful chef de cuisine, intelligent, laidback, and easygoing, welcomes you into a world of sensations and aroma—delightful service and expert wine accompanying the Voyage Culinaire and vegetarian menus.

Awarded with Michelin star, great food and lots of local ingredients used and perfect wine choices to the different dishes.

From beginning to end, the experience was fantastic. The staff was attentive but casual, and the sample meal was excellent, complemented with wines picked by the sommelier with a budget in mind.

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Plate of Delicious Stew

Address: Kollwitzstraße 88, 10435 Berlin, Germany

For those who seek great food and a delightful place, among the excellent restaurant to savor them. It is located in Kollwitzstraße in Berlin, Germany.

It is an elegant-looking restaurant that serves beautiful dishes to try. The food place is a Catalonian restaurant. Aside from the mouthwatering food the restaurant serves, they also offer delicious wine.

D.O. prepared and served savory Catalonian cuisine and served, and the restaurant has a pleasant atmosphere. The place is filled with a pleasing, delightful, and lovely ambiance that sets the mood in experiencing a fine dining experience.

It is a food place that offers a new taste in town, an international restaurant that should not be missed.
The restaurant has a spectacular diner setting accompanied by lovely decorations.

Mediterranean cuisine was also some of the food to relish in D.O. The restaurant also provides a fine selection of wines to partner with the delectable dishes they served.

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