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18 Best Restaurants in Germany

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A beautiful country with uncountable attractions, Germany is a dream destination for many people. The country has endless things to explore, from German culture to historic castles to gorgeous beaches to exciting outdoor activities. But, no matter what, you can’t deny that vacations are incomplete without enjoying their indigenous cuisines and delicacies.

Germany is home to some of the world’s best eateries, from exclusive gourmet restaurants to fine dining and open-air restaurants. They serve countless dishes from around the world to treat guests’ taste buds, vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

Here are some of the best restaurants in Germany where you can enjoy cuisines from different regions. Let’s take a closer look.

TL;DR: Our Top Recommendations

Category Top Recommendation
Family-Friendly Restaurant Restaurant Schwarzwaldstube
Scenic Restaurant Revolving Restaurant Sphere
Traditional German Restaurant Hofbrauhaus Munich
Fine Dining Option The Table

Best German Restaurants You MUST Try

1. Restaurant Schwarzwaldstube

Restaurant Schwarzwaldstube Interior
Management / TripAdvisor

Address: Tonbachstr. 237, 72270, Baiersbronn, Germany

  • Known For: Refined Classic French Cuisine and Foie
  • Notable Dishes: Mosaic of Marinated Duck Liver, Brittany Lobster from the Wood Grill
  • Michelin Stars: 3

Restaurant Schwarzwaldstube is a famous fine-dining restaurant in the Traube Tonbach Hotel. The restaurant serves culinary delights from around the world. Located on one side of the Black Forest Valley, this place offers haute cuisine, wine, and incredible views.

Located just across the road from the Traube Tonbach Hotel, the restaurant was opened in 1976. It is one of the well-known German restaurants with three Michelin stars. They gained their first Michelin star in 1978, second in 1979, and third in 1992.

The restaurant has an army of Germany’s top chefs who follow an innovative cooking style. They refine classic French cuisine with locally produced German cooking techniques and precision.

Dishes on the menu are delicate in their execution, well-rounded, intense, and appealing to the palate. The restaurant’s house specialty is foie gras, which is served differently. Booking a luxurious room in Traube Tonbach is the best option to top off the ultimate gourmet experience in Schwarzwaldstube.

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2. Fischereihafen Restaurant Hamburg

Fischereihafen Restaurant Hamburg Interior
image by Christine Poschmann/TripAdvisor

Address: Grosse Elbstr. 143, 22767 Hamburg, Germany

  • Known For: Seafood
  • Notable Dishes: Carpaccio with Red Beets
  • Michelin Stars: None

Overlooking the harbor, Fischereihafen is a popular seafood restaurant in Hamburg. Opened in 1981, the restaurant became a well-known name among fish lovers from all around the world. It is a bit away from the city’s center by the seafront, offering an unobstructed view and fresh seafood.

This lively, long-running restaurant has breathtaking harbor views for grilled seafood, oysters, and caviar. With a huge seafood menu, Fischereihafen serves fresh fish dishes that attract ardent fish lovers.

If you prefer fish in Hamburg, you must visit this port-side restaurant. The house specialty is smoked eel with an omelet. Also, the menu changes almost daily depending on the fish availability in the market.

Fischereihafen Restaurant Hamburg also features a great selection of meat dishes for non-fish eaters, such as rib-eye steak and Wiener schnitzel. Their alcohol selection isn’t bad, either. You can also enjoy your favorite German wine or beer with your order.

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3. Prinz Myshkin Restaurant

Prinz Myshkin Restaurant Interior
Management / TripAdvisor

Address: Hackenstrasse 2, 80331 Munich, Germany

  • Known For: Vegan and Vegetarian Dishes
  • Notable Dishes: Seitan Ragout, Tofu Stroganoff
  • Michelin Stars: None

Situated on the outskirts of Munich, Prinz Myshkin is a vegan & vegetarian restaurant and cafe. Founded in 1984, the restaurant features a great selection of vegetarian dishes, exceptional service, and good vibes.

Prinz Myshkin’s menu combines German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Indian food, making it interesting for vegetarians. The restaurant passionately serves modern cuisine prepared with organic, top-notch ingredients. The restaurant’s specialty is dishes that look non-veg but are made using 100% vegan and vegetarian ingredients.

The restaurant’s ambiance is gorgeous, featuring stunning interior design and comfortable seating. With a single open dining space and high ceilings, it has a posh setting with basic chairs & tables, simple lighting, and minimalistic wall paintings. 

Prinz Myshkin serves a vast range of vegetarian dishes in an open and contemporary atmosphere, creating an excellent dining environment. Airy and just plain lovely, Prinz Myshkin is worth a try for all tourists looking for delicious food. 

4. Restaurant Marjellchen

Restaurant Marjellchen Interior
Management / TripAdvisor

Address: Mommsenstrasse 9, 10629 Berlin, Germany

  • Known For: Traditional German, East Prussian, and Masurian Dishes
  • Notable Dishes: Rumpsteak, Roasted salmon and parsley potatoes
  • Michelin Stars: None

If you’re searching for a fine dining restaurant in Berlin, Marjellchen is a must-try. Opened in 1985, this is the only German, Masurian, and East Prussian restaurant that serves classic German cuisine and other specialties.

Known as one of the best restaurants in Germany, Marjellchen offers delicious dishes, including several East Prussian and Berlin specialties. Try a range of soups, appetizers, and main courses, and finish off with an innovative dessert while enjoying the breathtaking view of the surroundings.

It is an excellent spot to enjoy an intimate, warm meal with family and friends in Berlin. This eatery also makes a gorgeous place for guests to host birthday parties, weddings, and anniversaries.

Overall, if you want to try German cuisine in a cozy atmosphere for an affordable price in Berlin, head straight to this restaurant; you should make reservations in advance since the restaurant is quite popular.

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5. Restaurant Kaiserbad

Restaurant Kaiserbad Interior
Management / TripAdvisor

Address: Karl-Heine-Strasse 93, 04229 Leipzig, Germany

  • Known For: Elevated European Food
  • Michelin Stars: None

Located in Leipzig, Kaiserbad is one of my favorite restaurants in Germany. Overlooking the Karl Heine Canal, this industrial-style eatery offers elevated European food, cocktails, and beer.

Kaiserbad’s setting is lovely, with a beautiful terrace to enjoy your favorite drinks in the sunshine. The restaurant features plenty of space for families and businesses. The industrial-modern decoration adds charm and ends up attracting more and more people.

Kaiserbad has a great menu that includes everything from snacks to the main course to desserts to wines and cocktails. Their specialties are fish dishes with king coral, calamari, pike-perch, or trout and steak variations.

Overall, the restaurant is well located (right next to the canal) and frequently busy. Make sure to book your table for dinner. Parking is limited in the area, so be ready for a walk.

6. Revolving Restaurant Sphere

Restaurant Sphere Interior
Management / TripAdvisor

Address: Panoramastr. 1A, Berliner Fernsehturm, Alexanderplatz · 10178 Berlin, Germany

  • Known For: Salmon Pasta and Cooked Smoked Salmon
  • Michelin Stars: None

A meal at the Revolving Sphere is a lifetime experience! This restaurant in the Berlin TV Tower offers history, culinary pleasure, and a breathtaking 360° view. Located around 207 meters above the ground, it takes an hour to complete one rotation, making Berlin a backdrop to your meal. 

The restaurant has an extensive menu to accommodate each guest’s taste. From soups to salmon pasta to cooked smoked salmon to drinks to cakes, you can have anything you want while cherishing panoramic views of Berlin’s top sights. 

Featuring floor-to-ceiling glass windows, Revolving Sphere features a romantic ambiance, perfect for special occasions. Additionally, you can enjoy live music by professional artists from different genres at the restaurant. 

Get an entrance ticket with a table at the restaurant online to skip the endless ticket line. The ticket price includes direct entry into the tower at the reserved time, a welcome drink, and a 3-course menu. 

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7. Café Grundmann

Café Grundmann Interior
image by Ursula543/TripAdvisor

Address: August-Bebel-Strasse 2, 04275 Leipzig, Germany

  • Known For: Confectionery Products and Coffee
  • Notable Dishes: Egg Benedict Royal, Färöer Lachsbröt
  • Michelin Stars: None

Cafe Grundmann is one of the best cafes in the heart of Leipzig. Founded in 1919, the place is well-known for its relaxed atmosphere, outstanding Viennese coffee, and confectioners. 

Offering an inviting appeal, Cafe Grundmann features an Art Deco interior and comfortable furnishings in Viennese style with high-end seating. The outdoor seating space is small. 

Their menu includes a broad selection of foods and drinks. They provide the best food for an affordable price. Try some cuisines, including the Austrian veal schnitzel with potato salad, Tacos, and ceviche, with a gorgeous view. 

The cafe has timeless classics on the menu and offers delicacies and specialties from all around. They have friendly and attentive staff at this frequently fully booked eatery.

8. Restaurant Sonnora

Restaurant Sonnora Interior
image by Ad W/TripAdvisor

Address: 1 Auf dem Eichelfeld, 54518 Dreis, Germany

  • Known For: World-Class Haute Cuisine
  • Michelin Stars: 3

Restaurant Sonnora is the heart of the Waldhotel Sonnora. It is one of the top places for gourmets in Dreis, Germany. Offering exceptional cuisine, this Michelin 3-star restaurant is worth a visit. 

A part of the Waldhotel Sonnora, Restaurant Sonnora overlooks a beautiful park and forest. The gorgeous ambiance promises recreation, relaxation, and good eats, no matter when you visit!

Led by the professional chef Clemens Rambichler, the restaurant offers culinary delights of the highest standard. They offer an extensive menu with selected and exclusive products from all around. Rambichler and his team serve straightforward dishes with deep flavors and elaborate aromas. 

He adds a modern spin to all traditional dishes to offer guests a unique experience. The restaurant also provides a broad selection of regional and international wines.

Their extensive wine list and attentive service crew will make your restaurant visit more enjoyable. This restaurant is worth adding to your itinerary as a destination.

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9. EssZimmer by Käfer

Esszimmer Munchen Interior
Management / TripAdvisor

Address: Am Olympiapark 1, 80809 Munich, Germany

  • Known For: French Cuisine and Outstanding Wine Selection
  • Notable Dishes: Jerusalem Artichoke, Hare
  • Michelin Stars: 2

Located on the third level of BMW WELT, EssZimmer is a two-Michelin-star fine-dining restaurant. The place is luxurious,s with fine timbers, dark leather, warm colors, and an open fire. Enjoy the delicious food served at the restaurant after admiring the high-end cars on show.

Featuring a cozy, peaceful, and modern appeal, the restaurant strives to provide guests with tasty food and an unforgettable experience. Their dining space is open and airy with eclectic decor. The menu includes a vast list of regional and Mediterranean influences made with authentic products.

The leading chef, Bobby Brauer, guarantees an exquisite flavor. Overlooking the BMW exhibits, their culinary experience is rounded off with the best service and superb wine recommendations by Domenico Durante.

Overall, EssZimmer is an excellent choice for people who are passionate about food and luxury vehicles. Admire the motors and then head to the restaurant to enjoy delicacies in a comfortable setting.

The free parking is an added perk. As an exceptional service, the restaurant offers a complimentary, exclusive chauffeur service to all guests back in Munich after the meal.

10. The Table

The Table Interior
Management / TripAdvisor

Address: Shanghaiallee 15, 20457 Hamburg, Germany

  • Known For: Modern Classic Cuisine and Wines
  • Notable Dishes: Toro and back of bluefin fish, Challans duck
  • Michelin Stars: 3

Located in the middle of HafenCity, The Table is another fine dining restaurant in Hamburg, Germany. Opened in 2015, this modern European eatery is one of a kind. It is run by Kevin Fehling, Germany’s youngest triple Michelin star holder.

The restaurant features a modern interior with a long, curved table in front of the open kitchen that can seat only 20 guests. This seating arrangement allows visitors to observe chefs while preparing different dishes.

The restaurant offers the finest combinations of classic cuisine, modern twist, and innovative dishes worldwide. Kevin and his professional chefs perfectly combine international ingredients with stunning presentations appealing to the eyes.

The food served at this restaurant is of exceptional standards, reflecting the perfection of Head Chef Kevin’s craftsmanship in the kitchen. Besides the exclusive food menu, they also serve excellent wines of different flavors.

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11. Restaurant Tantris

Restaurant Tantris Interior
Management / TripAdvisor

Address: Johann-Fichte-Strasse 7, 80805 Munich, Germany

  • Known For: Haute Cuisine and Classical French Dishes
  • Michelin Stars: 1

Opened in 1971, Tantris is one of the oldest and best German restaurants. This upscale, architect-designed place is a culinary journey into haute cuisine. The restaurant holds one Michelin star for high-quality cooking, making it worth a stop.

Featuring a 1970s retro-chic and a fancy interior, the restaurant serves international cuisine in an abundant, stylish space. Benjamin Chmura, the lead chef, focuses on high-quality products for their seasonal menu.

Benjamin and his team celebrate classical French dishes to pay tribute to previous renowned chefs, including Heinz Winkler, Eckart Witzigmann, and Hans Haas. They put a slight spin on classic dishes to create unique flavors and offer guests a memorable experience.

The restaurant also provides an exciting wine list with a reasonable price range, allowing you to try your favorite or new flavors. With delicious cuisine and impeccable service, Tantris is worth a visit.

12. Emma Metzler

Emma Metzler Interior
Management / TripAdvisor

Address: Schaumainkai 17, 60594 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

  • Known For: French-German Dishes and European Wines
  • Notable Dishes: Zander-Ceviche, Chicken breast, oyster mushrooms, parsley millet & green Thai curry
  • Michelin Stars: None

Emma Metzler is next to the Museum of Applied Arts in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen. The design and decor make this place look like an extension of the exhibition space.

Complete with a spacious terrace bordered by the greenery of Metzler Park, this modern facility provides distinctive bistro cuisine. The French-German menu features couscous with yogurt, beets, & dukkah, fennel bratwurst, and other dishes.

The restaurant serves elevated dishes made from fresh and regional ingredients. The particular highlight is the collection of naturally produced European wines. You can also enjoy homemade cream puffs and freshly baked cakes.

The restaurant includes an event hall that can host up to 110 people. It also has a small space for intimate gatherings. Additionally, their staff is friendly and offers impeccable service.

Emma Metzler is famous among locals, and you must book your table before visiting. A place to stay when in Frankfurt if you’re after some great nosh!

13. CODA Dessert Dining

CODA Dessert Dining Tables
image by Michael U/TripAdvisor

Address: Friedelstrasse 47, 12047 Berlin, Germany

  • Known For: Desserts, Wines, and Cocktails
  • Notable Dishes: Raclette Waffle, Frozen Beetroot
  • Michelin Stars: 2

Located in the trendy and highly international Neukölln neighborhood of Berlin, CODA Dessert Dining is a stylish venue for artfully created & presented desserts, wines, and cocktails. This is one of the best restaurants near the Kreuzberg bar and nightlife scene. 

Featuring a modern, minimalistic interior, the design focuses on a visceral and multi-sensory dining experience. This two Michelin-starred restaurant serves fine-dining desserts alongside cocktails. Your choice of sparkling wines, exquisite wines, craft beer, and sake can accompany pairing drinks. 

All compositions are innovative and creative, with mini cocktails served alongside every dish on the tasting menu. Their team will explain the philosophy behind every course on the menu. 

CODA offers stellar services and exceptional options, especially if you have a sweet tooth. Overall, a beautiful place for a delicious dessert dining experience. 

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14. Hofbrauhaus Munich

Hofbrauhaus Munich Interior
image by Marcelo Vidon/TripAdvisor

Address: Platzl 9, 80331 Munich, Germany

Located at the heart of Hofbrauhaus for ages, Hofbrauhaus is the world’s most famous beer hall and Bavarian restaurant. Initially built in 1589, this 3-floor beer hall offers space for different occasions, each room reflecting a unique charm.

Hofbrauhaus is gorgeous inside and out, with big halls and an open eating area. It has three levels, each floor with a different seating capacity. Featuring old chestnut trees, the beer garden can host up to 400 people, a perfect place to cherish the atmosphere of this historical place in the open air.

This is one of the top places to go for great beer and German cuisine, often from their butchery. People from all around the world come to this restaurant to cherish its history and enjoy fresh beer. You might find it a little pricey, but the quality, portions, and taste are worth it.

15. Haxnbauer (Haxnbauer in Scholastikahaus)

Haxnbauer Interior
image by heatheronhertravels is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Address: Sparkassenstrasse 6, 80331 Munich, Germany

  • Known For: Pork Knuckles and Other German Classics
  • Michelin Stars: None

Part of a historic structure, the Scholastikahaus, Haxnbauer is an old Munich city restaurant. The restaurant is best known for serving robust German classics, such as pork knuckle, sausages, and beer, in a beautiful setting.

An epitome of a traditional inn, Haxnbauer is one of the first Kuffler houses in Munich. It features original stucco ceilings, old wooden furniture, and historic tiles.

With an exceptional variety on the menu, Haxnbauer has become a famous meeting point for locals and tourists. They serve the best meat in the area with a crispy crust and unique taste.

Their pork knuckles are simply a delight. Marinated for 24 hours in the secret Haxnbauer mixture and then grilled slowly on beechwood charcoal, making them juicy & tender on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Located on the tourist path, the restaurant attracts hungry diners walking on the streets. Visit this eatery with your family & friends and celebrate with a plate of fragrant knuckles.

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16. NeoBiota Restaurant

NeoBiota Restaurant Interior
image by Eule1703/TripAdvisor

Address: Ehrenstraße 43c at the corner of Kleine Brinkgasse & Große Brinkgasse, 50672 Cologne, Germany

  • Known For: Globally Influenced German Cuisine
  • Michelin Stars: 1

NeoBiota is a fine dining restaurant in the heart of Cologne, Germany. This urban eatery is known for serving breakfast and globally influenced German cuisine in contemporary, bright settings.

This Michelin-star restaurant offers a range of delicious dishes, leaving guests happy and satisfied. They also guarantee French toast, ice cream, and tasty pancakes.

Obsessed with seasonal produce, their chefs use top-notch ingredients to prepare food of distinct flavors. Whether you have a sweet tooth or are craving savory, the restaurant offers the most delicious creations.

The high-end presentation makes every dish an art piece and even more tempting. Their staff strives to offer customers a great time and experience while eating.

Restaurant NeoBiota is dedicated to making you feel at home. Book your table if you’re in the city, and be ready for superb Michelin-starred cuisine!

17. Steinheil 16

Steinheil 16 Building
Management / TripAdvisor

Address: Steinheilstrasse 16, 80333 Munich, Germany

  • Known For: Schnitzel Plates & Fried Sides
  • Notable Dishes: Lumberjack steak with herb butter, chicken biryani Sri Lankan style
  • Michelin Stars: None

Steinheil 16 is a popular casual eatery specializing in schnitzel plates, traditional fried sides, German beers and wines, and craft cocktails.

The affordable restaurant serves the most delicious local dishes in the city. Though they have a rich menu, schnitzels and potatoes are must-try dishes. Served with French fries or fresh salad, schnitzels are worth your money.

If you want to try pure vegetarian food or authentic German cuisine during your stay in Munich, this no-frills eatery is the place to go. Their welcoming staff is committed to making your experience enjoyable and memorable.

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18. CUBE Restaurant

CUBE Restaurant Interior
Management / TripAdvisor

Address: Kleiner Schlossplatz 1, 70173 Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg Germany

  • Known For: Traditional and International Cuisine
  • Notable Dishes: African Queen, Nordic Fjord
  • Michelin Stars: None

Featuring all-glass floor-to-ceiling windows, CUBE is a contemporary fine dining restaurant. Heinz Witthöft designed this cube-shaped modular space, which features international cuisine with breathtaking views of Stuttgart city center.

The menu includes several modern dishes with Mediterranean and Asian flavors to deliver a new dining experience to every guest. Their chefs use top-quality and regional ingredients (wherever required) to prepare exceptionally delightful dishes with clear origins.

The wine selection produced by top international winegrowers and local heroes adds even more charm to your dining experience.

German Food Tours

German food tours are the best way to taste German cuisine and take a glimpse into the country’s history, culture, art, and traditions. You also meet people, discover restaurants, and try the finest local delicacies.

1. Berlin Evening Food Tour Top Recommendation

Discover the culinary delights of Berlin on this 3.5-hour food tour. Visit some of the city’s best bars, restaurants, and food stalls in Kreuzberg, sample delicious street food at the Neun Markthalle, and try up to 10 different foods and drinks. This is a great way to experience the city’s vibrant food culture and try new things. So come hungry and ready to explore!

2. Evening Berlin Food Tour by Bike

Berlin is a city with a rich history and an exciting food culture. Join this evening bike and food tour and experience the best of what the city has to offer. The tour will take you to three of the best local eateries, where you'll get to sample the delicious cuisine that Berlin is known for. Hear stories about the city's past and learn how its multicultural community has shaped its cuisine.

3. Munich: An Evening of Bavarian Beer and Food Culture

Munich is renowned for its beer and food culture, and this evening tour offers the perfect opportunity to sample the best of what Bavaria has to offer. You'll enjoy a selection of traditional foods, washed down with some of the world's finest beer, while being given an exclusive tour of the Oktoberfest Museum. This is a great way to meet fellow travellers and immerse yourself in the local culture.

Book any of the following tours to know the place closely. One great example is the Berlin Evening Food Tour. Let’s see what this food tour offers.

Berlin Evening Food Tour

Berlin Food Tour
image by Viator

A local guide on this 3.5-hour tasting tour will take you to some top restaurants, food stalls, and bars in Berlin’s Kreuzberg neighborhood. You can try street food (falafel and currywurst) at the Neun Markthalle or sample around ten delicious drinks and foods.

Limited to 8 people, this small group food tour ensures a personalized experience for everyone. It is the best way to discover street food trends, fusion cuisine, and Berlin’s bar culture.

Book this tour and have a great time on a culinary adventure in Berlin. Some more of our favorite German food tours include:


How many Michelin-starred restaurants are there in Germany?

According to the Michelin Guide (2022), Germany has 327 Michelin-starred restaurants. It is in fourth place on the list of countries with the most Michelin-rated restaurants. France holds the top rank, followed by Japan and Italy.

Which German city has the most Michelin-starred restaurants?

The German capital, Berlin, has 24 Michelin-starred restaurants, the most of any city in the country.

What are the qualities that make a restaurant famous?

Qualities of successful restaurants are as follows:

– Convenient location with a well-lit parking area
– High hygiene standards
– High-quality food
– A rich range of beverage choices
– Menus should not be too lengthy but must have a wide variety

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