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European Food Tour: A 7 Day Itinerary for Foodies

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Europe is home to some of the world’s top culinary destinations, and that’s really no surprise. Nothing quite beats sipping some world-famous wine in Paris, devouring a five-course meal in Italy, or tasting fresh seafood in Spain. Even the Yorkshire Pudding isn’t to be sniffed at!

The food scene in Europe has many delectable treasures waiting for you to discover. There’s no better way to taste your way around the continent than by booking European food and wine tours.

To say I love food is quite an understatement; my entire life revolves around it. My main focus was always on the local food scene anytime I traveled.

As a hobby food writer for years, I take great pride in satisfying my tastebuds and stomach. I’m always hunting for hidden gems and the next best restaurant.

Grab your friends and your family. It’s time to soak in some culture while you have the feast of your life! Culinary tourism in Europe is exploding, with tons of must-taste destinations scattered all around the continent by the masses.

Get your stomach ready for some action. Here is just the tip of the iceberg and a few of the best European food tours.

Are you flying into Europe? Check Skyscanner for the best offers on flights. Saving money means more money for impulsive street food indulgences and cooking class vacations in Europe. Work smarter, not harder, and eat heartier!

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Editor’s Note: While an ambitious traveler could knock all of these out in a week, you’ll have a much better time if you spend a few days in each location. We broke this down into seven countries in seven days, but think of it more as seven stops across the Continent, and build your itinerary to fit your timeline.

Best Food Tours in Europe

A colorful display of regional food from Nice, France
No Diet Club / Viator

Grab your knives, forks, spoons, and a STACK of napkins. Let’s gorge ourselves on incredible European food tours and embrace the local culture while we’re at it! Whether you’re gluten-free, vegan, or just a straight carnivore, Europe has all the delectable food you could possibly hope to find.

If you visit Europe and can’t find anything you’d like to eat or even taste, I don’t think there’s hope for you, sorry; mix yourself up some Kraft mac n’ cheese. But for those ready for bold flavors and crazy combinations, let’s get ready to roll out.

Below, I’ve put together a week-long food tour through some of Europe’s food capitals, as well as a couple of lesser-known gems where you’ll find some good eats.

During your journey, you may wish to fly or make use of Europe’s excellent public transit and rail systems. Luckily, most European countries have a phenomenal and convenient train system. Check local bus services and Eurail for rail passes during your food tour of Europe.

Day One: Portugal

Mixed portuguese traditional rustic tapas food selection on wood
TravelPhotography / Adobe Stock

The oldest book featuring Portuguese recipes dates back to the 16th century, but the building blocks for Portuguese food date back to medieval times. The national palate expanded in the 15th century after explorers brought exotic fruits, nuts, and seeds to Portugal from overseas.

During the spice trade, many seasonings were imported, such as pepper, cardamom, paprika, ginger, and saffron, which are heavily featured in their cuisine today.

Portuguese cuisine also enjoys a lot of Mediterranean influences, and seafood runs prominently in their dishes. Naturally, Portugal offers a huge selection of food tour companies waiting to take you on an adventure.

Douro Valley

Vineyards in Douro Valley, Portugal
Richard Semik / Adobe Stock

Douro Valley will start off your itinerary of food tours in Europe. The Douro Valley region is the only place on Earth where they can legally produce Port Wine. Are you really living your best life if you haven’t had a taste of this exclusive, local wine? Even if it’s port? It’s not for everyone, but I love a tipple.

Book a full day wine tour with an authentic Portuguese lunch. Learn about the history and local culture of this beautiful country. Taste six wines and admire the otherworldly scenery as you board your hour-long cruise. Bring your camera to take photos of the scenic landscape as you coast along the waters.

Do you prefer a shorter and more intimate tour? Book a private tour with a local guide. Experience the city of Porto with up to 10 tastings and sample local wine. Many say the tour is a phenomenal choice for first-time visitors to the area.

Have an authentic stay in Portugal with this incredible VRBO property. Stay at an organic farm and wake up every morning with river views. The property sleeps up to six people, so bring your friends and family.

Leaving Portugal

From the Douro Valley, you’ll want to take the train from Caldas De Moledo to Ermesinde. At Ermesdine, take a taxi or rideshare to the Porto Airport to catch a flight to Barcelona El Prat Airport.

Day Two: Spain

Paella spanish traditional food Valencia
Marcos / Adobe Stock

While planning your Europe food tours, you’ll likely eat and drink in the main cities of Spain, Italy, and France. Personally, I call this the European Foodie Triple Threat.

Over time, the country has racked up quite the culinary resume. They are the largest olive oil producer in the world and the third largest wine producer. Consequently, Spain is a top destination for food and wine tours in Europe and a great budget destination.

Spanish cuisine has its roots in the Roman Empire. Later, tomatoes, corn, peppers, and potatoes were introduced to Spain during the Colombian Exchange.

These ingredients are now staples in their recipes. You’ve more than likely heard of Paella, an iconic rice dish that originated in Valencia.

Spain is also well known for their tapas bars and culture. Tapas is similar to a small snack or appetizer, consisting of little breads, dips, and things to smear on them. It’s very popular in Spanish culture and is often enjoyed with a glass of vino.

While there are countless cities in Spain with phenomenal cooking, here are some incredible food tours in the country to check out during your trip.

Barcelona, Spain

A chef preparing food in Barcelona, Spain
Travel Bound / GetYourGuide

The capital of Spain’s Catalonia region is a major hotspot for seafood, wine, and food tours. Your tastebuds will love the innovative kitchens and food tours in Barcelona.

Spend a half day cooking up some mouthwatering Paella with a trained chef. This food tour includes a local market tour, the history of the dish, and some delectable Spanish Tapas. Wash it all down with some refreshing homemade sangria.

It would be absolute insanity to visit a wine metropolis without having a drop of vino. Book a Montserrat half-day tour complete with samples of local gourmet wine and a cold tapas lunch. Sip on the exquisiteness the region offers while you explore the winemaking process. Don’t forget to save some room for dessert!

Find yourself in a food coma? Drink too much wine? Stay at a cozy apartment in downtown Barcelona to get a feel for life in Spain and maybe do some more cooking!

San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian meat
Traveling Spoon, Inc / Viator

A lot of hardcore foodies refer to San Sebastian as the food capital of the world. The city is home to the most Michelin stars per square kilometer in Europe. This beautiful coastal area is home to some of the best seafood from anywhere in the world.

You’ll love this remarkable food tour with a visit to a gastronomical club. Enjoy a tasting of the iconic txakoli and some pintxos. You’ll also love samples of cider and local wine. Luis is a San Sebastian citizen and would love to show you the wonderful culinary world of Spain.

Eat your way through town with this top-rated food and drink tour. Sample up to 10 foods and five drinks while discovering local hotspots. Learn about cultural traditions while mingling with the locals.

Don’t forget to book your hotels in advance for a more relaxing vacation. Enjoy the unique rooms at Hotel Zinema7 in San Sebastian to rest up and make more room.

Leaving Spain

Traveling by train is so peaceful and underrated; if you ask me, it’s the best way to traverse continental Europe. Ride from Amara-Donostia to Lyon Part Dieu in France for your next destination. Buckle up; you’re entering the home of all modern cuisine.

Day Three: France

Dish from Au Vieux Moulin, Chablis, France
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Food, as we know it, the way it’s prepared, cooked, and served, owes everything to French culinary practices. Almost every industry and technical term in the culinary world is French or descended from a French word.

But then again, you can hardly blame people with common sense to treat their whole country as one big larder. Seriously, “cuisses de grenouilles” and “escargot” (that’s frogs legs and snails) are just the start of it; there’s almost nothing the French won’t eat!

The earliest collection of French recipes is from the medieval 14th century. In the 17th century, French food began gaining popularity and prominence.

It’s in the 17th century that we see the birthplace of modern culinary practices. It’s also around this period that “Haute Cuisine” crops up, the fancy French term for fine dining, which has flourished since.

Since French food has always focused heavily on fresh and seasonal ingredients and food presentation, it’s no surprise that Michelin Star restaurants first originated in France, and the world’s best restaurants serve French cuisine.

You will have a memorable time with food tours in France during your trip. It is the place to be for gourmet food enthusiasts, not to mention any fans of a good tipple!

Lyon, France

Langue de Boeuf Fumée with Sauce
ALF photo / Adobe Stock

While Paris may have the lion’s share of world-famous restaurants, Lyon is considered France’s culinary capital, you can expect delicious food in every restaurant you hit up. The flavors of Lyon are a magical combination of foods with chicken, beef, cream, cheese, butter, seasonal vegetables, Herbes de Provence, wine, and olive oil.

As with any coastal country, seafood dishes are prominent, and the French love their fish, frogs, and snails. Lyon is home to an astounding 21 Michelin-star restaurants, so a visit to the city is one of the top destinations for fine dining lovers.

You’ll have to take some trips down to famous wineries around the area. Take a day off from the city as you venture from Lyon to the Beaujolais wine-making territory. Enjoy a vineyard tour, sample some wine, and finish with a delicious pastry.

Feel like a local with an evening food and walking tour. Sample food, beer, and wine from at least four food stops. Discover the history, culture, and food, of course, in the beautiful city of Lyon.

Food tours and wine trips are fun but exhausting. Hit the pillow at the Radisson Blu Hotel. Enjoy rooms with panoramic views of the city.

Paris, France

food in Paris, France
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

It’s ever so slightly cliched, but having a croissant while sipping a coffee in Paris is a top-tier experience. Paris is also a worldwide hotspot for fine wine.

Tickle your tastebuds with a French wine and champagne tasting tour. Sample six different wines, and you can upgrade to add a plate of cheese or cured meats to create the ultimate experience.

Afterward, enjoy a luscious stay at Novotel Paris Les Halles. You’ll love being in the heart of the city. Museums and metro lines are within walking distance of the hotel.

Leaving France

Ready to head to your next destination? Book a flight through Skyscanner for a great price when traveling from Paris Orly to Fiumicino – Leonardo da Vinci International in Rome.

Day Four: Italy

Italian Pasta with Seafood
Ekaterina Belova / Adobe Stock

Welcome to the land of fresh pasta, pizza, gelato, risotto, gnocchi, and some of the best cooking holidays in Europe. It’s no surprise that Italy is a top destination for culinary and wine tourism in Europe.

Italy is the birthplace of many dishes enjoyed worldwide by millions. After France, Italy is home to the world’s most popular cuisine. A visit to Italy should be top of any food tour itinerary for carb lovers.

Italian cuisine has a long history and dates back to ancient Roman times. Pasta dishes gained popularity in the 19th and 20th centuries, and Italian-American fusion cuisine helped project Italian cuisine to the popularity it enjoys today.

Apart from its celebration of delicious “peasant dishes” we all know and love, one of the best things about Italian cuisine is its massive regional variety. For example, Northern Italy uses more rice and polenta as opposed to Southern Italy, which focuses on seafood and more tomato-based sauces.


A group making fresh pasta in Rome
Rome Pasta Cooking Class / GetYourGuide

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. If you love meat, vegetables, and pasta, the cuisine in Rome is for you.

My favorite food ever, pasta carbonara, originated in Rome. It’s my dream to have a first-hand experience of true Roman carbonara someday.

A trip to Rome isn’t complete unless you learn how to make your own pasta and Tiramisu from scratch. Learn the secrets behind creating these quintessential Italian foods. Finish off the class with a coffee or limoncello.

Book a stay at The Hive Hotel in Rome. This top-rated hotel has received many adoring comments from visitors – not least because of the great food served at their rooftop restaurant. Enjoy many top attractions in the vicinity, such as The Colosseum, the National Museum of Rome, and The Spanish Steps.


real Neapolitan Italian pizza called margherita pizza just out of the oven
FV Photography / Adobe Stock

A trip to Italy and food tours in Naples go hand in hand. What better way to get an authentic Italian culinary experience than by cooking some Neapolitan pizza? This intimate tour gives you hands-on experience with a pro chef.

Then consider exploring this gorgeous historical city or checking out some tours to nearby Pompeii.

San Gimignano

A plate of Tuscan pasta
Podere di Monti / Viator

Feel the medieval charm as you check out ancient architecture and history during your trip to San Gimignano. Dive into Italian culture with this incredible Tuscan cooking class. Learn authentic family recipes and cook up to six courses.

Lodge at the beautiful Hotel La Cisterna for a rest from your indulgent food tours.

Leaving Italy

Let’s head to our next destination for more foodie fun! You’ll want to take the bus from Piazzale Montemaggio to Poggibonsi. From Poggibonsi, take the train to Firenze Rifredi in Florence. Then, take a bus to the Florence Peretola Airport and catch a flight to Athens.

Day Five: Greece

A table of food in Greece
Athens Cooking Class / Viator

You’ve more than likely eaten at a Mediterranean restaurant at some point, which means you’ve probably come into contact with Greek cuisine. Modern Greek food dates back to Ancient Greece and draws a lot of influence from Italian and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Contrary to North America, the Greeks have lunch as their biggest meal. But you can stuff your face and keep the same notches in your belt – Greek cuisine is some of the healthiest on Earth.

If there’s one foodstuff the Greeks are particularly well known for, it’s oil. The Greeks love their olive oil. It’s been a staple in their foods since the beginning of recorded history, and great for the heart.

Greek cuisine will vary depending on which area you’re in. If you don’t like breathing fire, you’ll love the cuisine.

Greece doesn’t have spicy dishes per se, but they’re no stranger to seasoning. Focusing on aromatic and fresh, zesty flavors, you’ll find a lot of herbs, tomatoes, feta cheese, olives, lemons, and meats.

Athens, Greece

Plate of Greek Seafood
Brittney Liu / ViaTravelers

Discover amazing street food in Athens on this incredible food tour. A guided walking tour of the city will allow you to soak in Greek and Mediterranean history and culture. Seven tasting tickets on this tour allow you to explore the diverse flavors of Greek cuisine.

For a more hands-on experience, book some cooking classes, like this Athens cooking class. You’ll learn to make traditional Greek food after touring Athens’ Central Food Market for fresh produce.

Go big or go home with a stay at this incredible property in Athens. You’ll love this private penthouse with a terrace. The Art Gallery Hotel is another fine choice when staying in Athens. Many points of interest, tours, and local attractions are close to the Art Gallery Hotel.

Leaving Greece

We’ve been enjoying a lot of light bites, so for our next stop, we’re going for something a little heartier. Let’s catch a plane from Athens to Berlin Brandenburg.

Day Six: Germany

Rhineland Sauerbraten at Früh Brewery, Cologne, Germany
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

Ah, Germany; the iconic land of beer, bratwurst, and schnitzel, and don’t forget to save some room for Black Forest Cake!

Pro tip: If you ever find yourself in Dresden, you have to try the spaetzle – a favorite of mine from back home in Canada. I’m from a tiny town built by German immigrants, so I grew up on German food – but it hasn’t got a patch on the real deal.

The 17th century introduced Kaffee und Kuchen, a German national tradition and a daily tradition in my German family! It’s a mid-afternoon break with coffee or tea and usually a piece of cake, cookies, or another baked good.

While Germany is the optimal food scene for meat and potatoes people, vegetarian and vegan dishes appear in most restaurants. Before heading home, have a drink of authentic German Eierlikoer and Glühwein and that other beverage that shows up in their national anthem a lot.

Berlin, Germany

A cooking class in Berlin, Germany
Eat like a Berliner – market tour + cooking class + lunch / Viator

Authentic German food tours abound in the capital city of Berlin, home of the currywurst, Germany’s most popular food. Yup, the cheap, humble curried sausage is the most popular nom nationwide, and from one whiff, it’s easy to see why.

But if you’re looking beyond street food, you should book a cooking class. This excursion begins with a walking tour through a Berlin market. Shop for ingredients at the Winterfeldtmarkt, and you’re ready to suit up.

Learn tips and tricks from a trained chef. No experience is needed! Since the food tour is limited to four people, it’s a very exclusive experience. Feast on a four-course meal with vegan and vegetarian options.

Regardless of your dietary preferences, there’s something for everyone in Berlin. Your plant-based friends will love the Berlin Vegan Food Tour with seven tastings and a dessert. Or, for something unique, check out the Disgusting Food Museum! It’s budget-friendly and a break from all the great food you’ve been enjoying!

An endless itinerary of tours can be exhausting. Relax in the city center with a stay at Hotel Amano Grand Central.

Leaving Germany

Let’s get ready for our final destination. Book a flight through Skyscanner and head from Berlin Brandenburg to Copenhagen.

Day Seven: Denmark

Food in Denmark
Food Tours EU / Viator

Scandinavian food gets a pretty bad rap, notably from people who have never tried it. There’s no denying some niche or polarizing flavors and textures in some of the more well-known dishes, but most Scandi fare is delicious – and Danish food is the cream of the crop.

Danish cuisine dates back to the Viking era and revolves around many fish. Cafe culture is strong here; coffee was brought to the country in 1665 and is now a staple in Danish lives.

Today, Denmark is known for having a very creative and innovative cuisine. Most refer to it as New Nordic Cuisine, which emphasizes fresh produce. The cuisine is very popular with locals and tourists. Fine dining lovers will love checking off their list with Denmark’s 39 Michelin-starred restaurants.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Some pastries in Denmark
Terrible – Konditorskole / Viator

Let’s explore some food tours in Denmark’s capital city, Copenhagen, home of Noma, arguably the most famous fine dining restaurant on the planet.

Are you ready to jump into Denmark’s inventive cuisine? Well, you’ll want to wake up literally at the Wakeup Copenhagen Hotel! It’s in the heart of the action, and the onsite restaurant is fabulous.

Bakers and beginners will love this interactive baking class with a Danish pastry chef. Your morning has a guaranteed great start as you learn to create iconic Danish desserts while sipping coffee or tea.

Perhaps you’d prefer a food and walking tour? Experience Copenhagen through your tongue and stomach with this incredible food-tasting tour.

Visit popular delicatessens and restaurants while you wander the streets during this food tour. Food will vary by season. Samples may include apple wine, cheese, sandwiches, and delicious craft beer.

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