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8 Best Pompeii Tours from Naples, Italy

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Pompeii is one of the most visited historical sites in Italy. The rich history and the amazingly well-preserved ruins of the ancient city make it a true wonder. Here is a list of the best Pompeii tours from Naples that guarantee a lifetime experience.

Almost 2,000 years ago, in 79AD, a devastating volcanic eruption laid to ruin a prosperous Italian city called Pompeii. Mount Vesuvius, still an active volcano (the only active one in Europe), ended human activities in Pompeii after a cloud of volcanic materials engulfed the city.

However, although life, as previously known in Pompeii, changed, the volcanic ashes also helped preserve this great city’s remains.

Visiting this ancient city is quite breathtaking. You not only get to see the mountain that caused the destruction, but you also get to walk on the streets of the Roman city, which is still preserved under the settled volcanic ash.

The whole experience gives life to history on an entirely new level. Although ancient life is apparent in every corner of the city, you also get to feel the devastation and fear that engulfed this region all those years ago.

Best Pompeii Tours by Category

Best Tours of Pompeii from Naples, Italy

Here are some of the most incredible tours to Pompeii from Naples:

1. Pompeii and Vesuvius Full-Day Tour from Naples Port

Mount Vesuvius

This is the first tour on our list and arguably the most ideal for a complete experience of Pompeii and the volcano. The 4.7-star-rated tour offers you the best chance to see the ruins that once made the great city of Pompeii as they lay preserved under the thick layers of volcanic ash.

You can walk on these ancient streets, see the great features that made the once-famous Roman city, as well as climb the volcanic mountain that brought about the disaster. All these you can accomplish on this 7-hour tour.

The tour starts from Naples Port, and you can also enjoy the incredible views of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the amazing Bay of Naples from the crater’s peak. The tour’s package consists of:

  • Return transport from Naples
  • Licensed guide
  • Guided tour of Pompeii remains
  • Vesuvius tour

The pickup point is at Naples port between 9 and 10 AM. And if you change your mind, you can cancel your reservation up to 24 hours before the trip date.

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2. From Naples: Pompeii Ruins & Mount Vesuvius Day Tour

Pompeii and Mt Vesuvius tour

This tour includes a hotel pickup at 10 AM, which makes the journey to one of the world’s most visited sites, Pompeii, quite simple. The 7-hour tour also includes transportation to your hotel after the day’s activities.

During the trip, you have a chance to visit both the ruins of the old Roman city, as well as climb Mt Vesuvius, the central cause of the destruction in 79 AD. And from the ridge of the mountain’s crater, you can enjoy the splendid view of the famous Bay of Naples.

Your tour guide is incredibly conversant in the area’s topography and the history of Pompeii, as well as its surrounding cities that were destroyed. So, as the guide takes you through the scene and ancient monuments, you can ask questions and understand how life in Pompeii was before the catastrophic eruption.

During this tour, you will likely find some active archeological sites in Pompeii. The guide can help you know what the archeologists are working on and what they intend to achieve.

The whole tour features:

  • Live tour guide in Spanish, English, Italian and French
  • Air-conditioned pickup from downtown Naples hotels, railway station, or the cruise terminal
  • Lunch: Pizza and drinks
  • Entrance tickets to both the city ruins and Mount Vesuvius

Returning to Naples will be at around 5:00 PM. The drop-off is at the cruise ship, the railway station, or the hotel.

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Pompeii & Herculaneum: Full-Day Sightseeing Tour from Naples

Pompeii, Herculaneum tour

With this 8-hour trip, you can enjoy both the sight and the rich history of two ancient Italian cities, Pompeii & Herculaneum. Walking down the preserved streets, you can see some of the most iconic features of the time, including the thermal baths and the theater.

Your guide will also give facts about the two cities and their way of life during ancient times. The whole experience gives you a touch of how things were, see the extent of destruction, and even feel the fear that engulfed the place all those years back.

This awesome excursion from Naples is an incredible chance to return to the ancient Roman way of life.

The tour includes:

  • Hotel pickup at 8 AM
  • Air-conditioned return travel
  • Expert guides (in Pompeii only)
  • Tours to the preserved cities of Herculaneum and Pompeii
  • 3-course lunch at a local restaurant (drinks not inclusive)
  • Entrance fees to both cities

However, the tour through Herculaneum is independent, with no guide available.

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4. Pompeii and Amalfi Coast Day Tour from Naples All Inclusive

Pompeii and Amalfi coast tour

From the hassle and bustle of Naples, you can have a great time on the Amalfi Coast, one of the most spectacular coastlines in Europe. And although Pompeii has much history to offer, Amalfi Coast also has a great share of history and features you will love.

Unlike Pompeii, which lies under layers of ashes, the Amalfi Coast offers an entirely different look. The coastline includes brightly colored structures, with streets embracing the cliffs. This paints a completely different scenery from the one you saw in Pompeii.

In Amalfi, you can compare the houses of the rich with those of ordinary citizens at the time. The shops, cafes, and bars are also all intact, and you can even visit one of the ancient Roman brothels here.

This one-day excursion includes:

  • 8 AM pick up from your hotel or cruise ship
  • Return-trip transportation
  • Skip-the-line entrance to Pompeii
  • Live or audio guide in Pompeii
  • Light lunch plus a bottle of water
  • A chance to cancel your tour up to 2 days before the trip for a full refund

You will also have ample time to shop or swim in Amalfi.

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5. Naples: Day-Trip to Mount Vesuvius

Naples: Mt Vesuvius tour

This tour offers you a unique chance to reach some of the most distinctive areas of Mount Vesuvius. From the top of this volcanic mountain, you can enjoy the splendid views of Naples city, as well as its surrounding coast.

As you climb the stretch to the top, you start to understand how the final days of the cities below the mountain might have been. The guide can help answer some of your questions about the area’s two-century history. The tour, which is approximately 4 hours, is inclusive of the following:

  • Pickup service
  • Return-trip bus transportation
  • Entrance ticket to Mt Vesuvius
  • An expert alpine guide

One thing to remember is to be in comfortable shoes for easy trekking. Also, don’t forget your camera. The sites here are so impressive that you will want to document almost every activity.

The best view to capture the amazing shots is from Mt Vesuvius. You can capture the beauty of both the crater as well as the stunning views of sites such as the Bay of Naples and the city itself.

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6. From Naples: Skip-the-Line Pompeii and Vesuvius Tour

Pompeii tours from Naples

If you want the best experience exploring the extent of the 79 AD devastating volcanic eruption in the famous Pompeii, this trip might be just what you need. The tour also allows you to have a first-hand encounter with the Vesuvius, the root of the destruction.

This is a skip-the-lines excursion to the ruins of the once-famous Italian city and its environs. You will see how the same power that took life from Pompeii also preserved it for almost two centuries and counting.

The 7-hour long tour includes:

  • Pickup from the Naples hotels
  • Return-trip transportation from the meeting point and back
  • Skip-the-line ticket to Mt Vesuvius
  • Skip-the-line ticket to Pompeii
  • Two-hour Pompeii tour
  • Two-hour Mt Vesuvius visit
  • Live or audio guide depending on the season( a live guide is available during the low season)
  • Water

The live guides are in Spanish, Italian, and English, while the audio guides are in French, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, German, and Russian. Use this great opportunity to see the Forum, a brothel, the Stabian Baths, and the houses of the Faun and the Tragic Poet.

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7. From Naples: Private Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius, and Winery Tour

Private Pompeii tour

If you do not like traveling in large groups, this 8-hour trip is perfect for you. Here, you get a personal driver to take you to three main historical sites in the region.

The tour includes a visit to Mount Vesuvius, a local winery, and the ruins of Pompeii. See the best sites in the region to fulfill your desire for Roman history. The trip will start with a pickup at the agreed meeting point, a tour of the three sites, and then a drop-off at the start point.

Any trip to this region that doesn’t include Pompeii is seen as incomplete. The remains of the ancient city are the center of tourism in this area, and it is for a good reason.

Both the sites and the rich history underlying the city’s existence offer a breathtaking experience. You will not only enjoy the sight of the city and the mountain, but you will also have a chance to taste some of the best local wines.

The main features of this tour include:

  • An exclusive air-conditioned car
  • Personal driver (English-speaking)
  • Pickup/drop-off services

Lunch and drinks are available at the winery for 25 euros.

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8. Pompeii Excavations: Private Full-Day Tour from Naples

Pompeii tours from Naples

Last but not least on our list is this incredible private Pompeii excavations tour. This private, full-day trip starts at 8 AM and will allow you to:

  • See the remains of the destroyed Pompeii city
  • Visit the remains of Porta Mariana
  • Uncover the “Villa of the Mysteries”
  • Visit the house of the Faun (one of the greatest private residences in ancient Pompeii)

You can crown your beautiful day with shopping at Pompeii’s center.

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But How Do You Get to this Ancient Part of the Roman History?

Visitors to Pompeii can book their tours from neighboring cities like Sorrento, Rome, and Naples. From Naples, multiple tours give you a chance to experience the unaltered history and iconic attractions in Pompeii.

But before we get to the tours, let’s see how efficient the transport is between Naples and Pompeii:

How to Get from Naples to Pompeii

I know by this point, you are trying to figure out how far Pompeii is from Naples. Is the city ideal for a half-day or full-day trip? Well, for starters, Pompeii is roughly 16.6 miles from Naples. You’ll take around half an hour to get to Pompeii from Naples.

And if you are worried about how you’ll get there, you shouldn’t. There are several options for you. Using rail is the most convenient option as the Circumvesuviana line will take you through this ancient city. You can also take a drive, 30 minutes long, and follow the given signs to maneuver through the city.

However, if you want to learn and grasp the dynamics of Pompeii’s impressive history, a guided tour seems to be the best alternative for you. With a tour guide, you get to experience all the best sites available and get to ask questions to help satisfy your curiosity.

If you are a history lover, this is a travel destination you must have on your list. And if you were already planning for some vacation destinations in Italy, you should crown your time in the country with one of these excellent tours.

These tours offer you the best chance to travel back in history and marvel over the wonders of the ancient Romans. And all these Pompeii tours from Naples are top-rated in some of the top travel sites, including GetYourGuide and Viator.

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