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17 Best Mancation Destinations Around the World

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Mancations allow guys to get away from it all and have some fun. Many destinations exist, whether you seek a relaxing beach vacation or an action-packed adventure.

It can be tough to find the best mancation destinations. Not only do you have to worry about finding the perfect destination, but you also have to worry about all the planning to make a guy’s trip go smoothly.

There are so many different types of activities out there that fit a guys’ trip, which means many other places to choose from and even more activities to consider, which means it’s hard to know which ones will offer what you and the lads are looking for.

From booking flights and hotels to finding things to do in the area, a lot goes into ensuring your mancation is perfect.

Let us help take care of all the details. We’ve hand-picked some of the best destinations globally and compiled a list of guys’ trip ideas.

Best Mancation Destinations & Guys Trip Ideas Around the World

1. Killarney, Ireland

Mountain and Lake View From Hilltop

Killarney, Ireland, is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a vacation with plenty of activities. The city is near Killarney National Park, which contains castles, lakes, and mountain ranges.

You’ll also find excellent golf courses and restaurants in the city. If you’re looking for a fun guys’ trip idea, Killarney is undoubtedly worth considering.

When visiting Killarney, there are plenty of things to see and do. Some of the best activities include hiking in Killarney National Park, golfing, and exploring the city’s many pubs. You’ll also find plenty of restaurants and shops to enjoy while you’re in town.

Where to Stay

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2. Lake Louise, Canada

Clear Lake, Mountain view, and Skyline

If you love the great outdoors and are looking for a great place to take your mancation, consider Lake Louise in Banff National Park. This Canadian gem provides plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventure and fun.

In winter, you can go skiing, snowboarding, hiking, ATVing, fishing, golfing, and more. There’s plenty to do in Banff, just a short drive away. Helicopter tours and glacier hikes are also available year-round.

Where to Stay

3. Las Vegas, Nevada

Illuminated Buildings and Street

Las Vegas is an excellent destination for a guys-only trip. There’s plenty to do in Sin City, from racing high-performance cars to partying all night at the best nightclubs.

If you’re an EDM fan, you’ll want to check out the Electric Daisy Carnival that happens every year in Vegas. Here are some things to do in Las Vegas:

  • Race high-performance cars at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway
  • Party all night at the best nightclubs in town
  • Check out the Electric Daisy Carnival, one of the biggest EDM festivals in the world
  • Try your luck at any of the best casinos in Las Vegas
  • Enjoy a world-class spa experience
  • Play golf at some of the best courses in the state
  • Go horseback riding or kayaking around the Hoover Dam
  • Fire assault rifles and machineguns at Battlefield Vegas

Sin City has long been known as a great party destination, a playground for adults, and a perfect guys’ trip. However, if your crew is more outdoorsy, don’t let the idea of Vegas fool you.

Vegas offers some of the best outdoor excursions and day trips, such as Zion National Park, Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon, and those beautiful Southern Utah landscapes.

Where to Stay

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4. The All-American Sports Stadium Tour

Sports Stadium Filled with Viewers

If you’re into sports, consider planning a trip to see some of the most famous ballparks in the world. Sports stadiums have become iconic landmarks, from Wrigley Field in Chicago to Fenway Park in Boston.

A Ballpark tour lets you explore this area and its history while providing plenty of entertainment. It’s not just for baseball fans either: football fans can drive from Lambeau Field to Cowboy Stadium to Dallas for a similar experience. You can turn any of these journeys into a road trip, stopping at some of your favorite cities.

Where to Stay

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5. Bali, Indonesia

Temple by the River

Bali, Indonesia, is an ideal destination for a guys’ trip in Southeast Asia. Bali is a unique and beautiful place with plenty to offer visitors. Flights may be the most expensive aspect of this trip. Everything else is pretty cheap here, and it’s well worth flying for the food, nightlife, and wonderful cultural experiences.

Conrad Bali is located in Nusa Dua in Tanjung Bennoa and offers activities and courses, including golf and beaches. It also offers wellness workshops, three restaurants, and several pools.

There are plenty of things to do in Bali, Indonesia, for guys on a mancation. You can enjoy golfing, surfing, swimming at the beach, or visiting local temples and historic sites.

The nightlife in Bali is legendary, and you can find plenty of bars and clubs to party in. Remember to try some of the delicious local cuisines as well. The only downside is that this place is hard to get to, so make this into a one or two-week-long vacation.

Where to Stay

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6. Take a supercar around Europe

Cras on a Wide Road and Trees on the Side

Looking for a break from the everyday ordinary? A supercar tour of Europe is the perfect getaway for guys. Drive some of the most iconic cars in history on the world’s most famous roads.

From luxury hotels to ancient castles, you’ll see it all on this unforgettable trip, all from behind the wheel of modern supercars, luxury sedans, or classic roadsters on your Grand Tour.

There are many famous roads to drive on in Europe, but some are undoubtedly more iconic than others. Here are some of the best roads to drive on in Europe:

  • The Autobahn in Germany: The autobahn is a German highway system that is famous for its lack of speed limits. Yup. This makes it the perfect destination for thrill-seekers who want to push their car to the limit.
  • The Amalfi Coast in Italy: The Amalfi Coast is one of the world’s most beautiful stretches of coastline, featuring winding roads that dash through the hills and along the cliffs. These cliffside roads are truly iconic.

Italy’s Amalfi Coast’s twists and turns demand your attention, offering countless beautiful views. Make an unforgettable road trip through this gorgeous section of Italy by scooting along the coast in a convertible or sports car.

Where to Stay

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7. Go scotch tasting in Scotland

Pouring Whisky on a Glass

When it comes to enjoying a scotch tasting experience, there’s no better place to do it than in Scotland, the birthplace of Scotch Whisky. With its rolling hills and rugged coastline, Scotland is a picturesque place that provides the perfect backdrop for sampling some of the best whisky in the world.

Here are some scotch tasting experiences in Scotland.

  1. The Scotch Whisky Experience in Edinburgh – This attraction in the Scottish capital offers visitors the chance to learn all about whisky, with tastings of different types available throughout the experience.
  2. The Glengoyne Distillery in Dumfries and Galloway – Located in the stunning Southern Uplands, a distillery that offers tours and tastings of its award-winning whisky.
  3. The Tomatin Distillery in Inverness-shire – Offering a range of distillery tours and tastings, this is the best place to visit for those who want to learn more about whisky production.

Scotland is also the birthplace of golf and has some of the world’s most scenic golf courses. Pair your scotch distillery tours with an ultimate golfing experience in Northern Scotland.

Where to Stay

8. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Boat Passing a Bridge with Bicycles

Are you looking for a European destination that offers both history and great nightlife? Look no further than the capital city of Holland. The best part about visiting Amsterdam is that it does not matter if you’re into museums or partying. There are plenty of museums for history enthusiasts, like the Anne Frank House.

Offering over 800 years of history, this museum is best known for housing one of the best-known Jewish diaries ever written. If you’re more interested in the nightlife, look no further than Dam Square to find your best options.

Once the sun goes down, this historic square comes alive with music and bars. Let the evil take its course from there. For those looking to balance partying and learning, there’s always the Heineken Experience or the Sex Museum! Like what you are hearing? Check out these best things to do in Amsterdam.

Where to Stay

9. Louisville, Kentucky

 Bridge Over a River and Sunset

Louisville, Kentucky, is a great destination if you’re looking for a fun guys’ trip. You can visit the Bourbon Trail, the Louisville Slugger Museum, and the Muhammad Ali Center.

From downtown, you can easily take a day trip to the Bourbon Trail, which features some of the best bourbon distilleries in the area. You’ll get to taste some of the best bourbons in the world and learn about the history of bourbon production.

If you and your pals are all in the US, Louisville is a great weekend trip with your buddies since the city is centrally located in the middle of America. There are also vacation rentals in Louisville to book at VRBO.

Louisville is also home to the 21c Museum Hotel, a great place to stay if you want something different.

Where to Stay

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10. Barcelona, Spain

Crowded Square

If you’re looking for a beach vacation that offers tons of history and terrific nightlife at the same time, look no further than Barcelona. Located on the eastern coast of Spain, this gorgeous city is known for the historic La Sagrada Familia, a Roman Catholic church designed by the famous architect Antoni Gaudí.

This destination is popular for a guys’ weekend trip with people from all over Europe coming into town. This is a great option if you and your guy friends want to experience different cultures. Barcelona is known as the home of Catalan culture, which includes its own language and dance traditions.

Once you’re done checking out this iconic cathedral, visit Las Ramblas, a famous street lined with shops and performers. Make this trip with your buddies into a week-long trip to maximize your adventure!

Where to Stay

11. Go kitesurfing in Maui

Isolated Beach and Sunset

Maui is an excellent destination for a mancation, as it offers plenty of opportunities for guys to have fun. Whether you want to try kite surfing for the first time or explore some of the island’s other activities, Maui is a great option.

The only downside to Maui is that it’s pretty expensive and may be hard to get to if you and your buddies are all in different parts of the world. Maui, and even Hawaii in general, is a dream destination I bet is on your best friends’ bucket list.

You’ll get a chance to go completely off the grid, enjoy the tropical beach, and visit one of the many great hiking trails on the island. There are also opportunities to go fishing (even spearfishing!), play endless rounds of golf, or go swimming with turtles.

Where to Stay

12. Dublin, Ireland

Green Grass Land and Skyline View

Dublin is the perfect city to visit to experience authentic Irish culture. With plenty of pubs and historical landmarks, it almost feels like you’re stepping into the pages of a James Joyce novel.

In Dublin, the ultimate way to experience this iconic city is on the weekends. The best part about this guys’ trip is that finding a great hotel in a good location is not hard.

While you’re here, you and your buddies will love exploring the century-old pubs and bars. If you want to get out of the big city, plenty of great golf courses in Ireland can make for an easy day trip. Book an additional weekend trip away to see some of the iconic Irish countryside from the comfort of the fairway.

Where to Stay

13. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Birds Eye View Shot of teh Ocean, Mountains, and the City

Another perfect trip for a guys’ getaway is the sexy destination of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. While it’s known for its beaches and carnival celebration, plenty of other fun activities exist.

Rio is a great vacation trip for guys since the city offers many restaurants and beach vibes. In addition to the best beaches in the world, this destination in South America also offers a lively nightlife scene full of bars and clubs.

There’s no shortage of great outdoor activities, beach relaxation, and nightlife. Rio de Janeiro is a bit tough to get to from the United States, but if you can make it work, turn it into a full-fledged bachelor party or a two-week-long trip.

Where to Stay

Big Waves View from a Cliff

If you’re looking for a great golfing destination, consider the legendary course of Pebble Beach in California. With its beautiful seaside setting and challenging 18-hole course, Pebble Beach will surely provide an unforgettable golfing experience.

And if you’re lucky enough to be there during one of the many PGA tournaments played there, you’ll see some of the best players in the world compete for a title. There are plenty of great places to stay near Pebble Beach.

For example, book your hotel room at the Inn at Spanish Bay, a luxurious resort that offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. If you plan a guys’ weekend getaway in the US, this is a superb option, as you can stay domestic during travel.

Where to Stay

15. Make your own Mezcal in Mexico

Man Throwing Tree Parts on a Stone Oven

The prospect of drinking Mexico’s most renowned spirit is a wonderful incentive to make this trip a reality. Even better if you can make your mezcal at a local distillery and or go on a mezcal-tasting crawl in Mexico City, Cancun, or any of your favorite cities in Mexico!

For a more exciting and luxurious experience, you can now visit the Four Seasons in Mexico City. Several versions are available, including their special edition and guided distillery tours.

There are plenty of other things to do in Mexico besides visiting mezcal distilleries. You can explore ancient ruins, dive in stunning reefs, or safari through the jungle.

Where to Stay

16. Go on a wildlife safari and tour South Africa

Zebras Crossing an Empty Road

South Africa is known for its thriving game reserves, wine tastings at excellent vineyards, and pristine beaches. It is often called the “most beautiful country in the world” (a title it has a very real claim to – trust me), so it’s no wonder why mancations in South Africa are so appealing. Popular mancation activities include safaris, scuba diving, skiing, fishing, and surfing.

Regarding mancation ideas, few can beat the idea of going on a wildlife safari. South Africa is one of the best places to see incredible African wildlife in their natural habitat. You’ll have many opportunities to see antelope, baboons, cheetahs, dung beetles, and elephants.

Also, flamingos, giraffes, hippopotami, ibises, jackals, kudus, lions, monkeys, nightingales, ostriches, pangolins, quaggas, rhinos, springboks, treefrogs, urchins, vultures, warthogs, xerus, zebus, and more.

A safari tour is a perfect opportunity to get up close and personal with nature, and you’ll surely create some unforgettable memories. There will be no shortage of adventure here.

Where to Stay

17. Golfing, breweries, and beaches in Charleston, South Carolina

Cityscape, Ocean, and Skyline View

Taking a guys’ trip to Charleston in South Carolina is the perfect way to relax and escape the everyday stresses of life. This is one of the best destinations for guys’ trips in the United States.

This charming Southern town offers visitors many activities and attractions, including golfing, brewery tours, and beautiful beaches. Here are some things to do in Charleston:

  • Take a brewery tour: Charleston is home to some of the best craft breweries in America, so be sure to check out some local breweries during your stay and organize a few in-person tastings. Most of the breweries complement the excellent food scene in Charleston.
  • Hit the beach: With miles of coastline and beautiful beaches, there’s no shortage of places to relax and soak up the sun in Charleston. Don’t forget to check out Isle of Palms County Park, Folly Beach, and Sullivan’s Island while in town.
  • Golfing: With several golf courses close to the city limits, taking advantage of Charleston’s best mancation activities is a cinch. If you want to play 18 holes without breaking the bank, consider checking out Charleston’s many affordable golf courses.
  • Explore local tourist attractions: Whether you’re into history or art, there’s plenty to see and do in Charleston during your stay, including historic plantations, museums, and beautiful parks.

Where to Stay

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What is a mancation?

A mancation is when guys go on a (typically) adventurous vacation without their significant other. A guys-only trip. It’s a fantastic way to spend time with your close friends, live the good life, and try new adventures that you haven’t encountered before.

How to plan your mancation

Planning a guys’ getaway can be a lot of fun but can also be tricky. Here are a few tips to help plan your mancation, whether just a weekend or a week-long trip.

  1. Decide on the type of trip you want. Do you want to relax on the beach, go golfing, or take a ski trip to a world-class resort? There are plenty of destinations to choose, so pick the one that best suits your interests.
  2. Pick a date that works for everyone. Ensure everyone has enough time to make arrangements and take time off work.
  3. Book your flights and accommodations early. This will ensure you get the best deals and have somewhere to stay when you arrive.
  4. Have a plan for activities and sightseeing. Allow room to make changes once you arrive.

If you plan a guys’ trip soon, check out our newsletter for more ideas and inspiration.


What are good guy trips?

There are all sorts of guy trips you can take, depending on what interests you. If you’re looking for some ideas, here are a few options:

Camping trips: A relaxing getaway in nature is always a hit with guys.
– Paintballing: This is a decent way to let off steam and have fun.
– Golfing: A classic pastime that never gets old.
– Concerts: Catch your favorite band or artist live and in person.
– Ballpark tours: Get a behind-the-scenes look at your favorite team’s home ballpark.
– Skiing trips: Hit the slopes for an adrenaline-pumping winter vacation.
– Fly fishing: Relax and spend some quality time in nature while fly fishing.

What should I bring on a guys’ trip?

When packing for a guys’ trip, it’s important to bring clothes and accessories that will keep you comfortable and stylish. Some key items include multiple jackets (including a heavy coat for cold weather), flannel shirts, light wash pants, boots, and a quilt-like vest. You’ll also want to pack plenty of underwear and electronic gadgets like laptops and tablets.

What do you do on a guys’ trip?

Guys’ trips are all about having fun and enjoying time with friends. There are a variety of activities you can do depending on what you’re interested in. Still, some popular options include visiting a craft beer brewery, going to a steakhouse, outdoor adventures, and challenging each other at your favorite sports.

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