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18 Best Travel Posters: Vintage, Retro & Modern Options

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If you love traveling, you must want the memories around you, right? If you want travel posters of the places you traveled to or the next destinations to travel to, here’s my list of the best travel posters you can buy online. 

I am sure my fellow travel enthusiasts can relate to the wanderlust for our dream destinations that engulf us in solitary moments. Travel posters are the best ways to keep your favorite travel memories and dream destinations close. 

If you want to dip your toes in the sands of exotic beaches, look at some modern travel photography prints before you drift off to sleep. 

Similarly, if the hustle-bustle of cities teeming with nightlife fires up your passion, look at a retro travel poster depicting the scene first thing in the morning.

Whether you’ve visited your favorite destinations or not, using the best travel posters, you can keep your eyes on your dream. 

Top Picks by Category

Category Product
Vintage Travel Poster Vintage Rome Travel Poster
Retro Travel Poster Retro New York Travel Poster
Modern Travel Poster ViaTravelers Travel Post Collection
Nostalgic Travel Poster Nostalgic Paris Travel Poster

Best Travel Posters Online

Nowadays, you can find all kinds of travel posters to adorn your walls as a souvenir or an escape from your monotonous everyday life. 

Travel posters for your travel goals

The internet offers everything in travel posters that matches your taste. From modern and vintage travel posters to retro banners and artistic travel photography, there’s something to suit every mood. 

If you’re a travel enthusiast like me, all this probably excites you. Without further ado, here’s my list of the best travel posters online. I’ve arranged them category-wise so you can easily choose one for yourself. 

So, let’s dive in. 

Modern Travel Posters

Modern artists have given traditional monuments and natural destinations a fantastic artistic touch. If you love artwork that speaks volumes using minimal media, these posters are your ultimate choice. 

ViaTravelers Travel Posters: A Journey Through Art

Florence Italy Travel Poster

For those with a passion for travel and an eye for design, ViaTravelers offers an exquisite collection of travel posters that bring the essence of adventure into your living space. As full-time travelers, the team behind ViaTravelers infuses their unique experiences from around the globe into each piece of art they create.

Their posters are more than just prints; they are snapshots of cultural heritage, architectural marvels, and scenic landscapes captured through the lens of seasoned explorers. Every product in their catalog reflects the places they’ve visited, offering authenticity and storytelling that only true globetrotters can provide.

The ‘City of London Architecture Framed Poster‘ perfectly exemplifies how ViaTravelers combines personal travel insight with artistic creation. This particular poster not only showcases the iconic skyline of London but also encapsulates the city’s blend of historical grandeur and modern innovation.

City of London Framed Poster (Black)

Each sale from their carefully curated collection isn’t just a transaction; it’s an invitation to partake in their worldwide journey and to own a piece of their adventures.

By choosing a ViaTravelers travel poster, you’re not just decorating your home but also supporting a lifestyle that values exploration, sustainability, and the art of travel. Each poster is a testament to the beauty of our world, as seen through the eyes of those who wander it with purpose.

Yosemite National Park Poster

This minimalistic travel poster is one of the best travel prints of Yosemite National Park I found online. An aspiring modern artist sells this poster on Etsy on the RoundTripTravelPrint store.

Yosemite National Park Poster

The poster depicts a natural glimpse of the famous national park, with a monotonous hue that fits any wall decor. It is a meticulous, graphically illustrated version of the mountainous terrain displaying its name in clear, straightforward lettering. 

The exceptional design ensures the poster blends right into your interior decor and emphasizes your love for nature without getting overbearing or loud. 

Your poster will be printed on 175 fine gsm paper with a clean, matte finish. Moreover, you can custom-order your poster according to the space on your walls. 

Colorful Travel Print Bali, Indonesia

If you like to express your love for traveling using vivid and extravagant colors, this multi-colored adaptation of Bali’s beaches is the perfect option. 

Colorful Travel Print Bali, Indonesia

Printed on matte white paper, the graphic illustration brings out the best aspects of a typical Indonesian landscape. You can get a glimpse of the sun, half-covered by a lighthouse. Along with that, palm trees are hanging over the serene waters. 

Some suggestive shadows here and there reminded me of the bizarre wildlife that inhabits its beautiful landscape. Along with the high-quality paper, the poster is printed with unique archival ink that will stand the test of time. 

Paired with a rustic wooden frame, the poster would make an ideal wedding or birthday gift for a friend who loves to travel. 

Minimalistic Depiction of Major Cities

This creative depiction of three major cities is one of the best-selling travel posters on Etsy. The artist has efficiently captured the essence of all three cities without using overbearing design elements—namely, Paris, New York, and London. 

Minimalistic Depiction of Major Cities

Printed on high-quality 200gm fine art paper, the illustration sports vivid pigmented inks. It won’t fade away even when exposed to sunlight. Besides that, the paper is entirely acid-free. This means it won’t damage your wall color even if you put it up directly without a frame. 

Moreover, you can choose from three sizes according to the space in your room decor. The poster will easily blend in whether you’re going for a rustic or trendy look.

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Istanbul Skyline

This modern-style travel poster shows the hustle-bustle of the historic city of Istanbul in calm and tranquil hues to soothe your mind. This creative juxtaposition fits your dream destination into your everyday life.

Istanbul Skyline

The blue Istanbul skyline comes in a printable form, which you can download directly from the Etsy store.  You’ll get a 300 dpi JPG file once you confirm your payment. You can later print the digital file on your choice of poster paper. Later, pair the poster with a frame that fits your interior aesthetics. 

Besides Istanbul, the store displays the skylines of other significant cities in monotonous, soothing hues. Ideal for those who want to create a collection for every destination they visit or plan to visit. 

Bangkok Map Travel Poster

Gone are the days when maps were only used to figure out routes and trails. Nowadays, modern artists are using outline maps to create aesthetic travel posters. 

Bangkok Map Travel Poster

I love these map posters because they fit easily into any room decor and make you reminisce about your favorite destinations.

Bangkok’s contemporary map poster particularly caught my eye because of its black-and-white color scheme and the name written in clear, bold lettering. 

Printed on matte 180gsm white paper, the maps are custom-made to order and are available for various cities worldwide besides Bangkok. These include New York, Paris, and London as well. 

However, you cannot customize the print size, so check the dimensions before purchasing. Nevertheless, the store recommends some Ikea frames to fit the prints easily.

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Best Vintage Travel Posters

We millennials are highly nostalgic and love vintage aesthetics. That’s why vintage travel posters are gaining immense popularity these days. 

Whether recreated from airline posters of the 70s or the striking tourism advertisements of the 80s, these vintage travel posters are the perfect addition to your collection. 

Lake Tahoe Vintage Poster

This poster of Lake Tahoe from the Pacific Island Art Store on Amazon is one of the best vintage creations I have seen. It shows all the elements we love about Lake Tahoe, including its clear blue waters, lush vegetation, and mesmerizing mountains. 

Lake Tahoe Vintage Poster

This poster is unique because it mentions the amazing activities you can take up at the destination. If you’ve been hiking, boating, fishing, hiking, or playing golf at Lake Tahoe, the poster immediately reminds you of your experiences. 

It is printed on premium eco-friendly paper processed in an acid-free environment. That’s why it will withstand time and adorn your walls for long periods.

It is also coated with a smooth finish that brings the best out of its high-quality ink. However, you can customize your poster and purchase the print on your choice of materials according to your room decor. 

Yosemite Vintage Travel Poster

Another poster of the Yosemite National Park that caught my eye was this vintage print by the Lantern Press Store. The illustration beautifully captures the natural beauty of the popular tourist destination with a unique vintage touch.

Yosemite Vintage Travel Poster

The rippling paint effect sets into the paper like a nostalgic memory. If you’ve visited Yosemite National Park, this poster is the perfect souvenir.

Made in the USA using high-quality stock paper, the poster can adorn your walls and furniture with or without a frame. 

What appealed to me the most about this poster is the 70s-style lettering that matches the park’s rustic nature. Overall, the poster could become a versatile addition to any interior decor.

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Vintage Walt Disney World Poster

Whether traveling with kids or backpacking alone, your trip to Florida is incomplete without visiting Walt Disney World. If you’ve already seen the place as a child, chances are you have fantastic memories attached to the place. 

Vintage Walt Disney World Poster

This vintage Walt Disney World poster is an adaptation of one of the oldest posters printed to advertise the amusement park.

The stunning, colorful image of Micky Mouse towering over all the other attractions in the park depicts the excitement they wanted to build around bringing well-known Disney characters to life. 

Moreover, the poster is printed on premium, high-quality paper with a smooth, bright coating that enhances its vibrant color scheme. You can even order it in heavyweight paper or fabrics if you want your poster to last long.

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Nostalgia-Inducing Grand Canyon Vintage Poster

This Grand Canyon vintage image is another excellent travel poster for nature lovers. If you’ve been to the destination and want to incorporate its mesmerizing natural beauty into your bedroom or living room, you should put this on your wall or furniture.

Grand Canyon National Park

I love this poster because it shows the canyon’s grandeur from its most prominent spot for vacationers, the Mather Point. 

Looking closely, you can see a young couple enjoying the view. This means if your better half shares your passion for traveling, this travel poster would be the ideal anniversary or birthday gift for him or her. 

You can print it on heavy stock paper or opt for more durable materials like fabric, wood, and metal. Check out our full Grand Canyon itinerary if you visit this epic landmark.

Paris Notre Dame Cathedral Travel Poster

Nothing beats Paris when it comes to a traditional romantic getaway. If you’ve been to Paris with your loved one, there’s no better way to cherish the memories you spent together than hanging up this artistic poster in your bedroom. 

Notre Dame Cathedral of Reims Paris

Not only does the vintage poster display one of the most popular tourist attractions in Paris, but it also shows a couple enjoying the sight and each other’s company.

Together, the design elements beautifully capture the romantic significance of the city. Originally printed in the 18th century, this travel poster is printed today on high-quality fine art paper. Besides that, the store also offers same-day shipping and a 100% refund if unsatisfied.

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Best Retro Travel Posters

The mixture of vibrant colors with realistic imagery is the component that makes retro travel posters one of the best options for millennials. Here are the best retro travel posters I found online for you to buy. 

Retro Vegas Skyline

Vegas, Nevada, is known to have the liveliest, wildest nightlife in the world. If you’ve been lucky enough to visit Vegas, the flashy neon lights, music, casinos, and drinks are likely to stay with you forever as memories. 

Las Vegas travel poster

This retro poster of the Vegas skyline creatively encompasses everything the city is popular for. Set in a multi-color scheme on a black background, the poster reminds you of all your experiences while backpacking through the city. 

You can get the poster in high-quality stock print from the Culturenik store on Amazon and use it to enhance your room decor. 

Grand Teton Park Retro Travel Poster

This retro poster of Grand Teton Park depicts its natural assets in a rustic way that would fit easily into any interior decor.

Grand Teton National Park

This Grand Teton Park poster caught my eye because it represents everything the destination stands for with a minimalistic approach. It shows its snowy mountains, lush vegetation, and wildlife without a single element looking abrupt or obscure.

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Exotic Cuban Vacation Poster

Sightseeing, food, music, and dancing, this retro poster shows everything you should expect during a tropical vacation in Cuba. If you have a long-standing passion for visiting the Holiday Isles, this poster is bound to remind you and keep you motivated toward your love. 

Exotic Cuban Vacation Poster

Print this poster on high-quality glossy paper, ensuring the colors stay bright and vibrant for extended intervals. Besides that, you’ll receive your parcel in a protective tube that keeps the poster from disintegrating on the way.

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Retro Rome Travel Poster

If you’re a student living in a dorm or a rental apartment with a heart filled with wanderlust, this retro poster of Rome will surely add a pop of color to your monotonous lodgings.

Retro Rome Travel Poster

The poster shows a graphic illustration of the ancient city of Rome, displayed in a unique aura of multiple color gradients. This blend of colors makes the poster fit into any decor and beautifies the walls further with its design elements.

Moreover, the illustration is printed in high-quality Epson Ink to ensure the poster retains its bright colors over time. Besides that, the design is further complemented by the glossy sheen of the photo paper.

Most importantly, the poster is entirely UV-resistant. So you don’t have to worry about the colors fading within a few months.

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Travel Photography Prints

As a travel enthusiast, you’d probably do anything to live the life of a professional travel blogger. You’re not alone, and that’s why posters with travel photography for sale are always in demand on the internet. 

If you can’t live it, you can dream about it. I’ve listed the best travel poster options for those buying travel photography online. 

Maldives Travel Photography Poster

This scenic photograph of a perfect morning in the Maldives will refresh your soul when you set your eyes on it. If you’re yearning to travel to exotic beaches and spend your mornings reclining and sipping Pina Coladas, you should put this poster up in your bedroom so you always remember what you’re working for. 

Maldive Morning Decorative Poster

You can get this realistic photograph of the Maldives’ seashore from the Impulse Imports Store on Amazon. The brand sells good quality picture poster prints at an affordable price. So, you can easily adorn your walls with an exotic destination. 

The full-sized photograph will be shipped in a sturdy tube to retain its shape during shipping. After you receive the poster, you can frame it in any way you want or use it as it is. 

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New York City Travel Photograph

If you’re a traveler who thrives on nightlife, this photograph of the Brooklyn Bridge is a must-have. The poster beautifully captures the cluster of lights in New York City, set against the glorious dusky sky. 

New York City Travel Photograph

Whether your room is minimally decorated or includes multiple design elements, the poster will stand out and steal the show. You can print the photograph on high-quality photo paper and frame it according to your preference. The lithographic print is protected inside a protective tube during shipping. 

Moroccan Travel Posters 

For travelers who love witnessing ethnic monuments and architecture, these Morrocan travel photographs are the ideal wall decorations. 

Moroccan Travel Posters

Printed in black and white ink, these photographs enthrall you through their design attributes. There are so many intricacies and design elements to appreciate you won’t even notice the lack of colors. 

You can choose from the various sizes available so that the posters fit perfectly in your available space. Similarly, the posters are printed on high-quality canvas with long-lasting color. The brand provides a 100% refund if you’re unsatisfied with the prints you receive.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now that you’ve gone through my list of the best travel posters you can buy online, you’re probably ready to purchase. Before you do, I’ve answered some questions about travel posters that might help you. 

How to Decorate With Vintage Travel Posters

Decorating with vintage travel posters is the best medium to show your love for traveling the world. There is no correct way to decorate with posters. But make sure you place them where they’re visible to you and your visitors. 

Besides that, if you have a feature wall, place some of the most iconic posters on it. Similarly, you can arrange your posters according to your light settings to receive the attention they deserve. 

How to Display Travel Posters

Displaying your travel poster collection is a way of portraying yourself as a travel enthusiast. That’s why a good idea to display your travel posters is to arrange them as a centerpiece in your bedroom, office, or living area.

You can even create a chronological timeline of your vacations using travel posters; just be creative, and you’ll find your way. 

How to Hang Travel Posters

The easiest way to hang travel posters is by putting them in a wooden or metal frame. If you don’t want to invest in a frame, you can put your poster on your wall as it is. Another unique idea is displaying your posters on vintage easels and switching them according to your mood. 

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