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Lounge Pass Review: Is It Worth It?

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Is Lounge Pass your ideal service provider? Or is it just another ploy to reap you off in disguise of affordability and convenience? This Lounge Pass review takes a closer and more detailed look.

Whether you are a frequent flyer or a once-in-a-while person, convenience, affordability, and peace of mind are three aspects of travel you can’t ignore. Everyone would wish to spend less and enjoy the utmost convenience.

And that’s why we’ve taken our time to compile this impartial, well-researched Lounge Pass review for you. Airport lounges are incredible features you can include in your flight to make the travel even more stress-free.

If you want to avoid those bench naps at the airport or even the food courts for a change, airport lounges can be the perfect solution. Read through this Lounge Pass review and see if it’s what you’ve been looking for.

What is Lounge Pass?

Lounge Pass logo

Founded in 2003, Lounge Pass is an online airport lounge booking service offered by Collinson Group.  It has its headquarters in London, and Priority Pass Ltd, another company under the Collinson Group, runs it. The main goal of establishing Lounge Pass was to make the online booking for those airport lounges straightforward and available to every flyer.

Collinson Group is a global leader in offering lifestyle membership programs and travel packages, intending to deliver top-notch travel benefits, especially in global airports. It works to make your travel experience less frustrating and tiring.

Lounge Pass was established to make these airport lounges, initially perceived to belong only to premium flyers, available to anyone. This booking service allows you to pre-book an airport lounge at any end of the journey, whether you are traveling to or from home.

If you thought you couldn’t afford it, Lounge Pass has made it possible. It’s a convenient airport lounge pre-booking service for travelers and the travel industry. With over 600 VIP lounges in more than 350 airports worldwide, Lounge Pass ensures you get VIP treatment while traveling to the over 100 countries in its program.

The VIP Lounges give you access to a serene environment where you can relax before your flight, enjoy a cool drink and a snack, watch TV, or even read a newspaper in peace.

How Lounge Pass Works

Lounge Pass

Lounge Pass is an online pre-booking service that gives you access to VIP lounges in various airports worldwide. The website, which Priority Pass runs, allows travelers, tour companies, and businesses to book and pay for airport VIP lounges before their travel dates.

This service ensures that flyers travel peacefully without worrying about the noise in overcrowded airports. With Lounge Pass, you have a quiet place to relax while waiting for your flight. This allows for stress-free travel, even when traveling with your kids or as a group.

Sample lounge serach in Lounge Pass
Lounge Pass / Lounge Pass

And it’s not as expensive as many would imagine. From just $19.00, you can get a Lounge Pass and add some luxury to your travel. Also, it doesn’t matter which airline you are flying with or even the class. Lounge Pass helps to exclude stress from your outbound or return flight by offering you the most tranquil place to relax between layover flights or before you depart.

Here, you can enjoy some peaceful moments and connect to the rest of the world via provided Wi-Fi, newspapers, TV, or magazines. Or take a shower to freshen up from the tiring flight.

How to Sign Up for Lounge Pass

Log In Webpage
Lounge Pass / Lounge Pass

Booking for an airport VIP lounge via Lounge pass is pretty easy. Unlike many other airport lounge access providers, Lounge Pass doesn’t require any signup for you to receive services. Just four simple steps, and you are ready to enjoy the serene environment of the VIP lounges.

It is the best lounge access booking platform for one-time bookings. You don’t need to pay membership fees to enjoy this premium service. Visit their website,, and complete these four steps.

Step One: CHoose Your Destination

Once you are on the site, choose your destination from the drop-down list of destinations; pick the airport, terminal, and desired lounge, as well as the intended departure date. (Note that you should pre-book at least 24 hours before the departure date).

After this, you are taken to a second page where you must fill in your details, such as names and the number of passengers you are making the booking for.

Here, you will see the details of the lounge you’ve picked, including location, opening and closing hours, and what it will cost for each passenger.

If you are traveling as a group, you are allowed a maximum of 5 passengers per booking. You’ll also see information about how the lounge caters to infants and whether your lounge of choice permits such.

Most airport lounges in this program welcome kids and babies, making it the best option for family travelers. Some lounges will offer free access to young ones. And, for as little as $19.00 per visit, you can enjoy this service anytime.

Step Two: Submit Your Information and Pay

After reviewing the conditions and requirements, you should complete the requested information about you and your travel party. Once done, you can pick another lounge for your return journey or pay directly for the booking(s). The payment is made through a secure network connection.

Lounge Pass booking

Step Three: Receive Your Booking Summary

In the third stage of this process, you’ll receive a summary of the booking (s) you intend to make. Here, you need to complete your payment details if you have no intention of booking another lounge.

Upon consenting to their Terms of Use, your data will be processed, and you can go on to collect that Lounge Pass.

Step Four: Save Your Downloaded Confirmation

This is the last step of the booking process. First, you get a notification informing you that the transaction was successful, followed by a Lounge Pass confirmation within a few minutes via email.

The Lounge Pass booking confirmation can also be downloaded from the “PDF Lounge Pass confirmation link.” Remember, even after the booking, you can’t access the airport lounges without that confirmation. Therefore, ensure you download it and carry it to the lounge.

The site indicated that you should always contact the Lounge Pass support team if you encounter any challenges during the process, including downloading and printing.

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How to Pay for Lounge Pass

Man holding and using a credit card / Unsplash

After you confirm your details and those of the other passengers in your travel party, you are prompted to provide your payment details. You can make the payment through either of these cards:

  • Visa Card
  • Visa Delta
  • American Express
  • MasterCard

Payment confirmation is instant, and you get an online notification showing that the booking was successful. After that notification, you can download the Lounge Pass PDF booking confirmation through the link. Another confirmation will also be sent to you via email to ensure you get that Lounge Pass.

The payment transaction happens through a secure network connection certified by VeriSign. This means you can rest assured your banking details are safe.

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Can I Cancel or Amend Lounge Pass Booking?

Lounge Pass Aned or Cancel Information
Lounge Pass / Lounge Pass

This is one big worry that most of us undergo when dealing with new services that require prior payment. What will happen if something comes up and I need to cancel or reschedule my flight? Can I change the details, or even cancel the booking?

And most importantly, can I get a refund? Well, the answer to this is YES. If your travel plans have changed, contact the company’s customer service team and seek assistance. For instance, the Lounge Pass offers that chance if you need to change any details provided earlier, either about the travel dates, hours, or even your travel party.

Lounge Pass Cancel or Refund Information
Lounge Pass / Lounge Pass

Now that is convenient. You can even cancel the entire booking and get a refund (refer to their policy for more details). However, all these must be done 24 hours before the travel date, during working hours, and should be done in writing (email, letter, or fax).

In the event of a cancellation, you will receive the total Lounge Pass booking cost minus any charge for the cancellation, as advised during booking. The money is sent through the same payment account or card you used for the booking.

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Where Does Lounge Pass Work?

Lounge Pass Lounges Page
Lounge Pass / Lounge Pass

Lounge Pass is a global service, although not available in every airport in every country. But, it still makes traveling quite simple and stress-free. Lounge Pass has around 600 lounges spread over 350 airports around the world. 48 UK airports have numerous international destinations, including Amsterdam, Berlin, Geneva, Singapore, Boston, Los Angeles, Zurich, etc.

You can have a complete list by checking their website’s lounge locations. You only need to select the country and choose a lounge from the available list.

Can You Get a Lounge Pass for Free?

Lounge Pass offers one-time airport lounge access without the need for annual subscriptions. It allows even economy-class flyers to enjoy VIP lounges in various airports worldwide.

In my experience, I have not seen Lounge Pass offer free lounge access, except for kids. However, their prices are considerably affordable. With as low as $19.00, you can book access to a VIP lounge with Lounge Pass.

But, if you are a registered member of Avios with a Vueling membership number, you can now collect Avios points whenever you book a VIP lounge with Lounge Pass.

You can use these Avios points later to get discounts on subsequent flights and flight extras, including free lounge access. The Avios points are viable for use with any Avios airline partners, allowing you to get discounted services.

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Lounge Pass Review: Pros and Cons

The use of any product or service comes with its benefits and drawbacks. With this Lounge Pass review, you get to see both the bad and the good of the platform—zero sugarcoating.

Pros of Lounge Pass

Here is what sets Lounge Pass apart from other airport lounges pre-booking companies:

  • They don’t have any expensive annual memberships – visit their website and make your booking.
  • You get access to over 600 VIP lounges in over 350 airports around the world.
  • Easy lounge booking process.
  • Availability of cancellation and refund services.
  • The website uses necessary SSL encryption technologies to protect your data.
  • It allows you to enjoy a serene space at either end of your flight where you can relax.
  • Affordability – you can book a VIP lounge for as little as $19.00.
  • Services are available for tour operators, travel agencies, businesses, and individual travelers.
  • They have multiple card options you can use to make your booking.

Cons of Lounge Pass

  • Not available in all the airports around the globe (just around 350)
  • Several complaints about the company taking the money and not offering exactly what they said they would.
  • Booking must be made at least a day (24 hours) before the travel date.
  • You must carry the downloaded PDF confirmation to get entry to the lounges.
  • No refunds for cancellations made less than 24 hours before the intended flight.

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Is Lounge Pass Worth It?

One thing I can never trade during my travels is the calm and peaceful environment before or after every flight. During my first travels, I never thought that quiet time sipping refreshments away from the busy and crowded airport terminals was possible. I always thought that was beyond my means, but Lounge Pass changed everything.

From personal experience, if you want to enjoy the VIP feeling during your travel, a Lounge Pass membership helps you with just that. You can avoid all the hassle and bustle of the bustling, crowded airport terminals with a quiet and comfortable airport VIP lounge before or after your flight.

Lounge Pass is unique because it doesn’t tie users to annual memberships that drain their pockets like most other lounge access providers. You only need to pay for your desired airport lounge and enjoy your travel – no attached costs.

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